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Ultimate Love 2020 March 5th Highlight – One On One With Couples

Ultimate Love 2020 March 5th Highlight - One On One With Couples

Ultimate Love 2020 March 5th Highlight – One On One With Couples

Aunty not only had Couple Chats but also one-on-one sessions to get the bottom of what our couples are thinking and feeling about each other now that they’re starting to fall in love.

Let’s get one thing straight. NOBODY is perfect and if you think anyone is, you’re probably infatuated with them. As many Love Guests have pointed out, the Love Pad experience makes weeks feels like months because you’re in someone’s company 24/7.

One of the consequences of this is that the initial infatuation stage falls away quickly as you become hyperaware of a person’s odd habits and annoying qwerks. These are things that would typically only surface when you move in together. This is why Aunty was keen to know what had changed in the last week for our Couples so she can help them through it, starting with:


Jay and Nkechi spoke candidly about how their bonding over physical intimacy took a little longer but elevated to a whole new level after the former served the latter breakfast in bed. Jay was pleased to discover just how romantic Nkechi is. She, however, expressed concern about a joke he made about not being well-endowed, describing his manhood as “Edge” rather than 5G.

She joked with Aunty about hoping it wasn’t true. On the topic of exes, both of them made it clear their past was behind them and as long as the other was fully in it, they were ready to fight to stay together. Jay added however that the tempatation of cheating would be much greater in the real world.

Ultimate Love 2020 March 5th Highlight – One On One With Couples


PreshDavid got to give us some insight into the hectic squabble they had earlier this afternoon. David apprently wanted to have a meal with his wife to be since that’s how it’ll work when they marry. Presh didn’t have much of an appetite and kept making excuses and drinking Garri which angered David and he stormed off. This then lead to a fierce exchange which went on for almost an hour with Presh calling him too sensitive and David taking serious offense to her use of the word “nonsense.”

Now that they’ve kissed and made up, they are happy the blow out happened. For them, it’s proof they can go to those extremes and still be there for each other because they love each other. They’re also on the same page about what they need to work on with both saying “patience” in separate sessions. Presh is also very independant and is trying to give David space to care for her as acts of service seem to be how he expresses his love for her.


ObiEbi spoke to each other about some of the challenges and triumphs in their relationship. On the one hand they are a united front with Obi saying she complements and affirms him often as well as giving him practical advice on how to attain his dreams. He also says he recently discovered she’s very deep when it comes to her spiritual beliefs.

That said, he still feels she can be a little bit emotionally unhinged but she’s getting a lot better at contolling the outbursts. Ebi did feel however that she doesn’t get enough credit for her strengths and doesn’t like that people are always calling her emotional. Obi seconded this thanking her for being a pillar of strength for him. Privately, he revealed he’s ready to take her to meet his mom while Ebi begged Aunty to help her do something romantic and special for his Birthday on Sunday.


Though Kachi and Rosie both admitted that they’ve been arguing more often it seems to be a consequence of the very serious, real-life issues they are now discussing like moving in together and supporting Kachi’s ambitions to be a politician. They are also learning to listen to each other and compromise. Kachi sometimes feels Rosie can be too motherly and controlling and she’s worked to tone this down.

Rosie felt for a long time that he wasn’t attentive and now she’s gushing at the fact he’s listening. It would also seem that while he was quite shy and reserved at first, he is now more expressive and, at times, even hyper with Rosie saying she’s now the quiet one. A touching moment came when they both said they were in love and Kachi asked if Aunty could bring Rosie’s son to the Love Pad so he could meet him. Kachi also said he thought he wouldn’t find love and never imagined he’d find a woman as special as she is.


While they both agree they’re still just friends, Jeriton have been making strides in their relationship talking about family and even discussing whether it’s most ideal to raise a family in Nigeria or abroad. That said, Aunty was quick to pick up on a sour point. Jerry is a perfectionist who thinks things through very carefully before pouring his heart into something.

It’s the reason he’s been quite slow in his approach to intimacy. This has left Meriton feeling quite under-appreciated but at the same time, Jerry wants to be genuine when he shows his affection. All things considered, they are not swapping anytime soon and are still committed to communicating better (there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding each other) and bonding until they find that spark!

Ultimate Love 2020 March 5th Highlight – One On One With Couples

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