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Ultimate Love 2020 Monday 17th February Highlights – The drama unfolds

Ultimate Love 2020 Monday 17th February Highlights - The drama unfolds

Ultimate Love 2020 Monday 17th February Highlights – The drama unfolds
How one day has changed everything for the Love Couples.

In the Ultimate Love universe, February 16 will forever be remembered as the day that altered dynamics in the Love Pad irrevocably. 😲 The emotional effects continue today.

Now that Presh Talker and David are officially a couple, she wasted no time in setting the record straight with him.

David said: “First of all, I’m sorry. I messed up. I’m really sorry. I’m not proud about what I did. I put you in a position you never expected or never wanted to be. I believe it is part of the process. That’s what I believe… I made a mistake and I am sorry.”

Presh Talker replied: “I am bothered about you. I’m worried for you… because you put yourself in a situation that is difficult to get out of.”

When he tried to interject, she abruptly said: “Don’t interrupt me.” 😡

“I specifically asked you to keep your feelings out of my face,” she continued. “You don’t respect that. I asked you yesterday if you had kissed her and you said no. I asked you yesterday if you had talked to her about the situation, you said yes.”

She added that he has lied to her twice already.

“You are still in a very delusional state. There’s no question, I am telling you what I see. And I am upset because I expected a whole lot more from you.”

Presh said she told Rosie that no man is worth them fighting over, and that she is prepared to give David up.

Watch the tense conversation:

And though Chris and Uche were coupled up, they were anything but. Both Chris and Uche chatted to Nkechi about the situation they have found themselves in.

“I’m trying and trying and trying and you aren’t even putting me into consideration,” Chris told Nkechi of Uche’s response to her. “I don’t think he has someone he fears and it’s dangerous. He has made up his mind and he is making it look like ‘it’s not about me, it’s not about me’.”

She said she is ready to play the game but he isn’t letting her.

When Nkechi spoke to Uche, he admitted that Chris is a wonderful person but repeated not once, not twice, but three times that he is just not in the game one bit. 👀

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