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Snatched 6 March 2020 Zee World Update

Snatched 6 March 2020 Zee World Update

Snatched 6 March 2020 Zee World Update Ajay drives with blurred vision, he says i cant drive like this, this is dangerous for walking poeple as well.

He starts walking. Shreya says 20th oct is ajju’s birthday and she loved ajju. she hooked but two best friends together. and why she married ajay? She checks ajju and sanjana’s chat. There are love you and miss you chats. She says these chats are after their marriage. She has been playing with ajju after her marriage with ajay as well.i will expose her.

Sanjana stops her car near ajay’s but he is not in there. SAnjana says where is ajay? she starts looking for him. Sanjana says to driver lets go. Shreya calls her mom and tells her about sanajana and ajay’s affair. She says sanjana married ajay when ajju left.

Snatched 5 March 2020 Zee World Update

There has been no chat for one month. her mom says she is so shameless. Shreya says i wanna meet you. her mom says yeah come to cafe and remove all the proofs. Shreya sees a CD in laptop its the same she has been looking for long. Shreya says now lets see who threatens me. You are just here for few days no sanjana. After that you will be kicked out.

Snatched 6 March 2020 Zee World Update

ajay reaches the site, he falls down because he cant see. He walks up the stairs and start walking on the floor. Sanjana says i didn’t like to see his face and now i realized how much he cared about me. He gave up everything for me even his life. I wont let anything happen to him. Please protect him God. Ajay climbs another floor. He trips a bit, he says is anyone there. Sanjana reaches the site.

She sees him on the edge of the floor, she says ajay stop dont walk. She hugs him, ajay says what are you doing here? She says we will go cops and reprot. He says he is your dad. Sanjana says he can’t be my dad, he did this to you. Agarawl says i wont let you go out of here. I started this game and i will end this. Sanjana says your game is over, we will go to cops. Lets go ajay, agarwal says run if you can. Agarwal says kill him, suddenly he falls himself, he is hanging from the floor.

Agarwal says sanjana save me. ajay says what happened? sanjana says papa don’t worry i will get you up. Snatched 6 March 2020 Zee World Update

Shreya says i will eat two sandwiches. Two good news. her mom says i already ordered it. her mom says see what she has prepared for you. Shreya says i still dont have the plan, where to start from. Her mom says eat the sandwich after that i will you how to kick her out.

Agarwal says you wont be able to pull me sanjana, Ajay helps her in pulling agarwal up. he comes up, agarwal says i wanted to kill you and you still saved my life ajay. i am seeing such good human after so long. Ajay says we should give up everything for family. I have been an orphan before i know what its like to lose your parent. i didnt want sanjana to feel that way.

Agarwal says i know its unforgiveable but.. Ajay says dont ask me to pardon you, just accept sanjana’s decision and respect her. Agarwal says i forgot how wrong i was please forgive me sanjana. Sanajna says please dont do this. Ask forgiveness from someone else.

Shreya’s mom says we will expose her step by step. Shreya says they will all be out one by one. Shreya says why is ajju quite? her mom says the proofs wont stay quite. We will expose her the way no one wont want to see her face. Shreya says i love you, you are so smart. One by one all of them will be kicked out. I await that house when i rule that house.

Shryea calls the man and says you have to do my work. You have to deliver the parcel to the address written on it. Leave the house after you deliver it. Shreya says your gave is over sanjana.

Sanjana comes to room and sees ajay asleep. She lays down, the door opens and it starts raining, she stands to close it. Ajay comes and helps her with bolting the windows. Her saari gets stuck in the window, Ajay takes it out. He goes to bed and sleeps. sanjana sleeps next to him.

next morning ajay is playing game on his phone. sanjana looks at him and smiles. He says what? Sanjana says what? i am just seeing what stupid game is so important for you. He says everyone cant play it. she takes the phone and says let me play. He holds her hand and takes his phone. He says dont take my phone again, i was about to win. Ajay says you didn’t snatch my phone and try to win it.

Sanjana says people change. he says you cant change. he says tell me is there anything? Did your dad say something. She says no he is fine. he says when i see you tensed i.. She says you what? He says nothing. Ajay says what happened? She says look since you are in my life there has been a line of problems, but i like them. Because everyone sees me differently.

Now no one considers me a kid, they consider me mature. And i will follow the rules of our family, this happened because of you, thank you. Now let me play the game.

Doorbell rings, avni opens, its her fiance. She welcomes him. Rishap says i wanted to meet avni so i came. mishri helped me so i am here. He says i will get you all dinner today and after that we will have fun. Rishap says all the women in the house will help me.

Kirlok says we will help you too. They all start cooking. All the men and women makes the dinner together. Shreya says in heart your smile will vanish soon sanjana. Sanjana gets a call, a man says your parcel is ready, it will reach soon, ajju sent it. she says dont send it here i will collect it from your office. The man hangs up. sanjana is really worried. she says what if the parcel reaches home.

Everyone is on the dinner table. dadi says sanjana come sit with us and eat. SAnjana sits with everyone. Dadi says the one whom this dinner is made for will start first. Avni says no we will all start together. Rishap says no i should make avni eat first. Ajay comes and sits as well. Sanjana tries to tell ajay, shreya says no whispering on the table. Doorbell rings, sanjana stands up, rishap says i will open the door sit down. Rishap says its some parcel for sanjana bhabhi. Ajay shrewastav sent it. Everyone is dazed.

Snatched 6 March 2020 Zee World Update

Rishp says this courrier is for sanjana bhabhi, some ajay shriwastav sent it. Vinati says thats ajju. Shreya says open it lets see what he sent. Ajay says i asked ajju to send me a t-shirt, this is for. He takes the parcel. Shreya wonders why ajay saved her? Shreya says sanjana why are you not eating? You should eat, you never know it can be your last dinner in this house. Shreya says no i mean jeju wont make the food daily, he will only cook for Avni.

Shreya says to elaichi sanjana looks ill, Elaichi says yes sanjana go rest. Sanjana says i have few work left. Elaichi says help yourself and rest. Shreya says i am really tired too mummy. Elaichi says you should rest too. Shreya says how will you do it alone. Shreya says okay if you are askin, but will you do it alone? Elaichi says angori will help me.

Sanjana comes in room, ajay says your parcel is there. Shreya is looking in their room, expecting a fight. Sanjana takes out nighty from the parcel. Ajay says ask him not to send here. She says i dont know how he sent me this, he didn’t even respond to my texts. Ajay says he must be busy but he sent you this. Shreya wonders why are they talking so clamly. She sees ajay placing pillows between her and Sanjana.

Shreya calls her mom and tells her all this. her mom says let me think on this. Sanjana recalls ajay saying not to let ajju send the gift it can be risky. Sanjana says why did i ask ajay to be mad? He was completely okay? I would have been mad if someone has sent him a gift like this. She recalls her moments with ajay. She says do i love ajay?

Avni is thinking about rishap, vinati and mishri comes and cough. Vinati says someone is really in deep thoughts. mishri says you were missing rishap. Avni nods. Mishri says i have safe plan, lets go for shopping and meet rishpa from here. Avni says no i can’t lie to mamma mammi. Snatched 6 March 2020 Zee World Update

Sanjana does the pooja. She says the way i feel with ajay i never felt it with ajju. I will tell ajju that whatever i had with him was just immaturity. The real love,i got to know it with ajay. Shreya says in heart is she fooling us all or stuck there?
Ajay gets dressed for interview. She wishes him luck. She asks why you dont join the business? he says there are already enough people to handle it. Sanjana says i should call ajju and ask him not to do this. Ajju doesn’t pick the call. She says what is he doing?
Ajay comes back in and asks where is his file? She gives him. Sanjana sees the presentation in his laptop he has made for pethywala shop.

Snatched 6 March 2020 Zee World Update ends as Shreya goes to a man asks him that ajay and sanjana rented his house. she says can i have the key? i want to check if they left something there. He says some new tenants live here. He says there was a guy ajay shrewastav, he rented that house

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