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Deception 8 March 2020 Zee World Update

Deception 8 March 2020 Zee World Update

Deception 8 March 2020 Zee World Update Surbhi and Rakesh planning against Pooja. Surbhi tells that they have to send Pooja back to America. She sees her and says interesting. Pooja is going to meet someone. Naren thinks she is lying as Mr. Kapoor is in New York, thinks to spy on her and asks driver to follow her.

Surbhi is along following her in her car. She tells Rakesh that they have to check with whom she meets. Surbhi sees Rakesh sleeping and tries to wake him up. Naren tells that she is coming. She sees Surbhi’s car following and calls Inspector. She stops at the checkpoint and tells something to Inspector. Surbhi’s car is stopped by the police at check. Pooja comes and sees someone sitting.

Deception 8 March 2020 Zee World Update

She touches his feet. He asks if someone saw her coming. She says she left everyone behind. He asks if she is angry with her. Pooja says if anyone can be upset with her Papa and calls him Papa. Harish tells Pooja that Supriya was right about her and says that she used to tell that you are best for Naren. He tells that he is betrayed by his own people. A fb is shown, Rakesh is drunk, Harish takes him to outhouse. Rakesh tells him that he will not leave him and will make him bankrupt. Fb ends.

Harish tells her that Rakesh told him everything how he betrayed him by becoming Bandu with Guru ji’s help. He says Rakesh betrayed them big with Surbhi also. He says he thought to go to Police, but what he would have done without proofs. He says a voice comes from his heart and ie, Pooja.

He says that’s why I came to Chicago and met you and Mr. Kapoor. If you had come as Pooja, then Naren wouldn’t have let you enter the house. He says he is thankful to Mr. Kapoor for giving his surname and NGO authority. Pooja says she wouldn’t have known about Supriya and Naren if he had not come there, and says someone used to sent money and letter from Supriya behalf.

Harish says he is really thankful to Mr. Kapoor. Pooja says he has trusted us a lot. A fb is shown, Pooja is doing counseling session with Mr. Kapoor and gives him tea saying she got the tea leaves from Darjeeling. Mr. Kapoor asks if she wants anything. Pooja asks him to leave sugar as it is bad for diabetic patient.

The servant comes and says someone came to meet Pooja. Pooja sees Harish. Fb ends. Harish and pooja are talking, Naren comes there following GPS. Pooja and Harish see him. Deception 8 March 2020 Zee World Update

Harish says how come Naren is here? Pooja says when I got down from the car, I found that he had stuck tracking chip with his phone. She says she also done some mischief. A child comes to Naren and gives him a note, it reads his filmy way of sticking chip on the pretext of holding hand is old, if he had told her she would have brought him with her. Mayank comes there and sees Pooja with Harish. Harish gives file to Pooja and says it have details of the women whom Naren had ruined since a year.. Pooja determines to bring Naren to right path and make everything fine.

Harish asks Pooja to give tamarind to Supriya as she likes it. Pooja says you have to give tamarind to her personally. Mayank thinks he can’t see properly and ignores his doubt.

Pooja talks to Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor says Naren is lucky to have you. Pooja thanks him for giving his surname and NGO to her. Mr. Kapoor says I shall thank you as you have saved me from death. He asks her not to be formal with him else he will jump off from the window. Pooja says I will not call you from tomorrow.

Mr. Kapoor asks her not to do this. Pooja asks him to follow the counseling sessions which she asked him to do. Mr. Kapoor prays for her success and asks her to greet Naren on his behalf. Pooja smiles. Naren drinks wine and looks on pained. Deception 8 March 2020 Zee World Update

Mayank confronting Naren and says pooja is still in your heart. Naren says he don’t want to lose and says who is happy by losing. Pooja comes and claps her hand. Naren says welcome Mrs. Kapoor and asks what is her plan for today. Pooja asks did you get peaceful sleep last night and says you have nothing to do with me, but still spy on me and stands on gate to welcome me.

She says you don’t like to see your mum’s face, but still kept her at your house. She calls him double standard people. Naren says moral science and asks what is today’s agenda. Pooja says you knows the value of time and says lets come to the point and says she brought someone with her. She calls Harish and says if a wife gets husband’s support and love then she can win any war, right now Supriya needs her husband and nobody shall have objection.

Naren says these talks don’t seems to be good from your mouth and asks if she took permission from court. She says she is not interested to change him now and says she has court permission to make Harish meet Supriya. Naren asks her to tell what is her other plans. She says she will not tell in a day and says right now she will make the patient meet her husband.

Deception 8 March 2020 Zee World Update Naren tells Harish that he is very happy with his ex bahu even now. Harish says when his own son betrayed him, he has to take outsider’s help and says Pooja is just owner of a NGO for him, but for you she might be your ex wife. Harsha asks Harish to make Supriya have food with his hand. Rakesh tells Harish that he is happy to see him there. Harish thanks him.

Pooja tells Surbhi that she shall make atleast lunch for Supriya. Harish stops from going inside Supriya’s room and tells pooja what if she don’t recognize him. Pooja gives him hope and asks him to go. Supriya don’t identify him and asks him to go. Harish asks her not to get scared from him and says he brought breakfast for her. He will go after keeping it here. He shows the tamarind and asks him to taste it. Supriya throws pillow on him asking him to leave.

Naren recalls what Pooja had said and calls someone. He asks some girl to meet him in club. Neelima hears him. Harish sings song for Supriya. Pooja smiles. Harish says I will wait for you till you sing song with me. He leaves. Pooja is still standing and looking at Supriya. Supriya opens the box and throws it. Pooja is shocked.

Mayank tells Naren that he can’t let her meet the new girl Sia and says whoever you have ruined, wants to destroy you. Naren says he can’t cancel the meeting. Neelima gets ready and says she is waiting to meet her son. Rahul is seen getting hair cut done. Neelima says time has come to take revenge on vyas family. She meets Rahul somewhere and hugs him.

She says naren’s madness will raise voice against him. Rahul says it is all a dream and an illusion, let Bhai stay in dream world for few days more, then I will come with a bang. Bhai have ruined the women and I have wiped tears of those wounded women so that they can support me.

Deception 8 March 2020 Zee World Update Rahul thanks Neelima for informing him always and says today he will be trapped. Let him go to date, I am going back. He goes back with corrupt police again. Pooja thinks she has to stop Sia from meeting Naren. Surbhi talks to Rakesh and says client called her suddenly, and she is leaving. Pooja calls someone and asks if naren left. She smiles..

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