Oyi/Ayamelum 2023: Reasons PDP Should Pick Barr. Ifeyinwa Morah at the Primaries.

Oyi/Ayamelum 2023: Reasons PDP Should Pick Barr. Ifeyinwa Morah at the Primaries.


The people of Oyi/Ayamelum Federal Constituency are bitterly complaining, feeling shortchanged by the previous unreliable representatives. Hardly does anyone see any bold constituency projects in the zone. This has left many questions in the minds of the constituents: How did we get here? How come the Oyi/Ayamelum representative is not reckoned with in the scheme of things in the National Assembly? How come our constituency is classified as bench-warmers who came to earn wages and collect constituency allowance in the Plenary? How come the abundant tourism & agricultural potentials lying fallow in our constituency remain untapped and ignored by the FG?

Oyi/Ayamelum 2023: Reasons PDP Should Pick Barr. Ifeyinwa Morah at the Primaries.

Definitely everyone recognises the fact that it is time for a change to happen. Since the incumbent has done the job very poorly, An Articulate Lawyer definitely stands a good chance to get the mandate of the people to represent them at National Assembly effectively. But this will depend on the options available. Without any iota of doubt, it is certain that *Barr. Morah*, with her track record of accomplishments in Oil & Gas, and Forex would help PDP fulfill this mandate. PDP faithfuls, stakeholders and delegates should not elect anyone whose intellectual capacity is very low to speak for the people. It will be catastrophic to hand over the House of Reps ticket to a mediocre.

And here are 12 good enough reasons, why this Virtuous woman of inestimable value should be given the support to do this:

1. Accessibility: The era of opening doors only during elections has been the hallmark of many politicians in Anambra, but Barr. Morah has demonstrated by her relationship with people that accessibility runs in her veins. She has maintained it that she is an open book, which everyone can read. By opening her doors, she will better understand our problems and how to present them.

2. Great understanding of Our Society and Culture: She will score 100% in having a deep understanding of the culture of her people. This knowledge is very important in appreciating the needs of the people in Oyi/Ayamelum. She is Nëé Umenyiora from Ogbunike and Also happily married in Ogbunike too with Children.

3. Excellent Communications Skills: This cannot be overemphasised about the job Barr. Morah is seeking. It is the lack of such skills and any meaningful job that forced some Honourables to be bench-warmers at the chambers, as they are too timid or afraid to bare their minds. Everyone knows that Barr. Morah is gifted with great oratory and awash with great confidence to convey her thoughts. As an articulate Lawyer who advocates for Others and gets paid for a Living, will she not Advocate for her People???

4. Her Analytical Thinking Skills: Analytical minds are in short supply amongst politicians and that is the reason bad governance runs in the system. But with a combination of beauty and analytical skills, there is no doubt that Barr. Morah is most qualified for this role. She says of what her approach to voting in the House: “Quality representation is not a beauty/fashion show. People vote for bills they don’t understand and know nothing about. Voting should be analysed thoroughly and that is what I am bringing on board”.

5. Barr. Morah doesn’t just Hear, she Listens: It is easy to hear what anybody is saying, but how you react to what has been said proves whether you listened or not. Barr. Morah is the listening type and has demonstrated this as testified by people around her. Definitely Oyi/Ayamelum after years of infantile representation needs a listening representative.

6. Futuristic ideology: Engaging her in a discussion portrays her as the rare breed who thinks ahead of her era. She weighs her actions based on its futuristic implications. Politicians, who think of their next generation like Barr. Morah, are gems that should be embraced and encouraged.

7. Respects Institutions: Anyone who respects institution will most likely be a team player and this is vital in the making of a party man or woman. Barr. Morah is a party person, and believes the party alongside the members and stakeholders are supreme. She has been in the Party since 2000 till date.

8. Keeping Her Words: Integrity is not mouthed. It is exhibited. But some people are blessed to have integrity as a lifestyle and in this case do not struggle to portray it. That is who Barr. Morah is.

9. Barr. Ifeyinwa Morah, the Problem Solver: Problem-solving is like her second skin. She is one person who believes there is a way around every challenge. PDP should give their ticket to someone who will show commitment to finding solutions, not otherwise.

10. Teachable: This woman is not just humble enough to admit that she does not know everything, but asserts that she is willing to learn from anyone no matter how lowly the person is. According to her, “everyone is important, because there are things one can learn from the market woman, the carpenter or even the wheelbarrow man. I have gained a lot by being willing to learn from everyone, who becomes your master as they transfer the knowledge to you”.

11. Barr. Ifeyinwa Morah loves the PDP: The ideals of PDP really excite her. She sees the party as the hope of Nigerians and maintains it should be strengthened as the political face of Nigerians. She is ready to work to accomplish this. She has never left her Party even after her last Election. She doesn’t gallivant or jump from one political party to another.

12. She’s Disciplined: she pays attention to details, Little things matter and can give you an idea of what lies ahead. One fact one cannot deny about Barr. Morah is her discipline. She likes deadlines, and punctuality. She has the training to follow through her plans. This is vital about who should flag the PDP banner.

Oyi/Ayamelum 2023: Reasons PDP Should Pick Barr. Ifeyinwa Morah at the Primaries.

The People are saying that Oyi/Ayamelum has not done well with the representation of a man since democracy in 1999, hence the clamour to send a woman, and PDP having a woman such as Barr. Ifeyinwa Morah should put her to good use now.

Time ticks!!!

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