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Lies of the Heart 9 March 2020 Update

Lies of the Heart 9 March 2020

Lies of the Heart 9 March 2020 Update on Zee World Samrat snaps back and reprimands her for such immature and childish act, and asks if this is the way to wake up someone. he asks her never again to even try it. She tries to say that she just wanted to wake him up. He tells her that she doesnt even have brains or manners or civic sense, and is now tied to him for a lifetime as his wife.

Urmi is distraught and scared too to see him behaving so much in contrast to what she had expected. he asks her to move aside angrily, as he wants to go to the bathroom. she leaves a little stunned. He goes inside. She remembers his anger and is shocked and distraught. A sudden voice calling out to her, makes her compose herself and she finds nirmala asking her to come down. She complies, still sad. Lies of the Heart 9 March 2020

In the kitchen, all are excited about her Chulha Pujan Rasam, that this is the start of her new life. Shashi tells her what she has to do. nirmala says that this is a test for her, as she would be rewarded later on for this. The servant asks her to make something that would impress her husband too.

Shashi asks what would she make now. Urmi says that she wants to make something different. she says that she wants to make a cake. all are surprised and boggled, that she chose something so diff. They are concerned, while urmi says that she would make use of the Gas for the cake. they are surprised but asks her to go ahead nevertheless. all leave, while urmi begins with her work. Lies of the Heart 9 March 2020

All gather at the breakfast table, while ishaan explains that he has to leave. he says that he has to leave tomorrow. Samrat says that he cant go so soon, and should leave after 4, 5 days. His father also asks him to stay on. Samrat asks shashi to ask urmi to hurry up for her sweet dish. when she comes, they all compliment qas to how good it looks. samrat asks them to cut it, to find out if its just bful, or tastes good too.

urmi is asd while all are shocked at such behaviour. Diwakar however supports urmi. Samrat again taunts urmi saying that its not necessary that the thing that looks bful is good too. Shashi asks urmi to let samrat cut it. She does so. samerat cuts it while all clap. he tastes it. and then asks urmi to cut and give to everyone. urmi is tensed but asks them to wait while she serves everyone. Everyone begins eating and complimenting. Lies of the Heart 9 March 2020

They all bless her to be happy always and reward her. Ishaan asks samrat to stop eating and tell if its good or not. samrat indifferently says that its okay, while uyrmi stand stensed. He also adds that had there been something traditional like kheer,( rice pudding) it would have been better. They all condemn for being so rude, and he just manages to say that the cake was okay too.

Saroj goesonto express her doubts with gaurav. He says that samrat may be a bit rude, but he always favours the right. Saroj tells about rashmi’s parents chat with rashmi. Gaurav gets emotional, and asks rashmi about this. He asks if she hasnt hidden anything. she understands that saroj was behind this. Rashmi gives an indirect answer, saying that they are hurting her byb asking such questions. She says that even gaurav is the angry types, but she never complains. urmi too should get used to adjusting. Devishankar comes in to ask and rashmi vents out her frustration. He asks them to be in peace, as they should let urmi be adjusted in her new life. Saroj and gaurav are tensed, while rashmi is angry herself.

Lies of the Heart 9 March 2020 Update on Zee World

saroj is tensed that there’s tension between gaurav and rashmi due to her, and granny says that they would solve matters easily. Granny tries to tell saroj that she is worrying unnecessarily. rashmi comes to them, and starts taunting saroj. rashmi begins to vent out her frustration again. Granny asks her not to think like that, as saroj should be concerned for her daughter, and they arent bothering her. granny just asks if there’s any problem with samrat. rashmi says that there’s imperfection in everyone. Saroj tries to speak, but rashmi says that she doesnt want to talk to anyone, as by doing favour, she has put her own foot in trouble. she leaves, while saroj is tensed.

Scene 3:Location: Samrat’s residenceUrmi stops ishaan, asking if she’s going to samrat. he says that he is, and asks if there’s a special message that she wants to give him. she denies, but then says that he can ask him if he had his lunch. He says that she can herself ask it, and gives her the phone. She denies repeatedly. Ishaan asks urmi what happened, and if they had a fight or something. Urmi is tensed.

Ishaan asks him to buy a gift for urmi, but samrat instead says that he doesnt have a gift shop opened for her. ishaan is shocked to see such indiffernce in a man. Samrat is furious when ishaan just mentions that she maybe upset, and says she would have to be kept in limits. ishaan is surprised.

Gaurav and rashmi get into their verbal arguements. gaurav asks her to be resilient, and be a part of the family. But rashmi inturn speakes bitterly

At home, urmi and samrat are on about their business. as she is moving out, he asks where is she going going. she says that she’s going down for some work. before she can begin to walk again, he stops her and she asks what happened. He asks her to pick up a gift that he got for her. While he goes about, she looks at him and then picks up and brings it to him. He is surprised and says that he didnt ask her find the weight but instead see whats inside it. She takes it out and looks at him. He asks her to open it and find something thats for her. she opens her packet to find a wonderful jewellery and starts crying.

Samrat sees her like that and asks why’s she crying. He says that he can change it if she didnt like it. She asks him to be quiet and hugs him tightly. He too smiles and hugs her back. He teases her saying that she looks wonderful when she cries. she says that she was crying all day, as noone ever scolded her like he did. He says that atleast something’s new in marriage. She says that he’s very mean. He says that she’s very angry still. He goes ontop romantically tease her to get her into a good mood and it affects her and she starts smiling.

The next morning, urmi wakes up with a renewed vigour, and starts looking through apparels for him. She lays out her chocie that she wants him to wear. she knocks on his bathroom and says that she has kept his clothes outside and is going down for breakfast. Downstairs, urmi sees that samrat isnt wearing what she chose for him. She asks him the same. he asks if this isnt good enough. nirmala intervenes saying that this is what happens, after marriage and that he should relish it. Samrat says that nothing would change after marriage, and he doesnt like changing his style. He tells urmi that she shouldnt make nirmala her idol.

Urmi is surprised. But shashi as usual gives into samrat’s stance. ishaan comes in supporting urmii and complimenting her culinary skills. urmi asks about diwaker and just then he joins. samrat asks his father to sign some papers. He asks whats to be done and what papers they are. Samrat says that he’s selling them. His father asks why. samrat says that he isnt used to answering questions, and that he should just do what he is told to do. Ishaan asks sasmrat not to talk business on the table. shashi again goes onto support samrat and asks ishaan not to interfere. Shashi in fact reprimands her husband. urmi is apalled to see this.

Outside in the garden, shashi finds urmi tensed and urmi shares how she felt bad at the way samrat treated his father at the dining table. shashi says that samrat is always angry, and even if he doesnt talk to anyone else, atleast he should respect his parents. urmi is affected, while shashi goes on her plan of instigating urmi against samrat. Shashi instigates urmi that she. being his wife, can getv samrat to behave, and that she is the last hope. urmi assures her that she shouldnt be tensed and that she would talk with samrat. She gets saroj’s phone, asking about her and urmi says that she’s completely fine. shashi asks if its her mother’s phone.

Urmi complies. Saroj asks if she would be able to come tomorrow as her mausi and mausaji are coming. urmi says that she would have to talk to shashi about this. shashi talks to saroj, and saroj expresses desire for urmi to come. Shashi says that they should come here in stead, as this too is urmi’s house and they would be very happy to see them too. saroj is relieved and happy too. Shashi says that they are coming tomorrow. urmi is happy while shashi gets on with her work.

While they are alone in their room, samrat praises urmi about her culinary skills, and says that she could be hired as a chef. She goes onto ask him that he wont be able to hire her, not in terms of money, but in terms of feelings. He says that he doesnt understand such feelings. She says that she too doesn’t understand things about him. he asks what.

Lies of the Heart 9 March 2020 Update ends as Urmi goes onto ask samrat why does he talk so badly with people, and how he ends up hurting them. He asks who has he talked rudely to. she reminds him the breakfast table incident. Samrat listens tensely. As she goes onto advise him, he shuts her up, raising his finger and silencing her.

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