Ewhrudjakpo Is Diri’s Spare Tyre, He Functions On His Behest

By Mr. Paul Clement Ovokeroye

Ewhrudjakpo Is Diri's Spare Tyre, He Functions On His Behest

Ewhrudjakpo Is Diri’s Spare Tyre, He Functions On His Behest

…Only An Irresponsible Child Challenges His Father To A Genitalia Size Competition, Paul Fires Bayelsa APC

The Senior Special Assistant (New Media) to the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, Mr. Paul Clement Ovokeroye has described the Bayelsa Chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) as an “irresponsible child” for mischievously placing Gov. Douye Diri and his Deputy on a performance scale.

The Deputy Governor’s aide said, Senator Ewhrudjakpo is Gov Diri’s spare tyre, as such it is mischievous for any sane human to stir up such a disdainful comparison to cause friction in the Governor Diri-led functioning system.

Mr. Paul was reacting to a press statement released by the Publicity Secretary of the Sagbama Chapter of All Progressive Congress (APC), Mr. Preye Bagou on Monday 31st, October 2022 where he unguardedly ran his mouth like a spoilt tap that, “Ewhrudjakpo is better in governance than Diri”.

Paul discerned that the comparison was not only unhealthy, but mischievously clothed with evil intention to push the All Progressive Congress in Bayelsa State through the throat of Bayelsans.

The Deputy Governor’s aide who submitted that the unhealthy comparison was activated to cause friction between the Governor and his deputy, stressed that Senator Ewhrudjakpo as Gov Diri’s spare tyre can not function except Gov Diri who is the engine and brain box of the “Prosperity vehicle” lubricating his parts to function efficiently and effectively. He described the Governor as man that desires the Prosperity of Bayelsa State and have since put machineries in place to make everyone in the state function effectively in the best interest of Bayelsa State.

Mr. Paul liken the unnecessary comparison by Bayelsa APC to a ludicrous act of an irresponsible child who challenges his father to genitalia size measurement competition. He stressed that the Bayelsa APC is obviously threatened by the cordial relationship existing between the Governor and His Deputy since the inception of the Prosperity Administration. He said APC fell on a rocking ground in Bayelsa State so it’s struggling to germinate.

Paul prinked the Bayelsa APC to be more troubled that till date there is no Federal Government presence in the state 7years into the life of the Buhari/ APC led administration, rather than making unguarded statement to cause confusion between the players of the Prosperity Government.

He expressed surprise that no Senior Official of the Buhari led Government has come to empathise with the people of Bayelsa State, let alone providing succour to ameliorate the impacts of the 2022 flood that is ravaging the entire State. He noted that the expression and disposition of the Federal Government was a clear message that APC is not concerned about the plight of the people of Bayelsa State.

He said while the Federal Government spends more energy and resources on blaming flood victims for not hearkenig to its warning, Governor Douye Diri is leading his team to identify with the victims of the ravaging flood in the creeks of Bayelsa State, taking necessary measures to cushion the effects of the disaster on its victims.

“It’s interesting to note that the Deputy Governor is functioning effectively. It shows that Governor Diri is a team player who understands how significant it is to put every part of his body to work.

“The Deputy Governor is a spare part of the Governor. If he is functioning, it simply means that Governor’s complex system is working. And in a saner society, an association such as a political party like the All Progressive Congress (APC) will appreciate Senator Douye Diri for making a wise choice in the person of Senator Ewhrudjakpo as his ruining mate against all odds during the last Gubernatorial election.

“The APC in Bayelsa State is obviously being threatened by the cordial relationship that exists between Governor Douye Diri and his Deputy, Senator Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo. APC mischief makers should better channel their energy to meaningful ventures that will improve the welfare of her members in the state, as it will be easier for the head of camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to set Governor Diri and his Deputy apart.

“Bayelsa State is presently under water, and a responsible party that cares about the welfare of the people will provide succour to alleviate the people’s suffering.

“We have witnesseed how well-meaning Nigerians visit the state to identify with the people and government of Bayelsa State. Unfortunately Bayelsa APC is not worried that President Buhari, senior official of the Federal Government has not shown up to empathise with the people. I think the comparison should be between the Federal Government and the Bayelsa State Government in terms of what they are doing to cushion the effects of the 2022 flood on the people of Bayelsa State.

“The Governor, like his predecessors is doing his best to advance the fronts of development in the State. He has proved to Bayelsans that they were only being deceived and hoodwinked by agents of the All Progressive Congress (APC) during the last elections, and many are coming to appreciate God for averting the doom and excruciating pains they would have unleashed on Bayelsa State and her people should they have occupied Creek Haven.

“The Buhari led Federal Government is approximately 8yrs with no presence of Federal Government in Bayelsa State. That should be the problem of APC chieftains in the state.

“The Governor has expressed his passion and political will to develop Bayelsa State without sentiments. His led Prosperity Government is connecting communities across the state to the state capital through the ongoing three senatorial roads. More roads are being constructed within and outside the state capital.

“The prompt payment of salary to civil servants among other human capital development like the DEEP, the Diri Skills Acquisition, Agro- training to mention but a few in the state are clear demonstration of the Governor’s will to make life meaningful for Bayelsans, and the people will not hesitate to re-elect him and his deputy, Senator Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo to continue their service to the people of Bayelsa State come 2023,” he submitted.


Paul Clement Ovokeroye,
Senior Special Assistant (New Media) Deputy Governor’s Office.

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Ewhrudjakpo Is Diri's Spare Tyre, He Functions On His Behest

Ewhrudjakpo Is Diri's Spare Tyre, He Functions On His Behest

Ewhrudjakpo Is Diri's Spare Tyre, He Functions On His Behest

Ewhrudjakpo Is Diri's Spare Tyre, He Functions On His Behest

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