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Snatched 27th February 2020 Update

Snatched 27th February 2020 Update

Snatched 27th February 2020 Update Ayush comes home and binds the thread on the tulsi plant. he says i accept ajay in this house with all my heart. Everyone i dazed, bhushan says i know you are glad but dont forget that we are bugged from ajay, we can’t forgive him like this.

You dont have to be emotional. Ayush says i am not being emotional. just accepting the truth, you know if sanjina wasn’t there my career would have ended. Kirlok says what are you saying? ayush says if those officers came 20 minutes ago, they would have found the packet, sanjina saved me.

He says thank you so much. dadi says who could do this? dadi says sanjina you know? Sanjina says no i dont. Ajau is quie, ayush says wont you say a thing? your brother has wont now break the fast. This man fasts on all my match days and never told anyone. he hugs ajay.

Sanjina comes to shreya’s room. She says bhabhi you didn’t eat food so here are fruits for you. shreya says i am not hungry. sanjina says you have to eat, i feel so happy whole family sat together and ate. I came here to remind you dont try to crack this family. this is your house as well. If you still cant understand i will tell everyone your reality.

Snatched 27th February 2020 Update

Amar says to ayush change your decision, ayush says i wont do that. Shreya recalls what sanjina said. bhushan comes in and says they will pardon him now. i can’t forgive them so easily for such mistake. Shreya says relax, come here. he says you are so stressed dont think too much. Whatever they are thinking is not in our control. dont let it ruin your day and health. trust me everything will be okay. He says shreya thanks for taking care of me. she says come sleep. dont think too much i will be always there for you.

Ajay sees sanjina coming and pretends to sleep, she comes in the room and sees him. He says turn off the lights, she sees fortune cookies on he side table, she says are they for me? He says what? She says i really love them. She says ajju sent them? so cute i love them. he says i am sleeping dont disturb me. she says so your brought them? to thank me. He says they are not for you but you can eat them. she says how can i when they are not for me? He says eat them. she says you brought them for me. He says i didnt have change so the shopkeeper gave me. You know i love the message in it. one please. she takes out one, She reads something good and beautiful is gonna happen today.

She says maybe someone else is going to bind thread. He says this is all stupid, she says you try too. He sees the chit and says its blank. she laughs. He says can i sleep? She says one more. She eats, the chit says the wedding gives you permission to tease a mam forever. Ajay reads you are liable to your own stupidity. She laughs and says wow that is so perfect. Ajay says good night and sleeps.

Scene 2

Next morning, bhushan says shreya get up. We have to go. She says good morning, he says we have to go. she says i dont feel good, he says i forgot that you are not well. i am so sorry, she says dont be. he says we will go tomorrow. she says no dont miss it because of me. I will go, it will be better. He says should i bring something? she says i will be fine, i will be joining you on jog from tomorrow. He leaves.

A baba comes and stops bhushan he says i know everything. You got married. bhushan says everyone knows that i got married. baba says save your family from breaking you would need me when your family shatters. You have to save it. anything can happen. Snatched 27th February 2020 Update

baba says to bhshan your family will shatter. Anything can happen and that day you will come looking for me. bhushan says i dont believe in all this. shreya calls bhushan and says please come home and bring a doctor, dadi has fallen, she is really hurt. Bhushan says okay i am coming.

kirlok says where you fell? she says i slipped there was powder there but i never used it. i dont know how this happened. Bhushan comes in with the doctor. He says its not a fracture, its a sprain. You should rest. dadi says yes i have daughters to take care of me. She asks avni to bring tea for doctor.

Bhushan tells shreya about the baba. Avni says the milk is rotten. vinati says i boiled it i dont know how it happened. avni says does it ache? She says yes but thank God its not a fracture. Ayush says bhabhi please make sweet. vinati says i am making pakory alon with it.

Shreya gives flower to elaichi. Sanjina sees something in her sari, she comes downstairs. Ayush says sanjina come join us for the breakfast, she says i will eat later. elaichi sees the everything burnt up flowers in temple. They all come, she says look all the flowers, they burnt. Shreya says how could this happen, i brought fresh flowers. Shreya says what is happening today.

Ayush gets a call and says what? he says i am coming in 10 minutes. He says mama ji some thugs had a fight in front of our shop. They broke some windows of the shop. dadi says what is happening today. Shreya says bhushan are you okay? he says yes i am fine. Sanjina sees shreya hiding something in her sarri’s corner.Sanjina peeks in shreya’s room, she sees her hiding something in the closet. Shreya gets a call and goes out. sanjina comes in her room she takes out that thing, vinai comes in and says what are you doing here?

Sanjina says i was looking for shreya bhabhi. This file was on the floor i put it on the table. Vinati says shreya is not in the room, then go. sanjina says yes. Snatched 27th February 2020 Update

Shreya calls her mom ad says i put water on the floor, I dropped lemon in milk and your thugs they played well. I am sure bhushan will be ready to meet that baba soon. bhushan recalls what baba said. Shreya comes and says dont tell me you are thinking about that baba. Mayeb whatever he said was right, dadi was okay last night and she fell today and all that happened. i think we should meet that baba once.

Bhushan says no they are all fraud. We should stay away from them. shreya says i know, but this is all weird. whatever he said turned out to be truth. What if something big happens. Lets meet him. Bhushan says they have a racket, they are all fraud. Shreya says just for the peace of mind, this house is my heaven. I dont want to see anyone in trouble. lets go to him and listen what he had to say. bhushan says okay.

Sanjina sees samar playing with kirlok in the garden. Kirlok says these plants need attention like you. They give flowers and grow when you take care of them. samar goes to elaichi and says one sweet please. She give him. kirlok says samar give me that toolbox please. sanjina gives him instead. He says thank you. He says samar we dig it, he doesn’t know samar is not there. He looks back and sees sanjina standing there.

Bhushan and shreya go to that baba. Shreya says baba why are you quite? we are all scared, something weird happens every day. baba says i can see that on bhushan’s face. Shreya says but we never did anything. Baba says we have to do a pooja in your house, that bad brother of yours. bhushan says he is my brother dont say that abut him, he just bad a mistake. Baba says yes this wedding is where it all started from. Ajay should stay away from this pooja.

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