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Deception 16 February 2020 Update

Deception 16 February 2020 Update

Deception 16 February 2020 update starts as Pooja apologizes to Naren, and says this pain of some moment is better than pain all life. She takes the jewellery and tries to go Supriya. Harsha comes in front of her. Pooja tells her that Naren asked her to keep Supriya’s jewellery, but she can’t take and asks her to give. Harsha takes it angrily.

Neelima is working in the arrangements. Hardik says I never saw you lifting the spoon also in 25 years. Neelima says she is excited as her bahu is coming. Hardik says your bahu. Naren sits for his haldi and thinks about Pooja. Pooja looks at the letter which she had written for Naren expressing his feelings and thinks to tear the letter for Dr. Anand.

She recalls Naren’s words and cries, about to tear the letter, but Kusum calls her. Pooja stops and keeps letter in the drawer. Kusum asks her to come for haldi and says your mum in law haven’t send it till now. She takes her from there. The drawer is left opened. Kusum tells Pooja that don’t know if Dr. Anand’s mum will send haldi or not.

Deception 16 February 2020 Update

Satish tells that he called them, but servant picked the call and didn’t say anything. He says we shall go there and convinced them. Kusum says she will not go and says if haldi don’t come, then let her be at our place. Anuj says even Dr. Anand’s phone is switched off. Naren thinks about Pooja’s words for Dr. Anand. Pooja thinks about Dr. Anand’s mum suggesting Naren to marry Pooja.

Everyone dances in Naren’s haldi. Shilpa says haldi was done nicely here, but at Pooja’s place, haldi is not sent. Surbhi asks why did you talk to Naren about Pooja. Shilpa says she is checking Naren and again tells him that Pooja’s haldi is not done.

Satish comes to Pooja and tells her that Dr anand’s came. Pooja looks at him. Dr.Anand says he got late and tells it is dangerous to steal haldi from his mum and tells that Naren called me and tells that you are waiting for haldi. I got afraid hearing his scolding and brought your inlaws here. They see Supriya and Harish coming there. Dr. Anand asks Supriya and Harish to do shagun and says I will think my parents have done shagun.

Pooja is happy. He takes her to hall and says rasam is not yet over. Pooja asks why did you bring me here. She sees Naren stepping down from the stairs. Jogiya song plays… Deception 16 February 2020 Update

Dr. Anand asks them to fulfill their friendship responsibilities. Naren says I have fulfilled my duties well. Dr. Anand asks them to apply haldi to each other for his sake. He makes Pooja smears haldi on his face. Naren also smears her face with haldi. Child artistes come there and sing song for Naren. Main Tenu Samjhawa ji…Naren and pooja run after each other and apply haldi. Supriya goes while everyone hears the song. Dr. Anand leaves from there seeing them playing with haldi, may be he realizes that they are meant for each other.

Supriya comes to Pooja’s room to keep idol for her with a letter. She thinks for her and thinks where did she go? She sees the letter as the drawer is open and sees Naren’s name on it. She opens the letter and reads it. It has Pooja’s love confession. She is shocked and says Pooja loves Naren. The children continues to sing song. Supriya sees Pooja and Naren applying haldi to each other happily. Song ends.

Rakesh, Guru ji, Shilpa and Surbhi also see them applying haldi to each other. Shilpa says he is celebrating with her. Rakesh says this marriage will be memorable for Vyas family. Supriya thinks how she couldn’t identify Pooja’s love for Naren and thinks if Naren loves her also. She says if this is true then she has to stop both marriages. Naren and Pooja realizes seeing their faces smeared with haldi. Jogiya plays……

Pooja goes from there. Surbhi gets angry. Shilpa asks her to be intelligent and says after tomorrow, Naren will be US citizen. Pooja comes to room and sees Supriya. She says aunty. Supriya shows the letter and asks if this letter is true. Pooja looks on shocked. Supriya asks her not to lie as her eyes are saying truth. Pooja looks down. Supriya asks you loves my Naren then what you were going to do.

Deception 16 February 2020 Update

She says she will talk to Satish and stops both marriages. Pooja says this is not the solution and says Surbhi loves Naren a lot, and I can’t smash someone’s dreams when it is about to fly. She asks her to think about Naren and says I am just his friend for him, and says she can spend her rest of her life with his friendship. Supriya says if Naren agrees to marry you knowing about your feelings. Pooja looks on shocked.

Pooja tells Supriya that she will live all her life with his friendship. Supriya says if Naren agrees to marry you knowing your feelings. Pooja says it is my destiny, whatever you are thinking can’t happen now at this point of time and says my love is not selfish to think about my life. She hugs Supriya and cries.

Shilpa calls someone and asks him to get Visa for Naren till night and says Surbhi have a green card so it will not be a problem. Pooja keeps her hand on Supriya’s lap and tells that she doesn’t know when did she fall in love with Naren and cries. Shilpa tells Naren that Surbhi’s Dadi can’t come here, and says she wants him to come to new york for reception. Naren is shocked.

Supriya goes and returns to Pooja, and gives her mum in law’s jewellery. She says she wanted to give it to her bahu, but is giving to her daughter. She asks what she wants. Pooja tells that she wants Naren’s marriage to happen as they desired. Naren agrees to Shilpa, when Surbhi tells that they will invite Pooja and Dr. Anand. Shilpa gets happy and goes with Surbhi. Supriya tells Naren that Pooja wants their sangeet to happen together and says she wants her daughter’s marriage to be done nicely.

For Sangeet, Dr. Anand’s parents come. Supriya welcomes them. Dr. Anand taunts her taking Pooja’s name. Shilpa tells Harish and Supriya about Naren and Surbhi’s reception in New York. Harish is shocked and asks Yash. Yash says that Amma wants reception to be held in New York. Shilpa says they will take Naren for few days. Harish agrees.

Rakesh tells Harsha until when she will sit sad. Harsha says you said right that daughters shall not come to their mayka often and says Supriya kept sangeet of mohini together with Naren. Supriya tells Pooja that she wants her to stay at her home, but…..She sings song mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari. Pooja smiles.

Shilpa searches for Naren’s passport. Guru ji and Rakesh plan Naren’s kidnapping. Guru ji says Mayank will marry Surbhi when Naren leaves her. He says even pooja can’t save him this time. Yash and Harish also sings song. Naren comes there. Pooja and Surbhi looks at him. Pooja sings song kehna hi kya…..Surbhi also sings same song.

Deception 16 February 2020 Update Dr. Anand is with Naren in his room and says your room is interesting like you and says it seems I will get to hear your stories and asks if he will miss her. Naren says he will have to change his habits and tells about Pooja’s mood swings. Dr. Anand asks Naren to be with Pooja whenever she needs a friend. Naren promises him. Pooja thinks she can’t be weak and have to think about Anand. She can’t do injustice with Dr. Anand. She thinks Dr. Anand have right on this love and takes out the jewellery

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