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Women burst in tears as Zee World character Mehek dies

Mehek 16 August 2019

Women burst in tears as Zee World character Mehek dies

It is no doubt that popular satellite channel, Zee World, is the favourite of many women

– The channel which shows several Indian series has gained the hearts of many viewers

– In a video making the rounds on social media, a lady’s mother and aunt were seen shedding serious tears after their favourite Zee World character, Mehek, died

-It was later revealed that Mehek did not actually die as it was just a plot twist

Ladies in many parts of the world, particularly in Nigeria have built a reputation for being lovers of telenovelas and drama series. For this reason, channels that are dedicated to these sort of movies have become a favourite of many Nigerian women.

One of such channel is Zee World which airs primarily Indian movie series. One of such series is the one titled Mehek. Many ladies seem to be a fan of the movie to the extent that a loss of one of the characters touches them deeply.

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