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Ultimate Love 2020 Sunday 22nd March Update – A clearer future

Ultimate Love 2020 Sunday 22nd March Update - A clearer future

Ultimate Love 2020 Sunday 22nd March Update – A clearer future

The Ultimate Love Couples are clear on what their future looks like and are working towards it.

When the Love Guests entered the Love Pad six weeks ago, each one of them had a wish to find the one they’d settle down with.

Time has come and past and the relationships in the Love Pad are only growing stronger.

In keeping in line with our theme this week, the Love Guests have shown us they’re willing and ready to start their lives beyond the Love Pad. So far here’s what we’ve heard from the Couples:

David Wilson has sent a message home telling his family to better prepare for a new member as he’s bringing Presh Talker to meet them. “I’m coming home with a wife” he said.

Rosie earlier in the week told Aunty that she couldn’t have chosen better and that she’s in a happy place right now. She further asserted that there’s a lot of talk about how they want their life outside of the Love Pad to be. ‘I’ve found a keeper and I love him so much”, she said.

Another Love Guests who has introductions to conduct is Obichukwu. According to him, he’s found what he’s looking for but importantly wishes for his mother to meet Ebiteinye. ObiEbi, have already confessed their love to one another which makes it easier to plan for the future when the wind is blowing in the same direction.

Ultimate Love 2020 Sunday 22nd March Update – A clearer future

For Iykeresa, winning the competition would be a bonus because, according to them, whether they win the show or not, what they found in the Love Pad is worth building upon. We also heard from the Couple that their parents have started being in contact, which can only mean that we’ll be seeing a lot of them building their future outside of the Love Pad.

The future for Chivia also seems bright because they also mentioned that they’re discussing their living arrangements after they leave the Love Pad. A little hurdle, they pointed out, is that Sylvia is still a University student so they will have to work around that.

Bolar has also been clear of their future plans and this Couple is set to move to one city which will make everything a little easier for them. Lest we forget, Bolanle is a self-confessed craver of communication therefore if makes sense for them to move closer to each other.

DoubleChris’ future plans also include the Couple moving to the same city together and focus more on humanitarian projects. As they have been saying, they’re taking their relationship slowly and they like their pace.

They might not be an overly expressive Couple like many in the Love Pad but Jaykech have spoken about their future and it includes having at least three kids. Though Nkechi would love two set of twins, it seems like three will be their lucky number.

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