Ultimate Love Reality TV Show

Ultimate Love 2020 – Love for our Couples

Ultimate Love 2020 - Love for our Couples

Ultimate Love 2020 – Love for our Couples

Never mind the ships in the Love Pad, our audience is also crushing on the couples.
As time goes on, our Love Couples are growing together and growing closer. And they honestly have the best stands out there.

Bolar One thing stands out in this Love Couple’s relationship and that’s their constant communication and openness. From the get-go, Bolanle confessed to be a craver of communication and that means Arnold is giving her exactly what she needs. A little secret that this Love Couple have gotten a grip of.

Ultimate Love 19th February 2020 - Contentment in the Love Pad

Iykeresa They might be one of the youngest in the Love Pad, but their connection is undeniable. It didn’t take much long for them to find one another and they have been tied at the hip ever since. Iykeresa is a perfect combination of beauty and brains and their relationship is beautiful to witness.

Ultimate Love 2020 – Love for our Couples

MiCherry Micherry is one of the few couples in the Love Pad to establish that they have a connection and it came as no surprise when they paired up. This lovely Couple is proving to be relationship goals in the Love Pad and agree that they’re in it to emerge the best.

PreshDavid This extroverted Couple isn’t shy to voice out their feelings which makes them the perfect choice for each other. The chemistry between them was instant and the background they both have in entertainment as MCs leaves us thrilled to see how they’ll bond over the weeks and bring their worlds together.

Jelo This Love Couple believes in Love at first sight. Could it be cupid that brought them together? Either way, Jelo is living in the moment and the fact that sound lovely, singing gospel together (which they often do) makes their relationship even more beautiful to witness.

ObiEbi When you talk about a match made in heaven, Obiebi comes to mind. This Love Couple complements one another in more ways than one and what stands out is the smiles they bring to each other’s faces.

Ultimate Love 2020 – Love for our Couples

JayKech In this Sunday’s Live show, Jay and Nkechi decided to couple up and become JayKech

Roksie They might have had a few glitches to the start of their relationship but Roksie looks solid and ready to sail through the waves of Love and hopefully emerge as the Ultimate Couple. As one of the first couples to become quite close, the rekindling of this romance should be something to behold.

Jervia Jervia might be a few years apart but one thing this Love Couple has in common is that they’re ready for a commitment that will last a lifetime! And who better to settle with than a good looking, smart and respectful partner which are qualities they both possess?

ChrisUch (OUT) In this Sunday’s Live show, Uchenna and Chris decided to couple up and become ChrisUch

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