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Ultimate Love 2020 Guests mood before Check Out

Ultimate Love 2020 Guests mood before Check Out

Ultimate Love 2020 Guests mood before Check Out

Iykresa, Micherry, ObiEbi, PreshDavid and Chivia are all up for possible Check Out.

The Couples up for the possible Check Out were revealed when Aunty went into the Love Pad on Tuesday to save a Couple from the Monday Mission. Iykeresa, PreshDavid, Micherry, ObiEbi and Chivia are in line and one Couple will possibly leave the Love Pad.

The anxiety in the Love Pad has been felt by the Love Guests and tensions ran high as they tried to analyse the motives behind Couple’s reasons. However, as the days went, they seem to have forgotten and are living the purpose they’re in the Love Pad for and focusing on building their relationships.

For Iykeresa, their relation will stay and whether they Check Out or not, they’ve found what they went to the Love Pad to find, they said. The talks between ObiEbi have gone beyond their stay in the Love Pad and were talking about how they’re planning to work on their relationship beyond the show.

The nomination jitters also got to Micherry and they had a long discussion during the week about their relationship and Micheal gave Cherry an option for them to Check Out if she doesn’t want to be in the relationship, but they have since squashed those thoughts and are happy.

PreshDavid and Chivia only talked about their nominations on the day Aunty revealed their names and they have been enjoying their relationships in the Love Pad.

The Live Check Out show will be live at 7:30 WAT and the Love Guests have been asked to prepare for the show

Ultimate Love 2020 Guests mood before Check Out

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