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Kindred Hearts 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jhanvi is serving refreshments to Adi’s family. Nisha comes there, she shouts Jhanvi, she drags Jhanvi to family, Adi says what are you doing Nisha? Nisha says I have got to know the truth, why did you lie Jhanvi?

You know Adi she is a liar, she is taking advantage of our goodness, I met her mother and sister, they live in Mumbai and very close to our house, she shows him Jhanvi’s photo with her mom and Survi. Adi and family members get tensed. Nisha asks Jhanvi why did she lie? why did you say you have no one here? when your family is here then why you are staying at our house?

Adi asks her to stop it, Nisha says no, I met her mom, you know her mom said that Jhanvi married against her will so she disowned her and threw Jhanvi out of the house so Jhanvi lives hereafter Avi left her.

Nisha says to Jhanvi that your husband left you, you could have mended your relation with your mother and live with her but you want to live here because you have greed, you want to take advantage of their innocence, Adi asks her to stop this nonsense, Jhanvi has told us everything about her marriage and family.

Kindred Hearts 7 August 2019 Update

Nisha says she must have cried and you must have fooled by her, she is greedy. Kaki says enough, we know Jhanvi. Nisha says she is an outsider, she is trying to take over this house. Nisha says to family that this Jhanvi is greedy and wants to trap everyone so she can rob us, she calls my husband anytime, cries on his shoulder and tell him her problems, puts hand on his cheek anytime, her kids call him papa, you people are blind to her deeds but I want to save this house, so either she will stay here or me,

Adi tells me who do you choose and want to stay in the house, her who doesnt even deserve your sympathy or me that you took pheras with and promised to be with for life, Adi glares at her. Nisha looks at family and asks why they are silent? why Jhanvi is needed in this house when I am here? why are you all thinking so much?

Adi? Adi says Jhanvi won’t go anywhere, she will live here in this house, why are you behind her? what wrong has she done to you? Nisha says you dont care about me leaving the house but wouldnt allow jhanvi to leave? Adi says she hasnt done anything wrong.

Nisha says she has trapped this whole house, her kids call you papa, she can get anything she wants from you, you are always behind her but she hasn’t done anything wrong? Nisha asks Jhanvi what magic you have done on family? tell me so I can do it too. Adi screams enough! Nisha says yes enough is enough, just tell me if Jhanvi will stay here or me, tell me who will stay here. Kindred Hearts 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jhanvi says I will go, what you want will happen Nisha. Adi is stunned and says no Jhanvi you wont go anywhere. Nisha says why not? she wants to leave so let her, she knows the situation and wants to go so let her go, whats your problem? Jhanvi says Adi please, its good if I leave as soon as I can.

Nisha says good you can understand that, please leave Jhanvi, just go and give my family back to me. Kids run to Jhanvi and hug her, kids say mama won’t go anywhere, we will be with mama. Nisha says obviously kids you are not going, you will stay where you mom is staying, you kids will go with her, don’t worry.

Adi says Nisha have shame, at least dont do this in front of kids. Binni says papa I am scared. Nisha says, they are still calling you papa? Adi, I know you are attached to them but Jhanvi has to leave this house, when she entered, you all must have thought that her life will be stabled and she will leave one day and now that day has come, she wants to leave so why you are stopping her? she will leave and her kids will go with her.

Baba says enough Nisha, we brought Jhanvi in this house and we won’t allow you to disrespect her, we want her to stay, Kaki says and she has done a lot of favors on us. Nisha says the decision was either me or Jhanvi will stay here and you people have taken a decision, your silence is the answer, thank you for telling me my real place in this house, fine I am leaving this house, I will call my parents and ask them to take me from here.

Jhanvi says Nisha won’t go anywhere, we shouldn’t argue with her in this condition, its Nisha’s house and she will stay here, I will leave this house in this situation. Baba says if you have taken a decision then fine but you have to agree that till I don’t find a suitable place for you and kids, you will not leave, your and kids’ protection is my responsibility, you will not leave till I prepare your stay somewhere else.

Today: Kindred Hearts 7 August 2019 Update

Adi asks Nisha to have some shame for the woman who saved your life. Nisha says Jhanvi can stay here, she can stay with her kids till a suitable is not found for her stay. All look on.

Adi comes in his room and has a headache. Nisha comes there and says what the hell was that? why were you taking Jhanvi’s side? she wanted to leave so let her, Adi says what is your problem? you are throwing the woman out of the house who saved your life? Nisha says oh God, she just gave me blood, she is fake and a liar, so what if she saved my life?

I can’t give her my husband and family in return, Adi says you don’t know anything, why are you competing with her? Nisha says you dont know what she is doing, I am a woman and I know her plans. Does Adi say what plans? Do you think that Jhanvi wants to trap me? that’s why I have kept her here? Nisha says yes, she is trying to trap you, Adi says enough, you know nothing about her, I am tired of your rants, he angrily storms off from the room, Nisha shouts that you can’t insult me for that Jhanvi!

Adi hugs Jhanvi and says I will go with you. I will always be with you.

Adi is working. Nishaa comes in. She sits next to him. Nisha says, Adi… She holds her ears and says I am sorry. He is leaving. She says please stop. I was angry. I thought jhanvi was lying. You know I am possessive about you. Thats why I asked her to leave. I am really sorry about it. Can’t take my words back but I can apologize.

I can do something for making her happy. Adi says just don’t annoy her anymore. Nishwa says I will give her a gift and make her feel special. She takes out a necklace and says we will give it to her together. I wanna show her she is important to us. I wanna prepare for it. Adi says you wanted to kick her out and now you are planning all this.

Nisha says just get ready. We should go together. Adi says in heart she is upto something.

Jhanvi is in her room. Nisha comes there. She says I.. I wanted to apologize. I am sorry for what I said. I shouldn’t have. Everything I have said is wrong. I lose control in anger. I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t know you as much as my family does. I consider you a friend. I dont’ know about your relationship. I couldn’t understand you.

I will apologize in front of everyone. I want to make you feel special. I will want to give the respect i have in this house. You know I am very possessive about my family about adi. I will share them with you but on my own terms. Just get ready. I have something special for you. Jhanvi thinks what she is up to?

  • Zee World: Kindred Hearts 7 August 2019 Update

Jhanvi comes in the lounge. Nisha says in front of all family members, I want to say sorry to you Jhanvi, I was rude with your daughters too, Jhanvi says its okay, Nisha says you saved my life, I am so honored, I shouldnt have asked you to leave this house, no family member wants you to go too so I have thought of a relation which will not even allow me to throw you out.

Nisha says to Jhanvi in front of the entire family that Jhanvi will stay here forever and no one will question her, I will give Jhanvi and Adi’s nameless relation a title, a name that will be permanent and nobody will be able to separate them then, Jhanvi is shocked to hear all this coming from Nisha.

Nisha brings Rakhi and I want them to get tied by Rakhi bandhan, I told you Jhanvi, I want to give you peace in this house that I have, with this Rakhi you will have permanent relation. Kaka smirks and recalls flashback when Kaka went to Nisha, he said to Nisha that what Jhanvi is doing is not good,

Adi is innocent and doesnt see her ulterior motives, so he asks her to stay here but you are a woman and can sense what Jhanvi is trying to do, you are a married woman and should secure your relation, Nisha says I dont understand what to do, Kaka says do you think that throwing Jhanvi out of house will solve the problem?

she will still keep contact with Adi and you wont be even able to keep a tab on it, you should do something, give their relation a name and secure your relation too, flashback ends. Nisha says now Adi and Jhanvi will be sister and brother and will have as strong relation as any other one, she gives aarti plate to Jhanvi and goes to bring matchbox, Adi asks Jhanvi what is she doing? Nisha brings matchbox and gives to Jhanvi.

Jhanvi thinks only this is the way to prove my character right now. Jhanvi is about to tie rakhi to Adi but her hand gets burned by diya, aarti plate falls from her hands, Adi rushes and brings water, he takes jhanvi with her, Kaka and Nisha looks on that Jhanvi didnt tie rakhi to Adi.

Adi brings Jhanvi to room and says you are doing all this for a woman like that? you are protecting her and she is playing all these tricks, Jhanvi says dont tell her truth right now, she is just insecure, no woman can share her husband with anyone, Adi says then why you are going through this pain?

I cant keep juggling and I know that Nisha, I keep getting scared that she might hurt you or family, Jhanvi says I have taken responsibility, dont tell her now, we didnt tie rakhi, Adi says but your hand got burned, I feel so much pain when she hurts, Jhanvi says I cant let anything happen to her, she is in this condition because of me, everything will be fine, Adi says yes, everything will be fine and we will start making it fine from now, he holds Jhanvi’s hand and drags her with him.

Adi comes to Nisha’s room, Nisha has her head down. Adi says that I will tell you truth today. Jhanvi says please no Adi! Adi says dont stop me today. Adi says to Nisha that truth is you are so cheap Nisha, you know what you did? he recalls her words that she hates his family and wants to throw them out, how she blackmailed Adi to become CEO.

Adi says you left Baba near garbage can, you tortured him, hurt him, you did so much, you got Jhanvi kidnapped and almost raped, you pulled gun on Jhanvi, she tried to take it from you but bullet fired and it hit you sending you in coma, and lost your memory of some years. Adi says there is one more truth, Jhanvi and I got married, she is my wife and you are just a fake liar woman. Kindred Hearts 7 August 2019 Update

He sees Nisha not moving and says won’t you say anything? Jhanvi puts a hand on Nisha’s shoulder, Nisha falls down as she is unconscious, Jhanvi gets worried and asks Adi to do something, take her to hospital.

Nisha is brought to the hospital, she is unconscious. Doctor checks her and says to Jhanvi that I told you she is in critical condition and can’t bear the stress, now she is under trauma, you have to keep her relaxed and calm, a little shock can even take her life, Adi looks on. Doctor asks all of them to leave, Nisha needs rest. Jhanvi leaves. All family members go out too.

Jhanvi comes to Mandir in hospital and says God please make Nisha fine. Kaka comes there and says pure prayers always get fulfilled, you are praying for her but Adi shouts on her and gets irritated with her, I know what Nisha did was wrong but she is Chinni and Binni’s mother, its about her life, Adi should talk to her softly, what if anything happens to her? won’t you feel guilty? Kaka says to Jhanvi that you can deny it but you are responsible for Nisha’s condition, Jhanvi gets tensed. More Update Coming Soon!

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