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Filmmaker, Otu Njama, is dead.

Filmmaker, Otu Njama, is dead.

Otu who is in his Thirties died last night, August 9.

His sister, Judith, confirmed the sad incident to GLB.

According to reports, he was found dead in his home in First Unity estate in Badore, Ajah in Lagos state at about 9pm.

He was said to have seen his doctor who after checking him told him his Blood Pressure which was about 200, asked him to rest but he reportedly declined as he has a show tomorrow August 11. He reportedly visited his bar located in the area and after seeing his staff and taking a meal, retired to his home and asked that no one should disturb him. Hours later, his body was to be discovered in his home.

Filmmaker, Otu Njama, is dead.

Judith told GLB that a drug was found in his apartment and a check on google showed it was for blood pressure. She mentioned that her brother never told her whatever was happening to him.

Just yesterday, August 9, late Otu had joined the Nollywood community to mourn the passing of his colleague, Biyi Bandele on his Whatsapp status.

This is what is said to have happened to Otu Njamah III.

1. He went to a hospital on the island yesterday afternoon and asked for his BP to be checked. The first reading was 197 and the second reading was 200. The hospital nurses asked him to wait to see the doctor immediately. Otu told them that he would like to go home first and have a bath and come back. He left

2. The (1) above might have been the ‘medical emergency’ he texted to someone.

3. He got home and never went back to the hospital. Last night, his door was forced open and his body was found ‘as if he had struggled with himself’ while his vital organs were shutting down. He was dead when he was found.

4. His death is apparently medically related.

5. It’s early to deduce but the hospital staff should have forced him to stay or declare him an emergency patient immediately they saw the reading on his BP. That hospital is culpable too in his death.

6. Otu might have been uninformed about the effects of a high BP and thought it was something he could just ‘go home and change and come back’ for. Please let’s all take our health seriously.

7. The show he was planning must have triggered his stress levels without his knowing.


May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

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