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The 8,794,726 million Nigerians did not vote for a messiah TINUBU Coordinator South South Chief Pastor Reuben Wilson

The 8,794,726 million Nigerians did not vote for a messiah, neither did they vote for a miracle worker. The market men and women, the various artisans, the hundreds of thousands of young adults who voted for the #RenewedHope agenda knew the Renewed Hope would not come by magic wand but with meticulous and conscience efforts by the Tinubu-led administration.

The start may be rough, the experience may be excruciating. Such is concomitant with every new birth. In keeping faith with the leadership who’s offered listening ears to public feedbacks is the resolve of the government to provide panacea to cushion the effects of inflation. Let’s keep hope rising. The decay of many years will take time to vaporise

*Hope is back, here!!*
*Prosperity is here!!*

*Hon. Reuben Wilson*


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