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Ring of Fire 8 March 2020 Zee World Update

Ring of Fire 8 March 2020 Zee World Update

Ring of Fire 8 March 2020 Zee World Update Revati over phone informs Ragini that Anurag is going to London. Ragini says she knows everything and let him go to London, she has understood that with gun one can force to marry but not follow it, let Anurag get the happiness of whole life. Revati thinks her plan backfired, how will she stop Anurag now.

Anurag while sleeping imagines Ragini next to him. Ragini looks at the bed and imagines him. Anurag looks at her mangalsutra and reminisces Ragini returning it and breaking their marriage in front of maata rani. Khwamakhaan bewajaah khwab bunta raha…song…plays in the background. Ragini think the day will never come when Anruag will be with her, the place next to her will be empty always. Anurag smiles and thins she is mad.

Ring of Fire 8 March 2020 Zee World Update Shristi gets cold after drenching in rain. Shekhar says he warned her not to drench in rain. She picks towel sneezing. He asks to take care of her nose and snatches towel. She laughs. He says she looks pretty smiling. She says when boss is like him, she will be happy and sneezing.

Vikral scolds Parag why did not he bring damadji/Anurag. Parag says he was about to leave. Vikral scolds him and says he will go and bring damadji. Ragini thinks if he sees Anurag going to airport, he will get angry, so she has to stop him till 4 p.m. at least. She stops him and says some officer is coming for lunch and he should wait. He asks her to handle meeting alone. She insists him and he agrees.

Anurag gets ready to leave for London. Vishu insists that he will not let him go. Anurags aays once he reaches there, he will call even him. He makes Vishu sit and feeds him food. Brij says taxi came. Anurag says he will elave now and picks his bag. Revati cries. Daadi says he is going for success and they should be happy. Brij says he will drop Anurag to airport. Anurag says he will go alone.

Vikral says Ragini it is too late, where is engineer. Ragini says it is raining and he may come any time Vikral says he will go to bring damadji. Ragini acts as sneezing. Vikral sits for sometime and gets up again. Ragini asks Narad to find out when will London flight depart.

Vikral returns and says car’s tyre is punctured. Ragini says todays’ day is bad, he should not go. He says he will go at any cost and asks to change tyre. Vaani thinks why Ragini is getting so nervous, she will call Revati and find out. Revati does not pick call. Narad returns and says tyre is replaced. Vikral asks to make arrangements to greet Anruag and walks out.

Ragini scolds Narad and asks to find out when will flight departs.

Anurag calms Revati and leaves in taxi. On the way, he reminisces Ragini and her words. He gets a call and says how can this happen, he has already left for London. Vikral travels in his car and over phone asks Vani to prepare special food for damad babu. Their cars cross, but they don’t notice each other.

Vikral gets a call from minister and returns home, says he did not think this would happen. She asks what happened. He says car broke down and he reached home somehow. Ragini gets a message that London’s flight left. She cries hugging mobile and wipes her tears next. She hears Anurag asking why she is crying and turns. She sees him standing inn front and says she doe not care if he goes.

Ragini thinks she is imagining Anurag and thinks when she will stop dreaming. Anurag turns her and says this is reality. She is surprised and asks if he is here. He pinches her and she writhes in pain. Vikral enters and says this is called love, Bhole baba fulfilled their wish.

Vani says they wanted to call him and goes to bring water. Vikral asks him to sit and says Ragini told he is busy nowadays. Ragini nervously says he is. Anurag says Ragini complains he does not give her time. Vani says all wives complain same.

Ragini thinks why did he come here. Vani asks him to go to Ragini’s room, she will bring him tea and snacks there. Ragini takes him along. Ring of Fire 8 March 2020 Zee World Update

Ragini takes Anurag to her room and asks what new drama he is playing with her. Vani thinks she forgot to ask damadji what he wants to have, she will go and herself ask it. Ragini asks Anruag he wanted to go to London, then why did he come here. He says he wanted to, but his mood changed and he came here. She asks why. He says he want her to return home and asks her to pack her bags.

She says he forgot she broke all relationships with his family. He shows her Mangalsutra and says he came to refix all relationships. She tries to snatch Mangalsutra and it falls on bed. She says she will not return with him. He says he will not go without taking her. She says he is testing her.

Vani enters and they both act normal. Vani asks what he wants to eat. He says whatever Ragini likes as he is addicted to her taste now. She says okay and leaves. Anurag sings lahu muh lag gaya. Ragini fumes.

Vishu gets up from bed thinking of meeting Shirsti, but falls. Vidhvan holds him and asks to rest. Vishu thinks he has to get well soon to meet Shirsti. At Poonam’s house, Poonam brings samosas. Shirsti and Shekhar enjoy it, Shekhar says it is yummy, he will have 2-3.

Poonam says Shristi prepares better samosas. Shristi gets hiccups. Poonam says Vishu is remembering her and gives her water. Shekhar gets jealous.

Ring of Fire 8 March 2020 Zee World Update

Vani serves food. Ragini sees fork and spoon and throws them saying she is not English. Anurag says same and throws them. Vikral comes and asks Anurag to sit on his chair. Anurag says it is head of the family’s chair and he should sit on it. Vikral gets impressed. Ragini thinks why he is changing color like chameleon. Vani asks Ragini to serve her husband. Vikral also insists.

Ragini serves Anurag lots of rice. Anurag says he does not take much carbs at night and asks to give him chapatti. She serves. He asks to serve salad. She does. Parag taunts guddi became sanskari. Anurag says she is and asks Ragini to sit next to him and have food. Ragini thinks why he is acting so friendly. Anurag keeps his leg on Ragini and Ragini stamps his foot. He coughs. Parag gives him water.

Vani serves them food. Anurag keeps his foot on her foot. Vani says it is her foot. Anurag gets nervous. Vikral says Anurag that he is proud of him. Anruag says Ragini wants to send him to London, but he wants to stay with her. Ragini says if he goes to London for 2-3 months, she can go on vacation. Vikral says she can go on vacation even without work and he will book her ticket. She says no need.

Anurag asks Vikral how did he build his empire, if he took someone’s help. Vikral says he built his empire with his hard work alone. Anurag says even he wants to proudly tell his children that he built his empire with hard work. Ragini is surprised. Vikral says he respects him now.

Ring of Fire 8 March 2020 Zee World Update Anurag goes to room. Vani gets him milk. He says she would have sent it via Ragini. She says she knows something is wrong between him and Ragini, but he came here with good intention to take her back, so she will help him, Ragini would never accept defeat or bend, he needs to use his love and change her. Ragini enters. Vani asks her to take care of dadamji and walks out. Ragini scolds Anurag what is his intention. He says she is his intention.

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