Ultimate Love Reality TV Show

Ultimate Love 2020 TV Reality Show – Day 1

Ultimate Love 2020 TV Reality Show - Day 1

Ultimate Love 2020 TV Reality Show – Day 1 Monday 10th February.

Speed dating is underway and our Love Guests seem to be enjoying getting to know each other.

Love is such a beautiful thing but do people actually fall in love at first sight? Watch this and tell us which of the #UltimateLoveNG Guests you agree with.

Ultimate Love 2020 TV Reality Show - Day 1
Ultimate Love 2020 TV Reality Show – Day 1

There’s new pairings in the Love Pad and this all happened after the speed dates. Find out how Aunty’s advice influenced the way they see and approach relationships

Setting the mood with a movie night
Quality time is key to building meaningful bonds and what better way to do that than gushing over a heartwarming tale during a romantic movie? So as the sun set on the Love Guests’ first full day in the house, Aunty once again played matchmaker by setting up another Speed Date with a twist. This time it was the gents who were tasked with selecting their preferred partner but the catch was they weren’t allowed to pick the same person from last night.

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After getting all booed up, the Love Guests then got another welcome surprise from their matriarch as she informed them they had to select a movie to watch from a list of five films. While at first it appeared as just being some great Monday night entertainment for the Love Guests, the movie was subtly giving them the chance to get cosy while also observing their individual taste palettes amongst themselves. We told you Aunty is a smart match-maker.

Ultimate Love 2020 TV Reality Show – Day 1

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With the mood set, guards appeared to fall and some of the Love Guests found themselves feeling extra comfortable around their selected partners. Could this be the first signs of matches made in heaven emerging? The likes of Louis and Cherry as well as Theresa and Iyke in particular appeared to really be enjoying each other’s company. The pairs shared hearty laughs and the occasional flirtatious touches that had them looking like giddy teenagers. But with the clock barely having passed the 24hr mark, it still might be too soon to tell if anyone has truly found their bae.

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Have you spotted any lovebirds in the making?

All The Housemates – Video

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