Michael Diongoli a leading business guru considered as the new face of business from the Niger Delta.

Michael Diongoli a leading business guru considered as the new face of business from the Niger Delta.

Has urged young entrepreneurs to take responsibility in driving their businesses and committing to their visions and missions irrespective of the hurdles they face or mistakes they make.

In his remark he opined that the business world is a tough place, and we all make mistakes in business, but what we must do is learn from our mistakes and commit to improving.

Mr. Diongoli narrated that Life like business, is a journey, a marathon, time ticks, the boys become men and that without their permission.
And in the process of life unforeseen circumstances will most definitely happen, one wrong business decision and it will seem like the dreams are crumbling right before your eyes, but still you have to keep dreaming, believing and pushing on.

He said, you would make mistakes the consequences would be right in the face but the lessons must be taken. You must understand as young entrepreneurs that that the lessons are more important than the gravity of the mistakes, correct the mistakes if you can but most importantly don’t let them reoccur.

In course of my journey I have learnt that growth is not really the absence of mistakes but the absence of known or old mistakes and the mimimization of new mistakes; i.e not making your same mistakes and minimising of fresh or new ones).

He told them that business would come with the ups and downs, highs and lows and sometimes the lows could come in quick succession, somethings you would wish never happened, some you would wish happened differently but ultimately it all will help to keep building your muscles strong.

And through it all you must come to embrace the truth that what’s happening is not necessarily what’s going on, what’s happening are the events, activities around you that other people can see and relate with but what’s going on is who you are becoming (The version of you obvious to only you) and that is always bigger than what’s happening.

So as a young entrepreneur you must come to terms with the fact that who you are becoming must be more vital to you than the impression people may have or not have of you. Thus, don’t just struggle to create a good impression, don’t try to create a good brand perception; rather strive to be a great you, strive to be the great brand.

The goal is not to make them believe you are the best, the goal is to be the best you. The race is against you (to be better than your previous version not to give people a better perception).

Life should be lived inside out and not outside in. You should live by your values, not so that they value you, yes, do ‘it’ because it’s you not because they will be impressed.

We must live to express not to impress.


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