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Deception 7 March 2020 Zee World Update

Deception 7 March 2020 Zee World Update

Deception 7 March 2020 Zee World Update Pooja telling Naren that these are court orders. Everyone gets tensed.  Naren says thanks for informing and says she didn’t know that social service is her hobby if she can understand. Pooja says she is president of world renowned NGO, care foundation, and rescues the troubled women. She says everyone knows about your hatred for women, you have ruined many women in one year and in this file there is a proof of it, if you want you can see it. Naren says I can trust this much atleast.

Pooja says you don’t respect ladies and says you have set an unique example of a son. We came to know that you are not taking care of your mum well and that’s why we got court orders to check and prove the allegations on you right. Naren laughs. Mayank says this is a serious issue.

Surbhi goes. Naren says if you think that I will take any wrong step then you are wrong. He says who can burn the ashes again. He says I thought you will give some reason, but you. Mayank says she came here to trap you. Naren says it is her habit and tells that he will take her to Supriya’s room. He asks if she will take her team with them and asks if she is a coward. Pooja signs her team to stay there itself.

Deception 7 March 2020 Zee World Update

Surbhi threatens Supriya and says I will lock you again in almari. Supriya says she don’t want to be locked and says she is scared. Surbhi tells her that her big enemy came to take her. Supriya says she don’t want to go with anyone and says she knows just her, and asks what is her name.

Surbhi says pooja. Naren takes Pooja to Supriya’s room, while on the way, she looks at his room and recalls the moments between them. Naren asks what happened, if she forgot something. She says lets move on. He opens Supriya’s room. Surbhi is hiding in the cupboard. Supriya attacks Pooja and tries to kill her while suffocating her neck and says she knows about her planning.

Naren stops Supriya. Nurse gives her injection. Naren holds Pooja’s neck Pooja hits him hard and thanks him for saving, but it was not needed. He holds her and says he was testing if she still has strength. Pooja says atleast you came to your mum’s room.

Mayank comes and says media came. Pooja says they came so soon. She sees Surbhi in cupboard and asks her to come out, saying big dhamaka will happen outside. Media questions Naren and asks if he is not taking care of his mother. Harsha asks Mayank to wear divine ring and makes Naren also wear it. He refuses. Naren is playing chess.

Pooja comes and tells that Supriya had lost just her memory, but they are treating her as mad. She says Surbhi Rahul Vyas has planned to send her to mental asylum. Deception 7 March 2020 Zee World Update

Mayank asks what nonsense? Pooja asks her to ask Surbhi who is taking care of her Supriya since a year. Surbhi tells that she has studied her case and that’s why booked a ward in the mental asylum. Pooja says without consulting a doctor. Media asks what she will do now.

Pooja says what could be a better punishment then making guilty take care of Supriya. She asks them to take care of Supriya one by one and asks Surbhi to make food for her, which will be tested by her doctors team first. Surbhi is shocked. She thanks Media and says my team will be in touch with you. Surbhi asks Pooja who is she to interfere and asks why shall I handover Supriya’s file to you.

Pooja asks her not to give, but don’t complain that I have cut all of your nose infront of media. Harsha asks Naren to speak up, says we are here to take care of Bhabhi, why she is becoming leader. Harish comes there and folds his hands asking them not to target Supriya for their selfish motives. He asks Pooja why did she return.

Deception 7 March 2020 Zee World Update

Pooja says whatever she is doing is for Supriya’s betterment. Harish says I know that you married a rich man and asks can she gets permission for him so that he can meet his unwell wife. Naren shouts asking him to stop. Harish says I will go after meeting my wife. Mayank asks him to go.

Naren asks him to leave else he will be kicked out by guards. Harish says you will repent Naren. Mayank and guards take him out. Pooja is shocked and gets teary eyes. Naren smiles and asks Pooja to apply ointment. Pooja says it is good that you gave ointment as my husband can’t see my pain.

Pooja telling Supriya while she asleep. She says they will unite the family. Naren tells Surbhi and others that Pooja married Mr. Kapoor 3 months back in a small temple, nobody is witnessed to her marriage. Pooja thinks she will give many chances to Naren to hate her so that he gives up hatred and become a good man again.

She asks him to get ready. She gets Satish’s call and says he is feeling as if she will come today. Pooja says she is in newyork and will come soon. After she ends the call, she thinks she is helpless and will tell him everything when right time comes. Naren plans to take over Pooja’s husband company and tells that Pooja herself will handover company to him. He asks Surbhi to do the work. Later he comes to hall.

Surbhi says she got the photo frame. Naren asks Pandit ji to do the arrangement of barsi best. He sees the photo frame. Everyone is shocked to see the photo. Naren sits to do puja of barsi. Pooja asks Doctor not to worry about consultation fees and promises to give. She asks them to report her every 1 hour and says she will come tomorrow.

She comes to hall and sees her pic kept for barsi. She is shocked and silently leaving, when Naren stops her and says barsi is incomplete without relatives. Just then Satish, Kusum and Anuj come there. Satish is shocked to see Pooja there and questions her. Pooja is silent.

Satish says Naren called us and said there is a dawat here. Naren says her barsi is not less than a dawat and calls her Mrs. Kapoor. Satish is shocked. Naren asks didn’t she tell you about her marriage and asks him to do her barsi. Pooja is shocked. Mayank recalls hearing Pooja talking to Satish and lying and informing Naren, who made this plan.

Naren tells Pooja that even walls have ears. Kusum asks Pooja what is this second marriage drama. She says you said that your mum in law sent you to America.

Naren says you are a big liar and tells that once a person starts lying, she gets habitual to it. Satish asks Anuj to take Kusum out, and tells Pooja that he has no objection with her second marriage, as he trusts her a lot. He asks when she got married again then why she came here. He asks her to come with her and is taking her with him. Pooja stops and tells Satish that she can’t come now.

Satish breaks relationship with her and asks Naren and others to do barsi of her on their behalf too. He walks out. Pooja runs out asking him to hear her. Satish sits in car. Kusum taunts her for breaking Satish’s trust. She pushes Pooja and she falls on Naren. Deception 7 March 2020 Zee World Update

Naren says you might be feeling pain. Pooja indirectly tells that he held her when she fell. Naren leaves her. He says if she wants the he can convince her mama and mami and asks her to name Mr. Kapoor company on his name. Pooja refuses and talks to someone. She says she will meet him and asks if he reached hrishikesh. Naren hears her.

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