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Ultimate Love 2020 March 7th Highlight – Theresa’s temper: Between Iyke And Theresa

Ultimate Love 2020 March 7th Highlight - Theresa's temper: Between Iyke And Theresa

Ultimate Love 2020 March 7th Highlight – Theresa’s temper: Between Iyke And Theresa

She confessed to Iyke that she is been working seriously on her temperament, which seems there’s an improvement.

“I’ve been working on my temper, I’ve been working on it for a long time,” Theresa tells her boo, Iyke.

Watch this interesting conversation between this love couple;

Ultimate Love 2020 March 7th Highlight – Theresa’s temper…

Working together: The Love Couples sat for a Master class with a renowned Love Coach

Today, the Love Couple sat for a master class with Nigeria’s renowned family systems innovator, Praise Fowowe taking them through the importance of teamwork.

Praise works as a family life strategist and coach across 4 continents and he is the originator of the family systems Engineering Program that is regarded as the most comprehensive family life certification program for family life professionals.

As always, the Love Couple’s willingness to learn was obvious as they participated thoroughly, voicing out and contributing towards the session.

One of the questions asked during the session was: Should the man be the sole provider in the relationship?

The Love Guests wrote their answers and the majority felt like that’s how it should be which Fowowe explained the dynamics of being in a partnership, starting by seeing their partner as equals.

Protecting your Partner: Another important point raised in the session was the elimination of ‘domestic terrorists’. Whether it be close family members or even friends, the Love coach explained to the Love Couples that they should protect their partners because they’re the ones who chose.

The-Money-Matters: The Fowowe stressed the importance of handling finances well in a relationship and not be reckless because there’s another person to think of. Certain lifestyles need to be adjusted or let go because money can destroy a good thing, he added.

‘If you understand coupling, you’ll never talk about my money, your money” he said adding if the Couples keep records of their spending a secret, the trust will be shaken as the other party would be suspicious of what other secrets they might be keeping.

Source: AfricaMagic

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