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King of Hearts 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World

Today’s episode starts when DD’s lawyer, Tiwari tells Shabnam, that if they don’t find Sid’s body, they won’t be able to keep DD in jail for much longer. Shabnam asks what she’s paying him for and asks him to make the case concrete against DD! He says he will see what he can do; he will go to the Prison to find out what is going on. She says she would come with him. Roshni is with Raghu. She asks Raghu to hurry up.

Raghu is changing into Sid’s clothes. He says her husband’s clothes are very tight. Roshni says he is very fit and doesn’t eat unhealthy food like him! Raghu says he is not here, else he would have showed him! She asks if he’s coming out or she should come inside! He comes out still behaving like Raghu.

Roshni says it won’t work because the minute Shabnam sees him, she would know he’s not Siddharth! As she is walking away, Raghu calls her back and starts talking like Sid. He asks if she doesn’t recognise her own husband? Roshni is shocked. He says he can’t lose to Shabnam. Mere Rubaru plays… Roshni gets emotional and touches his face, calling him Siddharth. He changes back to Raghu and says he is Raghu and if she loses, then he will also lose. He tells her he was able to convince her and asks if she thinks he’s ready? She smiles and then takes off his earring and the toothpick in his Mouth.

Roshni takes Raghu to the Prison to meet DD. She sees Shabnam in the Car park and panics because Raghu already left the Car. Raghu bumps into Shabnam as she walks past and asks if she can’t see where she’s going? He’s wearing a beard and turban. He asks why she is getting angry and spoiling her face? He holds her hand. Shabnam asks him to leave her hand! Roshni sees them and panics.

King of Hearts 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World

The lawyer joins them and Roshni throws a stone at Shabnam’s, Car breaking the windscreen. Shabnam and the lawyer rush to see the damage.

Roshni pulls Raghu aside and asks why he was talking to her enemy? He asks why she’s bothered? Roshni is clearly jealous. She tells him he can go ahead and marry Shabnam!

DD says there is so much strength in love and thinks why didn’t Roshni’s love make Shabnam lose?
Raghu goes to see DD alone and calls her Mother-in-law and she’s shocked to see him. He asks did you identify me? DD looks at him with teary eyes.

Raghu touches her feet and says you forgot me. He tells her that now that he’s back, everything will be back to normal and she would be released. He says she will be out of jail and it will happen because of love. He says Roshni and Sid’s love will win.

DD says she knows he couldn’t have died and she told Roshni that even if he was calling himself Raghu, there could be no one else like Siddharth. She thanks and hugs him in tears and he switches to Raghu. He puts a toothpick in his mouth and says it is okay. He asks her to calm down and says it happens sometimes. He tells her not to ruin his costly suit! DD is shocked. King of Hearts 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World

Roshni appears and asks DD if she’s shocked? DD looks on. Raghu says he’s wearing this suit for the first time. Roshni says he’s right that her Mom couldn’t identify him and says we will win. DD says Roshni did a good job and managed to make him look just like Sid! She thanks Raghu for helping them. Raghu says it’s his pleasure.

Roshni tells DD to get ready because tomorrow is a big day but before then, they have a task. Raghu asks what? Roshni says it’s Raghu’s Mother. Later at home, Raghu’s Mother is sleeping. Raghu feels bad to have hidden the truth about his job from his Mother. Raghu wipes the tears from his eyes as he packs his things to leave. He apologizes to his sleeping mother for lying to her that he is going abroad.

As soon as he leaves, his Mother gets up and asks herself why Raghu was crying? She decides to follow him and see. He feels her following him but he outsmarts her. Roshni tells Shabnam that she will decorate the house as today is Sid’s birthday. She puts up a Photo of Sid on the table and wishes him a happy birthday. Shabnam reminds her that Sid is dead and asks her not to miss him and let him rest in heaven.

Roshni says her husband is not dead because his body was never found and she knows he will return today. Shabnam says her head needs to be examined! She says she will take her to the Doctor and says very soon, she might get admitted in a Mental hospital! Roshni says if Sid doesn’t return today, then she will accept that he will never return. Shabnam looks on. King of Hearts 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World

A lot of guests are in DD’s house. There are a lot of lifesize photos of Sid. Some of the Men gossip about him being dead, yet a party is being thrown in his honor. Roshni announces that soon, they will know why they have all been invited. Roshni puts up a dance performance to entertain the guests as she admires Sid’s big photos and sings Prem Ratan Dhan Payo… happily.

Shabnam gets jealous of seeing her dancing happily. Raghu rides his bike to the house and makes an entrance.

Roshni turns and sees Sid standing. Everyone is shocked. Roshni looks at Shabnam who is shell shocked. Shabnam almost faints when she sees him. Roshni wishes him a happy birthday. He says she remembered! He says the Son of the family has returned and justice would be served!

Kritika hugs him. Bunty too. Sid says he is fine. He asks Kritika not to worry as he has returned. He looks at Shabnam who is shell shocked. Sid says all the curtains and veils will be lifted now, and the truth will come out infront of all, because he… this house Son-in-law, Siddharth Khurana is back! Shabnam gets tensed. Raghu tells her She’s looking good. He then turns to Roshni’s Grandmother and says she doesn’t look good on this Wheel Chair and asks her to get ready to stand on her feet. He asks her not to cry as her Son has returned. He tells his dialogue that he hate tears.

Aisha comes and hugs him saying she has really missed him. Roshni looks on. Sid says he knows and he
will never break a promise. He says he has fulfilled his promise and returned home after defeating death. He asks Mona if Sam and Yash have sorted out their issues? Mona stutters and says they have. He says Hello to Kesar and asks why he’s sweating when the AC is on? Kesar is nervous, saying he’s scared of ghosts! Raghu says you should as ghosts can bite. King of Hearts 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World

Shabnam asks how can this happen? She asks Sid how he was able to survive what happened? Raghu tells her to be careful of what she says and says this thing is only said by killers! She keeps quiet. He says he will ask her one question and asks her why she’s still here when she was supposed to be in Dubai?

Roshni says she came back. Raghu says she has come back and he has returned too and until the things are settled, people will keep on meeting. He asks if Shabnam has become good, else he will make her right! Roshni’s Grandaunt is glad to see Sid and welcomes Sid back and asks him who did that terrible thing to him? She says DD has been jailed because of it.

King of Hearts 26 September 2019 Raghu looks lost. Roshni gets worried and signals to Raghu to feign memory loss. Raghu says he doesn’t remember anything and says he has a memory loss and he couldn’t even remember his identity then, but now, he is recalling everything. Roshni says Sid needs to rest. Shabnam is relieved and thinks he doesn’t remember. Raghu goes to her and asks if he saw her again after giving her the ticket to Dubai? She shakes her head. He says he feels like he saw her again. He asks why DD is in jail if he’s home?
Roshni tells him to relax.

Roshni’s GrandAunt tells him not to worry as today is his birthday as well as Diwali. She wishes him a happy birthday. Kesar gets the courage to now hug him. Roshni takes him to the room after he meets the family.

Raghu’s mother goes to the garage to ask Pinto if he has seen Raghu? Pinto says he hasn’t seen him and doesn’t know where he is. Raghu’s Mum says she will enquire about Raghu and bring him back home!
Kritika is in the garage. She hears them and remembers Raghu’s Mother as the person who tore Sid’s photo. She concludes that there should be a connection to Sid and thinks to find out about the connection between Sid and Raghu. The family gathers at the dining to eat. Raghu pulls the chair away as Shabnam tries to sit at the head of the table. He tells her only the elder sits there, so she needs to find somewhere else to sit! He calls for Roshni’s Grandmother and Roshni brings her in. They put her at the head of the table and Raghu sits near her to feed her.

Shabnam asks if he remembers when he snuck into her room in the middle of the night? He asks who tried to get close, him or her? Shabnam asks Roshni’s Grandmother if she remembers what happened? Raghu says her shamelessness is unparalleled and asks how it is possible that she is still in the house? Shabnam asks why he also came back after DD threw him out! He says he always comes back because he loves DD and she has thrown him out a lot of times but he keeps coming back because it’s his duty as the Son-in-law.

Roshni’s Grandaunt asks Shabnam why she’s asking Sid so many questions! Shabnam says she has a right to, as he is her brother. Raghu says he doesn’t have his full memory back but he knows he will soon be back to the good old him and when he remembers who did the terrible thing to all of them, he won’t spare the person!

Shabnam gets tensed. He tells Shabnam that she looks like she has seen a ghost! He says he was only joking and she should sit and eat, afterward, they will go out and burst some crackers.

King of Hearts 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World

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