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Mehek 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 7 August 2019 Update: The episode starts with Pammi scolds Ajay for announcing his wedding with Mahek. Ajay says to Pammi that I am going to marry Mahek and if anyone is against it then they can leave the house, there is no place for enemies here. Kanta asks Mahek to stop all this, Mahek says Shaurya wanted me to stay here. Kanta says do you want me to die here? Mahek says don’t worry, I will call Digvijay.

Nikki comes to Ajay, Ajay says don’t say rubbish now, Nikki says Mahek is playing the game with you by saying yes for the wedding. Ajay says you are playing games with me if you think Mahek is cheating then bring proof for it and I will take action otherwise I will cut you in parts.

Mahek tries to call Digvijay but he is not picking up, she says to Kanta what if Ajay asks to go now for divorce papers. Ajay comes there and says I have decided to close mouths of people, we are going to Digvijay to see divorce papers, she says what’s the hurry?

Ajay says they will understand our love once we have divorce papers copy and prove that its original, Mahek says but Digvijay is not taking calls. Ajay says I have already called my lawyer, we will directly go to his office, he leaves. Mahek says what to do now? Kanta says you go and distract him, I will call Karona.

Zee World Series: Mehek 7 August 2019 Update

Sonal sees Shaurya and Karona talking behind food truck. She thinks seems like Karona and Kanta are part of Shaurya and Mahek’s plan. Karona gets Kanta’s call, she informs her everything. Karona ends the call and says to Shaurya that Mahek is so tensed, what will you do now? will you divorce her for real now? Ajay has taken Mahek to Digvijay’s office to see if divorce papers are real or not. Shaurya is tensed and says I have to go, he leaves. Sonal tries to hear their talk but couldn’t listen to anything.

Ajay, Mahek, and Kanta come to Digvijay’s office with Ajay’s lawyer. Ajay asks Kanta why she is sweating? she says nothing. Ajay says I have brought my lawyer, I want to see Mahek and Shaurya’s divorce papers. Digvijay says why should I show you Mahek and Shaurya’s divorce papers? who are you?

Ajay says I am Mahek’s fiance so show me papers. Digvijay says okay, he gives divorce papers to Ajay’s lawyer and says you can’t take them out of office as it’s still in court and are confidential. Ajay’s lawyer reads papers and says to Ajay that they are original and they have registration stamp too. Mahek is stunned.

Mehek 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mahek sees Shaurya hiding in the washroom, he smirks at her. A flashback shows Shaurya coming to Digvijay before Ajay and Mahek and told him that they are coming to see papers. Digvijay says then we have to file for registration, the lawyer will get to know if we don’t file for real divorce, Shaurya says there must be some other way. Digvijay says its just papers, we can file for divorce in real but that doesn’t mean you have divorced Mahek already, flashback ends. Ajay says to Mahek that now I trust you completely and I will happily marry you now.

Mahek says I am going to the washroom. She comes to washroom and says to Shaurya that what are you making me do? I won’t marry him, don’t you feel jealous? he is touching me here and there and you are silent? she kicks the bucket in anger. In the office, Ajay says why there is noise coming from washroom? he tries to check on Mahek but Kanta hugs him and says please don’t doubt my Mahek again, he says I trust her.

He goes out of the office. In the washroom, Shaurya asks Mahek to calm down, she says I won’t, I won’t lie now, she tries to push him away angrily and is in tears but Shaurya holds her tightly and kisses her forehead, she calms down. They share eye-lock. Shaurya jokes that you are divorcing Khanna to marry Parmar? Mahek says I am not going to divorce you ever, in any case.

Shaurya hugs her and says nothing like that is going to happen, our plan will work out before it comes down to your marriage with Ajay. Mahek says I am not going to marry that Ajay at any cost, I love you and I won’t marry him at any cost even if I have to tell him whole truth then I will but I will be married to you only. She leaves. Shaurya is tensed and thinks what he will do now?

In Khanna mansion, Mahek is getting ready for Roka function. Kanta says this is going out of hands, what to do. Mahek says I have already told Shaurya that I won’t this at all if he doesn’t come then I will tell everything to Ajay, I won’t do this Roka at any cost.

Karona says to Shaurya that don’t use your mind but heart otherwise you are going to lose your love, to hell with money for which you are going to lose my daughter in law. Shaurya lies his head in her lap and says I don’t know what to do Maa.. he is sad.

Roka function has started. Nikki says to Pammi that you are with Ajay too now? did you forget that Mahek is our enemy? Pammi says I don’t know if Mahek is Ajay’s love or passion but I know my son is stubborn and till he doesn’t get Mahek, he won’t stop. Nikki says you all are a fool, can’t you see Mahek is going to become daughter in law of this house and throw us all out. Pammi says I don’t care, I just know about my son’s happiness, she leaves, Nikki is frustrated. Mehek 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mahek says to Kanta that I am leaving, I can’t do this drama anymore. Kanta says calm down, give Shaurya sometime.

Karona says to Shaurya that I trust your upbringing, you will do everything for Mahek’s safety, you will surely find out someway… they hear Dolly screaming and goes to check.

Mahek and Kanta come in function. Mahek is nicely dressed for Roka. Mahek sits down with Ajay, he smiles at her. Mahek thinks that if this Roka happens then I would be destroyed, I will tell truth before this Roka happens. Kanta whispers to her that I will check on Shaurya. Mahek says I will tell truth to everyone, Kanta asks her to have patience. Kanta tries to call Shaurya but his number is not available. Kanta whispers to Mahek that we can run away from here. Mahek says I won’t Roka at any cost, Kanta says let’s go then. They start to get up but sees Pammi coming there with guests and Shagun in her hands. Mahek thinks what to do now?

Mahek and Ajay’s Roka starts. Kanta whispers to Mahek that lets runaway, Mahek says let’s go. They start to get up but Pammi brings Shagun there, Kanta gets a call, she is shocked and starts screaming. Mahek runs to her and asks what happened? Kanta says Jeevan had a heart attack. They leave from there. Nikki says thank god he had a heart attack.

Mahek, Kanta and Ajay come to Sharma house. The doctor is checking Jeevan, Jeevan asks them to leave, Pd asks him to remain calm and faints. Vikas says she is ill too. Shaurya tries to support PD but Ajay says I am their son in law so I will do it, he takes PD in the room. Mahek is tensed for Jeevan and asks Nehal couldn’t she call her? All the family members start laughing. Jeevan says what you think that we cant act? We should get an award now.

Kanta hugs him and cries. Jeevan says PD is acting too, all laugh. In the room, PD says to Ajay that Your Roka was stopped but I will arrange it grandly for you, you should impress me as I am head of this house, Ajay says whatever you say. PD asks him to massage her feet, he starts doing it.

Mehek 7 August 2019

In the lounge, Jeevan asks Shaurya if he didn’t think their acting was nice? Karona says I wanted to inform everyone but Shaurya stopped me, Ravi says our detective Sonal did it. Sonal tells Shaurya how she found his pest control card and how she found about their plan and told the family. Shaurya says sorry for not informing you all, I wanted to try one last time. Karona says lets deal to not hide anything from anyone in the family. Mahek thanks Jeevan for saving her today. Shaurya says I didn’t know what to do, thanks for saving us.

Sonal comes to Ajay and says you know Mahek chose you but Shaurya won’t let both be happy, Ajay says what should I do? She says I have an idea but you can’t do it, he says just tell me. Sonal says till our family is with Shaurya, he will make sure they all hate you, he will say you are a jerk and all that but if you separate Shaurya from them then you can win over them. Ajay says, how to separate them from Shaurya? Sonal tells him an idea.

Pammi is tensed and says to Rohit to go search for Ajay. Rohit says he would call me if he needs. Ajay brings whole Sharma family sans Shaurya’s family in Khanna mansion. Ravi and Jeevan happily greet Pammi. Nikki is stunned to see them all. Ajay says to Sharma family that this is like your house and will live here till the wedding. Pammi says how can they live here? Ajay says they will live like family here, respect them.

Today’s Update: Mehek 7 August 2019

Mahek says to Pammi that The asked Ajay to not do this but he didn’t listen to me and brought them here. Ajay sends them to rooms and says to Pammi that they are good cooks, they will cook for you. She says fine. Nikki thinks the whole family is a drama queen but I will bring their truth out.

Sharma family is having lavish dinner in Ajay’s house. Pammi asks how is Jeevan’s health now? Jeevan says I am fine now. Pd makes servant wash his hands and says it was so good to eat like this. She asks Mahek to come with her to the garden. They leave. Kanta thinks that just start. More Update Coming…

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