Political pundit Candace Owens raps ‘Fresh Prince’ theme to prove her ‘blackness’

Political pundit Candace Owens raps

A controversial American political pundit has gone the extra mile to prove her blackness.


On Thursday, March 21, media personalities Charlamagne, Jess Hilarious, and DJ Envy all surprised Candace with a pop “Black quiz” they had compiled, and the proud Republican impressed the gang right off the bat by rapping much of the opening theme to Will Smith’s “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.”


Candace also couldn’t come up with Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s name, but she did know what not to bring to a cookout.


Throughout the appearance, Candace maintained she wasn’t against Blackness, but more so Black illiteracy. She blamed public schools and celebrity worship in the community for holding folks back.


Her stance on education explains her recent reaction to Ice Spice’s “Fart” hit, where she declared the track single-handedly set American society back a few notches!


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