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Jodha Akbar 1 March 2020 Update

Jodha Akbar 1 March 2020 Update on Zee World

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As we all know very well How Our Ekta Mam is an expart for doing a bit more in everyting So she started with the Stotra (Ganpati Vandana)

Vakra Tunda Mahakaya Surya Koti Samaprava
Nirvighnam Kurume Deva Sharva Kasryeshu Sarvada

Then It goes on with another stotra

Om Bhur Bhuvashwa
Tasya Vitur Varenyam
Vargo Devashya Dheemahi
Dhiyo yonah Prachodayat

Then Ekta Mam Thought What If The Other Devi Devtas Will get angry so she thought of Showing maximum of the devtas, Balajee Vishwanah, Then Kali Maa (love her for this ) , Shivling.. and goes one.. then as she is gonna do the show Jodha Akbar so How could she be not showing of Any Mosque So as a best option she Showed A Mosque And I think That Was Jamma Masjid . The one I wish to see once atleast My fav Masjid
On Akbar’s Makhbara

A Chadar( A Sheet which normally we put on a Kabar ( Samadhi) Is shown. A Red Chadar with lots of roses is being shown.. and slowly a voice of a Romantic Man comes out
“What are you doing here Jodha?”
“I have come to see you || ”

Again the man asks …
But you are watching yourself in the mirror
then some sounds of naughty laughing comes out
Like they are laughing in love..
Love Rules them

Again The Man Asks.. Where are you going… ???
Then The Woman Says.. “See Its Morning ”
People Must be coming to see our Makhbare People Will come and remember our love. Some of them will listen to the epic story of our love and some of them will narrate them. 400 years have been passed and so many things have been changed in these years. The way of living has ben chaged.

Then The Man Says…
But The Love Of Jodha Akbar’s Love story has not been changed. People Still share our story of love . They stil remember it and feel it. This sun has not been changed which is our witness of love. People still talk about our love even after 400years. But.. But What Happend In Reality that only knows Abhurum( I couldn’t hear what he said .. it made me hear so Sorry if wrong.. plz clarify if its hearable to any one ) When I was only 15 yrs boy named Jalal. That Jalal Who knows only one color. The color which he understood and wanted to flow. The color Of Blood

Jodha Akbar 1 March 2020 Update

A Book Comes and the pages of history is being turned and stops at 1557
and suddenly man comes in riding horse and screams out AKRAMAAANNN

And Narrated by our very own Om Puri Jee…
This story is of that time when a 15 yr guy’s samshir has stopped breathing outside the Mayan(dun knw what does that mean )
and a guy with surma eyes come to the picture ( dun wrry he is not Rajat ) and comes to the picture with fights.

And Some Fightings are being continued and its being continued Till the Rajput has not accepted his defeatism . As He was the Jalal the mahan Yodha Jalal he asks 1 chance for you whether life or death and the rajput says life and after he is leaving him … the rajput attacks from the behind an then Jalal says.. your are wasting your energy in a wrong place as I don’t have a heart as a Fighter doesn’t have heart and he cuts up his head . and BG voice continues an m.r puri says this was all because of The Bairam Khan. It was the face of Jalal but the thoughts of Bairam Khan The Master Mind was him only as he wanted to conquer the golden bird.

Bairam Khan scratches his finger and put a drop of blood on the map of india’s one part and Jalal Asks …What is this Khan Baba ?? and he says I wanna put my blood’s sign in each of your victory and Jalal denies and hugs him .

BG voice says.. he was less known as jalal and now being known as Jallahd . People have started talking about Jalal.. about his power who has a facination of Elephants so in the another part of contry in west the Rajputs had started fighting and in those parts its being disastrous . As they were worried and were damn afraid of Mughals and so they Didn’t know in there Treasure house there is a treasure that can’t be skipped from the eyes of Akbar. Akbar Can’t cheat That treasure. and that treasure Was JODHA

In the praise of amer a poem was Jodha. She was known as Harkabai also and some also know her as Gachwah ki Rajkumari (sorry if m writing any name wrong )
But we’ll know her as Jodha
In one side there was samshir’s cruelity ( they show a glimpse of Rajat )and in another side the love was hard

Then our Jodha enters as she is running and running ( i think Ek is highly inspired of M.R bhansali ) People calling him Aye JOdha kaha bhage jaa rahi hai .. ( Felt like.. ruk na. bhaagne de .. Kabutar ke piche .teko kya padi hai . )

And Then She doesn’t stop running and comes out of the palace that to without her Duppatta and Raja Bharmal Gets angry and Jodha Replies What If the Kabutar would be dead and Raja Bharmal Says Don’t you dare to forget that ur a daughter of the Rajput Yodha.. and she replies now don’t tell me Rajput yodha doesn’t have a heart And as MA says.. The Raja who rules the Soil will once be diminished into soild and who will rule in the hearts will always remain in the heart.. and she flows away the Pegion

In the Rajput Mahal Jodha is infront of her dressing table .. her sis comes ans screams like “”Maasaaa” and says see what your darling daughter has done and jodha asks what ??
She says like I will choose the jewellaries and you will wear them and Jodha is like i didn’t know it was choosen by you .. wait I will put it off now.. and sukanya says no let it be I dun want your “Uttran” and jodha says.. god I didn’t know.. and the fight goes on

Her Mom says to sukanya let her wear it because … because.. guys it was her B’dayyy
mom says as Tola Daan is gonna be started so plz u girls come down soon

Jodha says.. you are not only younger but also we have collected you from the stares of temple.. and then Jodha and her mom laughs. Sukanya says.. I want you to be kidnapped by Mughal Emporers and Jodha is like Don’t u dare to say that again

Next Scene

Jodha is coming down and every one looks at her and her mom comes towards her. And She is now gonna be measured in equal of Golds and other Metals and thats called
‘Toladan” and Her mom and grand mom are worried because Shaguni Bai is coming . Its a believe that whatever she says its called the fate. and she never stops on of any one’s req nor she comes on req any where.

And Jodha Sees Some one is coming down.. He is none other than Her Sujamal Bhai Saa. He comes and wants to put a book on tola daan rasm but its a rule that in tola daan only Gold and cooper can be given so sujalam clarifies he has quoted it with gold and show It PrithviRaj Raso. So Jodha Feels Happy . and the the tola suddenly goes lower as Jodha can’t be compared with laxmi jee and thus he compared her with saraswati jee as Sujamal Bhaaisaa
so as per the logic Tola comes down
and she says she’ll return the book after reading it .

Jodha Says She is being permitted to go to the temple on the other side of the limit but her mom says she can’t go as its her b’day so Jodha says is the limits are only for Girls so She says its for everyone but for girls in special way and in beween her father comes and says don’t stop her let her go. and mom says.. Plz say her that Hatili was a better name for her.

BG voice says.. it was not only the b’day of her also a new birth of her. as Shaguni bai was about to read her horoscope.

Jodha seats in the doli and leaves for the Temple
And Guess what Its Kali Maa’s Temple I was so damn feeling awesome to see that..
Gorgeous.. She does the arti and the mughal fighters see from the far so they leave to kill them.. and they start killing the Rajput fighters with so cruelity and Jodha asks who are they then the head fighter says they are the mughal soldiers and always they are robbing the jewelleries of Kali Maa and Jodha Insists to save the murti without worrying for her . In the mean time Moti Bai tries to save those jewelleries but Mughals soldiers kidnap Moti bai too and Jodha screams.. the Head soldier runs behind the mughal soldiers but then some one puts the Sword and Moti bai falls down the horse

Jodha aska Another Man from the Group Who is the head of these Moughals so He says There is only one .. That is Jalalludin Mohammad And our Rajat Is seen.. His Surma Eyes now is being shown..

Jodha Akbar 1 March 2020 Update ends…

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