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Ring of Fire 11 February 2020 Update

Ring of Fire 11 February 2020 Update

Ring of Fire 11 February 2020 Update Parag points gun on Shristi hiding behind tree, but stops seeing Vishu coming in front of her. Vishu’s uncle and aunt enter. Parag thinks what is he doing here. Vishu touches uncle’s feet and hugs aunt.

Parag sits confused. Vikral calls him and asks to return. Parag thinks Shristi’s fate saved her, he will give gift to Ragini some other day. Uncle and aunt introduce themselves. Aunt tells Shristi can consider her as aunt and not mother-in-law. She gives gold necklace gift.

Shristi says she told to consider her aunt, then she should bless her and not give gift. Aunt says her blessings with them always. Vishu insists them to come home with them. Uncle says they will drop them till village door. They all get in car and leave.

Ragini’s pagh phera starts. Babul jo tune starts in background. Mom says her daughter grew up so much that she can hide her tears. Ragini hugs and then hugs Vikral. Vikral emotionally pampers her. He tells Anurag that Ragini is his responsibility and he should not let her cry. They both leave in car. Ring of Fire 11 February 2020 Update

Revati praises Chutki devrani for making good arrangements for bahus’ muh dikhayi. Brijbhan says Chutki is very intelligent. Revati says Chutki knows everything, but Vidhvan knows nothing. He asks Brijbhan to go and do fire ritual outside village and only then let bahus inside village. He leaves. Revati calls Ragini and informs about the ritual and tells she should reach outside village.

Ring of Fire 11 February 2020 Update

Vishu’s uncle and aunt take Shristi and Vishu outside village. Uncle takes Vishu aside. Aunt tells Shristi that she sensed her wounds and pain, but she should accept life as it comes, she will be happy soon. She tells her husband and Brijbhan don’t like each other and she could not oppose Brijbhan during her marriage.

She calls husband and he comes and they both leave while Brijbhan enters with pandit. He stops Shristi and Vishu’s car and says he will do lit fight and do ritual. Vishu says he is afraid of fire. Brijbhan asks to sit in car and look at fire. He tries to lit fight and thinks when will Ragini come. Ragini’s car comes just then. Shristi and Ragini look at each other angrily from car windows. After ritual, they both head towards home.

Revati eagerly waits for bahus to return. Shristi returns first. Chutki tries to do her aarti, but Revati takes thali and says elder bahu should be greeted first and does Ragini’s aarti

Revati does Ragini’s aarti. Ragini says let us perform remaining rituals inside home. Anurag says she has to stand out until daadi finishes all rituals and permits her in. He does not like any rituals, but followed all rituals at her home for her elder’s rituals and even she should follow them for his elders’ rituals. Daadi smiles.

Dulari does Shristi’s aarti and it falls down. She yells it is a big abshagun. Revati asks panditji to tell solution. Vidhvan says there is nothing inauspicious and asks to finish ritual and come in.

Parag reaches home. Vikral asks where was he, he did not feel important to be present in sister’s bidayi. Parag says he went to get gift for Ragini. Vikral asks if he brought it. Parag says no, but will soon. Vikral asks what is his gift. He says he wants to kill Shristi as Anurag will be thinking of only her and not Ragini until she is alive. Vikral slaps him and says if that girl dies, there will be mourning in Vidhvan’s house and Ragini cannot be happy there, asks where he went to kill her.

Parag says her father lawyer’s house, but Harihar Singh came there. Vikral scolds him and says only Harihar Singh can defeat him in whole Zilla, so he should find out how is he related to Shristi, continues yelling.

Daadi takes everyone to home temple. While prayers, Anurag looks at Shristi and thinks he did injustice to her and prays for her happiness. Ragini sees him staring at Shristi and stands between them. After pooja, Vishu bring big heavy box. Brijbhan says he will help him. Vishu says it is Shristi’s books and he packed them. Revati tells she brought books instead of gifts. Shristi says these books belong to her.

Dulari comments she brought truck load of gifts when she was married. Vishu comments if she tried to control her husband, he would not have run to Mumbai. Dulari yells at Shristi that she brainwashed Vishu. Shristi says she did not why did she question when she cannot hear answer.

Narad enters and tells Brijbhan that Vikral has sent load full of gifts for Ragini. Brijbhan asks Revati to go and check where to keep gifts. Vidhvan walks out and yells not to let Vikral’s gifs in except Ragini’s necessary items. Revati confronts. He yells he accepted Vikral’s daughter and will not tolerate anything else. Argument starts and Revati says she did not get her right, but Ragini should. Vidhvan draws line between house and says he is drawing partition between their relationship.

Ring of Fire 10 February 2020 Update

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