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Deception 5 February 2020 Update On Zee World

Deception 5 February 2020 Update On Zee World

Deception 5 February 2020 Update Naren ask groom to get up and asks him to leave. Kusum asks what nonsense? Anuj asks why you are doing drama. Naren says these people haven’t understood her intelligence and goodness. Anuj takes him inside. Satish asks what you have done? Naren asks will you get her married in a house where men rule on the women and keep them as a decorative piece.

Deception 4 February 2020

He tells that he told them that Pooja used to work there, but the groom’s father got angry. Satish comes out and asks the groom’s father. Groom’s father tells that bahus of the house will not work and have to be in the veil. Groom’s mum says kusum knows about it.

Naren asks Pooja to speak and not be silent. Pooja hugs Maa and says she can’t marry where her identity will be hidden. Satish apologizes to the family. They leave. Satish scolds Kusum and thanks Naren for saving Pooja, and stopping them from doing crime.

Pooja thinks why she is getting attracted towards Naren. Anuj comes and apologizes to Pooja for his rude behavior towards Naren and her. Jogiya song plays…..Naren is seen doing yoga. He opens his eyes. Pooja says she came to thank him. Naren asks since when God thanked others. He says tomorrow is the day to give answer to Guru ji and asks if my God will come with me. Pooja says I will come with you wherever you ask me. She hugs him. Naren says it seems God shows enmity and smiles.

Deception 5 February 2020 Update On Zee World

Naren calls Guru ji and says I am coming tomorrow and bringing God with me. Guru ji is shocked. Neelima and Rahul are shocked too. Guru ji says let Naren bring his fake God, I will feel happy to defeat his fake God. Pooja tells Kusum that she is going back to Hrishikesh. Anuj says it is waste to tell her. Pooja asks Satish not to tell anything to Kusum and take care of himself. Naren says taxi have come and says lets go. Satish says I can’t help you, and you are returning without answers.

Deception 5 February 2020 Update Naren says no, I am going with God himself and says I found God in Pooja. He tells that Pooja takes care of him and fights for him without any motives, and says God is in her. Anuj says I have understood that your intentions are good. Naren says I will go. Satish tells Pooja that Naren is good and have felt God in a friend. He says Guru ji will tell that God can’t be in any human and says I fear that Naren will lose the challenge. Pooja gets worried and thinks about the challenge.

Rahul gives resignation papers to Harish and asks him to sign. Pooja says if Guru ji proves his answers wrong then it will be a trouble for Naren and Supriya. Guru ji calls Bandhu and says Rahul will become new MD of the company and it is easy to defeat him. He asks Bandhu to stop Naren and Pooja from coming there. Supriya comes there. Guru ji says I am seeing unique thing and ends the call. Supriya asks what do you want to prove. Guru ji says I want to prove you wrong, and asks her to bend her head infront of him.

Supriya bends down infront of Guru ji. He is about to put his magical hand on her head. Just then Pooja’s call comes. Supriya says you have come and says she will come out. She tells Guru ji that she acted to bent down infront of her so that he couldn’t stop Naren and Pooja. She says Pooja has brought Naren and that too with the answers. Hardik asks Harish to sign on the papers. Naren says Papa ji will not sign on any papers.

Deception 5 February 2020 Update ends when Naren meets Supriya. Hardik tells that because of Harish’s carelessness, they have suffered losses. Rahul says he has to resigned. Naren says your turn haven’t come. Rakesh asks Hardik not to let Harish resign. Rahul says there is a news that incompetent MD is ruling the company. Hardik says do you know many companies, we have. Naren says he don’t know as need never come to know. Neelima says who will guarantee that he will not repeat the mistake again. Naren says he will guarantee being his son. Everyone looks on surprised

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