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Snatched 8th March 2020 Zee World Update

Snatched 8th March 2020 Zee World Update

Snatched 8th March 2020 Zee World Update Dadi asks who is doing this sanjana? Sanjana shreya bhabhi, she knew about our wedding before anniversary? Shreya says i knew but ajay promised me that he will tell himself. i didn’t know about contract marriage.

Sanjana says then you called my dad and told him that I ma being tortured here. You put that money is ayush’s bag. Tell everyone ayush who packed your bag? Ayush says shreya. Shreya says how can you blame me? bhushan says you dont have to give justifications.

Do you have any proof sanjjana? Sanjana says yes i have.Shreya says i have and you will know that she stole the necklace and that accident was a drama too. I am bringing it.

Sanjana looks for the Cd, its nowhere. She looks everywhere in the room. Sanjana comes downstairs and says i am sure you have stolen it. bhushan says stop blaming shreya. how much will we face because of her. sanjana says i am not blamin her, i had that CD and ajay you know, i wont lie. I told you about her. Ajay says lets go from here. Sanjana says unless everyone knows the truth i wont go.

Ajay says you dont have any proof lets go, sanjana says i will go from here you will stay here with your family. Sanjana says to kirlok please dont let ajay stay here its not his mistake. Ajay takes her hand and says sanjanan lats go. kirlok says stop, this was a contract marriage sanjana and ajay are not husband and wife. and ajay wont go from here but sanjana you will have to go.

Sanjana says i accept it. Ajay says i wont let you go alone. sanjana says you cant do any more for me. I can’t let you go away from your family. She says please forgive me. Ajay says i will drop you. sanjana says i will go alone. Ajay at least can i bring you taxi? he picks her stuff and they go out.

Snatched 8th March 2020 Zee World Update

Ajay and sanjana stand out, he says would you have tea? They sit in a dhaba. sanjana says sometimes, thank you is a small word. Whatever you have done for me, i dont know how will i return these favors. Ajay says i dont want anything. She says i troubled you. You were always with me. I am sorry. He says dont say that, wont you irritate me any more? Just call me and i will come. We will always be in each others life. Sanjana says the sadness on your face shows your are hurt. Can i ask you something? Why you feel bad? he says you are going alone at this time? She says why does it hurt you so much?

Sanjana is travelling in a rickshaw. Shreya comes and stands in front of it.Sanjana gets out. Shreya gifts her flower plant and tells her happy birthday. She says how could she have forgotten such an important day. Sanjana is not impressed. Shreya says that she has finally gotten what she wanted as all members of the family now respects her. She leaves from there. Sanjana thinks finally Shreya is treating and do the right thing for the family.

Trilok is sitting in his room with a dejected look. Elaichi comes and brings water for him. He tells her not to worry to much. She says she does not feel good since they threw Sanjana out the house. Trilok says that he had made a promise to Ajay’s mom to take care of her kids but he has failed to do so.

He says that relationships are delicate. Elaichi says even she has some rights on them.Trilok says the kids are Sundana’s (Ajay’s mom). Elaichi says she has love them and that she also has the right to punish them. Elaichi and Trilok have a little disagreement. She is hurt and leaves the room. Snatched 8th March 2020 Zee World Update

Vinati is standing by the window of her room. She has a worried expression. Amar tells her that she has to wake up early in the morning since samar has school. He comforts her and tells her not to worry. They hug. Mishri and the others are in their rooms and are crying. they cannot sleep.

Bhusan is lost in thought. Shreya comes to meet him. She tells him not to think about what happened. She says the best part was that sanjana’s true colours were revealed and she was thrown out the house. Bhusan asks if that was the right thing to do. The hug and she smiles cunningly.She thinks that soon Bhusan will get his rights as she is doing all this just for him.

Ajay is in his room. he tries to call Sanjana but she does not answer his call. She texts him instead. He thinks why isn’t she speaking to him. Snatched 8th March 2020 Zee World Update

Elaichi is weeping in daadi’s lap. She says that she raised the kids but Trilok said they were Sunada’s kids.She continues to cry while daadi consoles her. Shreya is listening to their conversation and smiles. She is happy to know that she has created a rift within the family.

Ajay wonders why Sanjana isn’t speaking to him. Trilok comes to meet him and asks why he haven’t slept yet. He tells him to forget whatever happened with Sanjana. He says it is very hard for him but he will forgive him on one condition.

He asks Ajay to promise him that he would sever all ties with Sanjana and start over afresh. He says that Ajay should never go against the family’s values. Tells him not the let the past affect his future. Ajay promises. Trilok says he expected this from himand leaves Ajay to think.

Sanjana’s dad asks her for forgiveness and says everything that happened was his fault. Sanjana says its not his fault. He cannot change someone’s destiny. She gets up and leaves. Amrita tells her dad to leave sanjana alone for a while. He says he changed his ways because of Ajay but now Sanjana is paying for his sins.

Ajay is walking and hears Sanjana calling out t him. He looks around but there’s no one.Its a pigment of his imagination. He goes to the temple and sits. he remembers Trilok’s words. Snatched 8th March 2020 Zee World Update

Sanjana is standing before the idols in her house. She lights a lamp in front of it. She says she knew that the truth would come out one day. She prays and says she has fallen in love with Ajay. She asks god to make everything alright.

Snatched 8th March 2020: Both Ajay and Sanjana are praying in their temples respectively. the wind blows and sanjana shields the lamp. She cloese the window. She calls up Ajay but he isn’t taking the calls.Ajay keeps recalling Trilok’s words. He thinks he can’t break his promise. Sanjana tries to call again but the phone is switched off…

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