The people of Brass-Nembe Federal Constituency, overwhelmingly expressed their universal suffrage in favour of the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), Hon. Israel Sunny-Goli, who polled a total number of 41,150 votes to beat his chief-rival from the State’s ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mrs Marie Ebikake, who polled 19,279 to come a distant second place, in the 2019 Federal House of Representatives election.

On assumption of office, Sunny-Goli went to work, hitting the ground running, with the agility, dexterity and determination of a marksman, that must hit the bull’s eye.

With laser-etched focus on blazing the trail, he set out, not only to distinguish himself from others who have been there before him, but to as well raise the bar and set a standard for others after him to follow, in terms of direct impact on constituents.

Cognizant of the reality, that upon his shoulders, now, rests the enormous responsibility of ensuring that the great people of Brass-Nembe Federal Constituency, draws the maximum benefits, offered by the green chambers of Nigeria’s bicameral legislature, he resolved with the will of steel, to altruistically represent his people.

Sooner than many had anticipated, his mission became conspicuous for all to see. Like a life-size masterpiece statue, chiselled by the deft fingers of a foremost sculptor, his mission has been imposing, unmistakable and echoes loudly; “TO IMPROVE THE LIVES OF MY CONSTITUENTS.”

Many would opine that the business of a lawmaker is solely to make/initiate or repeal laws. While this may hold true, it is also true that achieving the above mentioned, without factoring in the welfare of the people, would be tantamount to a dereliction of the very people who have entrusted one, with the mandate to represent them. In this wise, Sunny-Goli has been able to blend both, to produce the desired result.

One of Sunny-Goli’s most admirable qualities in the discharge of his legislative duties, is his unflinching resolve not to short-change his people, on any account for personal benefit, as is common practice with a lot of lawmakers. Like the rock of Gibraltar, he has kept his feet securely on the ground, insistent that what is due to his constituents, must get to them.

With a fine tooth and comb, I enumerate some of the people-centred initiatives, from this very humane and humble legislator, who has become a source of joy to many of his constituents..


1. Facilitated the installation of Solar-powered street light projects in Liama and Belietiema Communities in Brass LGA.

2. Facilitated the construction of Town-hall(s) in Beletiama and Liama Communities.

3. Facilitated the training of stakeholders in the education sector, for optimum delivery, through a collaboration with the National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration, NIEPA. This enhanced the capacity of educators in the constituency.


5. Moved a motion on the 9th of June 2020, titled: “A Motion To Address The Ecological Challenges Occasioned By Erosion And Coastal Encroachment In Twon-Brass, Bayelsa state.” This was for the purpose of ensuring that the entirety of Twon-Brass landmass is declared an endangered entity, requiring urgent National attention to save it from imminent extinction. Part of the reliefs sought by the motion is the immediate dredging of Twon-Brass coastline by interventionist agencies such as the NDDC, AMONG OTHERS. He has relentlessly engaged with the relevant agencies, including the Ecological Funds office, to see to the actualization of this very important project.

6. Co-sponsored a motion on 28th June 2021, alongside some of his colleagues from Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers state, titled: “A MATTER OF URGENT PUBLIC IMPORTANCE. THE NEED TO ADDRESS THE IMMINENT CIVIL DISORDER AND BREAKDOWN OF LAW AND ORDER ACROSS THE NIGER DELTA ARISING FROM THE SKEWED INTERNAL OPERATIONS OF THE NIGERIA AGIP OIL COMPANY LIMITED”. The primary objective of this laudable motion, was to ensure the reversal of the practice, wherein eminently qualified constituents were deliberately discriminated against, and deprived of opportunities to ascend to the upper echelon of management in the Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC).

7. As a man who understands the importance of education in the advancement of mankind, he has continued to encourage his constituents in their educational pursuits. To this end, he has supported many constituents in tertiary institutions, while also making JAMB forms available for secondary school leavers, desirous to further their education.

8. Facilitated the overseas scholarships of constituents, to build capacity.

9. Confronted with the stark reality of economic sustenance being a dire need for majority of Constituents, due to the fact that their original source(s) of economic sustenance (fishing and farming), has been profoundly eroded by the resultant effect of the long years of oil exploration and exploitation, he made the provision of alternative sources of sustenance for his constituents, the major thrust of his Zonal Intervention Projects. To this effect, in November 2020, he facilitated an Entrepreneurial/Empowerment training programme, wherein a total number of 517 constituents underwent training. Trainees were taken through the rudiments of commercial soap (solid/liquid) production, waste management (collection and recycling). The training was facilitated through the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants And Internally Displaced Persons. Beneficiaries were provided with funds, to put into use their newly acquired knowledge. Breakdown of beneficiaries is as follows: Sixty-five (65) persons from Brass wards 7-10 (Akassa), One hundred and eighty-seven (187) persons from Brass wards 1-6 and Sixty (60) persons as well as One hundred and thirty-five (135) women from across Nembe LGA, and 70 constituents from Okoroma, Nembe L.G.A.

10. Facilitated another Empowerment Initiative, for One hundred and fifty (150) CONSTITUENTS through the Boarder Communities Development Agency, BCDA.
The items given to the beneficiaries includes tricycles, motorcycles, hairdressing machines, alongside generating sets to power them etc.

11. Fifty (50) constituents from across the Federal Constituency were successfully enlisted for the Federal Government’s NPower Scheme. While another thirty (30) women from the Constituency were enlisted and received grants from the Women Empowerment Programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

12. 60 constituents, 30 from both LGAs that make up the Federal constituency, were enrolled in an empowerment programme, facilitated by the ministry of Water Resources.

13. Enrolled 60 Constituents, as beneficiaries of the Rapid Response Register (RRR) Empowerment Programme of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

14. In May 2021, he once again demonstrated his unflinching commitment to providing alternative streams of income for his constituents. Seventy-five (75) constituents, drawn from across the twenty-three (23) wards that makes up the Federal constituency received a motorcycle each. This initiative serves the dual purpose of improving land transport in the Constituency, given the peculiarity of our communities, as well as serve as a source of income for the beneficiaries.

15. A total of Two thousand eight hundred and thirty-six (2836) constituents from across sixty-one (61) communities in Brass and Nembe LGAs were beneficiaries of the Federal Government’s conditional cash transfer programme.

16. As an avid sports lover, Hon. Sunny-Goli sponsored the Brass-Nembe Unity Marathon race in August 2021, wherein the sum of ₦750,000 and ₦500,000 were carted home by winners of both the male and female categories. In addition, the first and second runners-up in both categories of the event went home with handsome rewards, with lots of consolation prizes given out as well. Participants were drawn from all the communities in Brass-Nembe Federal Constituency.

17. Hon. Israel Sunny-Goli has also facilitated the employment and other job placements of suitably qualified persons from the constituency. To his credit, two persons were employed by the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology. Another two employed by the Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN. Two again employed by the Nigeria Maritime University, Okerenkoko, with additional three persons employed into the Federal Civil Service Commission, and another three employed by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA) etc.

18. Facilitated the installation of a solar-motorized borehole, in Okoko-Ama, Nembe L.G.A

19. Facilitated the installation of a solar-motorized borehole in Opu-Nembe (Bassambiri). Though this is stalled due to some inexplicable reasons, nevertheless, concerted efforts are being made to ensure the project is completed and put into use.

20. The skylines of Obioku, Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri communities in Nembe LGA and Diema Community in Brass LGA, as well as the link road between Twon-Brass and Okpoama Kingdom, are now lit with Solar-powered street lights. These were facilitated through the Rural Electrification Agency.

21. Facilitated the construction of a block of six classrooms in Fantuo community, in Nembe LGA. This project has been completed and handed over to the community.

22. Facilitated the construction of a concrete covered landing jetty at Akakuma-Ama, Nembe LGA. This project is nearing completion.

23. To cap the year 2021 in a grand style, Hon. Israel Sunny-Goli furthered his commitment to improving land transport in communities within Brass-Nembe Federal Constituency, as well as ameliorating the economic challenges faced by constituents. To this end, a total number of 576 motorcycles were distributed to constituents drawn from across the twenty-three wards in the Federal Constituency on the 23rd December 2021.

24. On the 7th of January 2022, 40 constituents received a mini-bus each, from the Federal Lawmaker. This initiative further amplified his desire of ensuring his constituents attain an appreciable level of self-sustenance, so they can take care of their sundry needs.

25. Facilitated the construction of Youth Development Centers at Opu Nembe (Bassambiri). This project has been completed.

26. Facilitated the construction of a Youth Development Centre in Okpoama, Brass Local Government Area. This project has been completed.

27. On the 17th February 2022, a total number of 83 brand new motorcycles were distributed to Chiefs from various communities in Brass local government area, to ease their mobility within their various communities, as well as from one community to another. The benefitting communities are as follows;
a. Beletia-ama – 8
b. Lia-ama 11
c. Egwe-Ama 15
d. Twon – 24
e. Okpoama – 25

28. On the 19th February 2022, a total of 412 Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SMSE) operators from Brass-Nembe Federal Constituency, were supported with the sum of ₦41.2 million, with each beneficiary getting a grant of ₦100,000:00 each to support their enterprise. The benefitting SMSE operators from Brass-Nembe Federal constituency, were taken through an Entrepreneurship Development Training Programme, conceptualized to equip them with the requisite knowledge, on how to effectively run their businesses and maximize profit.

29. Provision of palliatives for constituents in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.


● Installation of Solar-powered street lights in some Akassa communities , Brass L.G.A.

● Construction of a Mushrooms Farm facility in Town-Brass.

● Electrification of Kings palaces in Okpoama, Twon-Brass, Nembe City and Opu-Nembe.

● Roofing the Community square at Ewelesuo.

● Construction of Modern Toilet facility at Sabatoru.

● Construction of a Concrete Road at Opu-Nembe.

● Provision of Special Grants to households within Brass/Nembe Federal Constituency.

● Construction of Six Classroom block to at Okuku-Ama, community, Nembe L.G.A.

Evidently, Hon. Israel Sunny-Goli’s stewardship has been all about the people. Whatever he has done for his people as a non-ranking member of Parliament, would be a child’s play in comparison with what he would do as a ranking Parliamentarian.

(C) J-Ay-O 02082022

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