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Ultimate Love 2020 Highlight Day 3 – The torments of unrequitted love

Ultimate Love 2020 Highlight Day 3 - The torments of unrequitted love

Ultimate Love 2020 Highlight Day 3 – The torments of unrequitted love

Kachi and Louis had a profound heart-to-heart with the ladies they have their hearts set on and it would seem they are already falling hard and don’t know what to do.

Our Love Guests have only two weeks to get to know each other before coupling up which presents several challenges but chief amoung them is the pressure of making the right choice. It’s well-documented that people don’t fall in love at the same time and this is something we’re already seeing manifest in the Love Pad.

Kachi & Rosie
The chemistry between these two is pulpable and after Rosie started exploring her options it became clear Kachi was hurting. This morning, he decided to clear the air, pull her aside to the garden area and pour his heart out. While he explained that he knew it was early days and didn’t want to stop her playing the field, he also acknowledged that the few conversations they’d had already showed him Rosie was the kind of woman he’d “love to have his life”. That said, he didn’t want to, “stop her from having fun.”

This clearly put a lot of pressure on Rosie who felt that the guys she was talking to hadn’t even expressed explicit interest (especially David Wilson) and that all she was doing was keeping “an open mind” and giving everyone the same respect and attention. She also expressed how she was hurt by the way he just shut off. Kachi then explained that he thinks things through carefully before acting which is probably why he moved a little too slowly. All things considered, he was afraid of the prospect of potentially losing her but both were quite civil.

Not long after however, he went to ladies room and cosied up to Theresa leading Michael to taunt him for bringing ,”her breakfast in bed…” which leaves us thinking both parties might be have agreed to keep their options open. That said, it’s clear that Kachi’s heart is not in it.

Louis and Theresa
We also couldn’t help noticing how Louis is falling for Theresa but like Kachi, he seemed to struggle to express his affections for her, probably becase it’s so soon. This difficulty seems to stem from the fact he doesn’t want to be vulnerable until he know she feels the same way. This morning he explicitly asked her if she was interested and she fell silent then changed the subject. It must be so difficult for this 23-year-old woman to weigh her options and make the right decision. This is for marriage after all. This left Louis in a precarious situation. He spends hours at a time with her, hugs her and even tucks her into bed at night but has to deal with the fear of potentially losing her.

Ultimate Love 2020 Highlight Day 3 – The torments of unrequitted love

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