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Ring of Fire 12 February 2020 Update

Ring of Fire 12 February 2020 Update

Ring of Fire 12 February 2020 Update Revati confronts Vidhvan and asks him if Raginin does nothave right on this house. Vidhvan fumes he will give her right. He draws line in the middle of house and shouts that he gave Revati’s right. He says this is not division of house, but devision of their relationship and shouts if Vikral’s items come in this house, he will burn this house.

Daadi cries that is happening in this house. Revati says today she was shown her place. Anurag asks why she is behind money instead of family peace. Revati says today she was shown her place, let his father think whtever he wants, he knows she will not disobey him and will keep Ragini’s gifts on her side of house. She asks Narad to keep items on the side.

Ring of Fire 12 February 2020 Update

Ragini fumes that it is her father’s hard earned money and nobody can insult him like this. She points gun at Narad’s forehead and scolds how could he hear her papa’s insult. Vidhvan leaves.Revati asks Ragini not to bother about Vidhvan, only her rules work in this house and not Vidhvan’s. Dulari backs Revati and asks Ragini to relax. Anurag comes and tells he needs to talk to Ragini and takes her to room.

Vishu panics in his room hearing Vidhvan telling about burning house. Brijbhan’s wife consoles him and says bauji was just telling, he will not burn house. Ring of Fire 12 February 2020 Update

Narad informs Vikral about Vidhvan’s family drama. Vikral’s wife asks why did he send gifts. Vikral says he sent every gift from needle to gold, what else he should send. Already house is divided, Ragini will take over remaining half of house soon. Wife says he is thinking wrong. Vikral asks Parag to speak to his sister daily until things sort out.

Anurag takes Ragini to room and scolds why did she do gun drama, he does not like her holding gun in this house. She says it is her strength and points gun on herself. Anurag yells in English, what is wrong with her, he will not tolerate this in his house, she should do this in her father’s house. Ragini says she likes his English. He walks out angrily. She says she loves him a lot and will gain his love soon.

Daadi seeing Vidhan sad says everything will be alright soon. He says he wanted sanskars in this house, but his efforts have gone in vain. Daadi consoles him and says let us do new bahus’ kitchen ritual. Ring of Fire 12 February 2020 Update

Divya goes to Shristi’s room and sees all the decoration being removed says she should have let decoration for at least one day. Shristi says she does not like decoration. Divya says everyone is calling down for kitchen ritual. Drama continues at Vidhvan’s house.

Dulari tells Ragini that she has to come down and prepare something in kitchen as per rituals. Ragini says she does not know to cook anything. Dulari says she has to do cook something to win family and Anurag’s heart. Ragini says she will do anything to win Anurag’s heart. Chutki bahu hears Shristi telling she will not cook, enters her room and says she has to cook for family’s sake. Shristi agrees. Chutki bahut takes her down while Dulari takes Ragini down.

Both bahus walk down to living room. Daadi greets them and says their paghphera ritual is finished and they have to do kitchen ritual. She asks what they both know. Ragini says she tried preparing tea once, but babuji did not like it and did not let her into kitchen.

Shristi says she does not believe in rituals now, but will cook for family’s sake. Dulari says Ragini is very intelligent and learnt cooking watching TV. Daadi asks Ragini to prepare something salty and Shristi to prepare something sweet, Dulari will help Ragini and Chutki bahu will help Shristi. Both bahus will enter kitchen at once.

Ragini enters kitchen with Dulari and Shristi with Chutki bahu. Shristi wears apron and Ragini looking at her also wears apron. Dulari asks Ragini if she can cut vegetables. Ragini says it is just a lifeless vegetable. She picks knife and cuts it roughly. Ragini prepares kheer poori with Chutki bahu’s help. Ragini adds lots of water in dough and Dulari says she added whole village’s water. Ring of Fire 12 February 2020 Update

Drama continues. Ragini adds chilies for tadkha and smokes starts. Whole family coughs. Anurag and Vidhvan shout what is happening in kitchen. Anurag thinks Ragini must have done something. Revati tries to walk into kitchen, but dadi stops her. Shristi manages by spreading lamp smoke. Dulari helps Ragini prepare pakoras.

Ragini thinks if she had learnt cooking from amma, she should not have seen this day, she will learn cooking soon and prepare different dish each day. Her amma coughs and tells Vikral that someone is remembering her and she hopes Ragini has handled kitchen ritual well.

Surekha reminisces Shristi and hopes she handled ritual well. Purshotam says their daughter is very talented and she would have prepared sumptuous feast.

Ring of Fire 12 February 2020 Update Daadi calls both bahus out and to serve their special dishes. Ragini serves pakodas. Revati says they are very tasty. Daadi asks Shristi to serve her dish. Revati says anybody can prepare pooris what is special in it. Daadi scolds to let her serve first. Anurag smells pakoras before biting them.

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