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Snatched 4 March 2020 Update – Zee World

Snatched 4 March 2020 Update on Zee World

Snatched 4 March 2020 Update on Zee World Shreya’s mom says take that Cd from her and then she wont be able to blackmail you. Samar comes in crying and says take this paint off, Uppal called me joker. Shreya says samar we dont have time yet. He says you scolded at me, i will tell dadi.

Vinati brings everyone tea. Dadi says where is samar? Vinati says shreya is getting him ready for fancy dress competition. Shreya has changed a lot. Dadi says that is because of our love. Mishri says sanjina will too.. Samar comes downstairs, vinati says what happened? Shreya says he is upset with his look. Shreya says lets go and think about a new look. Samar says then you wont scold at me? Vinati says why would she scold at you? Shreya says teachers scold at him but i am not your teacher, lets go.

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Sanjana and ajay are in jungle. She says its so good here. Ajay says i knew you were made for jungle. She says i am running you will keep looking for me.Agarwal’s thugs are looking for sanjana and ajay. They ask a man where does this way go? They say towards the jungle. Ajay says sanjana forget it. She says tell me you are sorry, like hold your ears and sorry. He says its okay. She says you have to apologize. You think you are perfect, you are self obsessed. He says now tell me where is the waterfall way. She says apologize first. She turns back and sees that ajay is not there, ajay is on the lower side, he says i will find waterfall myself. She says that is the wrong way, don’t go. Ajay goes there. She says okay keep going i wont stop you. She says okay keep looking. She says i will reach the waterfall before him. agarwal’s thugs are in jungle they follow the footsteps and go in different directions.

Snatched 4 March 2020 Update continues as Samarr says to shreya what are you thinking. Please come up with an idea. Shreya says give me two minutes i will go out and think of something. Samar says i will go with you too. Shreya says there are so many cartoons in my phone watch them i will be back. he says come soon. Shreya goes to Sanjana’s room and rummages for the CD. Elaichi comes in and says shreya.. What are you doing here? Shreya has Cd’s in her hand. Vinati comes in as well and says who did this to the room.One of the thugs sees ajay. The thug is about to attack him but slips himself.

Shreya says i was looking an idea for samar, i came here and saw the room this way. I thought i should clean it. Elaichi says you dont have to do this. She will do it herself.ajay sees sanjana sliped, he goes to her. she says i have sprained my ankle. He stnads her up and it starts raining. Ajay says come sit here. She says it really hurts, she slips. Ajay holds her hand. Sanjana stands up. He says you are a stupid, She says scold at me later but please do something of this foot it really hurts. Ajay tries to fix her foot. She pulls her saari upward. Ajay massages her foot. She says we should call the family, ajay says no network here.

Samar comes to sanjana and says please tell how to dress. Sanjana says you drank the milk? he says yes. Shreya says in heart he drank the milk and still okay? Shreay says give me sometime. Kirlok says we will all think collectively. Shreya says this means he didn’t drink the right milk. Elaichi asks did ajay and sanjana come? SHreya says no they didn’t. Kirlok says i will call agarwal and ask him where they are?Kirlok calls agarwal, agarwal says did you do it? Kirlok says its me. Did you contact ajay? Agarwal says don’t worry about them. they will reach home and they can even stay there. Kirlok says if you contact them ask them to contact us. Agarwal hans up and says he wont be facing this if he didn’t marry my daughter.

Snatched 4 March 2020 Update on Zee World

Ajay and sanjana knock on a door, sanjana says i don’t think anyone is in there. They go in the small house. Sanjana says no one is here. She says i feel cold. He says who asked you to roam in jungle. She says you left me in mud. He says you could follow me. She says you were walking on wrong path. He says you still didn’t stop me selfish. She says you left me. She sneezes. Snatched 4 March 2020 Update Ajay says you should change. She says change into what? he says get off this saari and wear my jacket. He gives her the jacket and says go and change. SAnjana says leave my hand, he says oh sorry. Ajay lights the lantern. Sanjana says ajay look there. he says yes. he places a cloth there and goes out.sanjana changes, the song ‘yeh moh moh’ plays in background. Sanjana sees a lizard on her shoulder and screams. Ajay comes in she falls on him. Someone knocks at the door.

Shreya says to samar you don’t like anything. Samar says i will fail i know, you dont have any idea. Shreya says you dont like anything. how many ideas should i come with? samar says i have nothing. Shreya says where you placed the chocolate, bring it. He goes out, shreya says oh God. Bhushan comes in. She says when you came? he says when you were in dreams. She says nightmare. Samar is not liking anything i suggest. he says i am glad you took this responsibility. Everyone is so happy they say, shreya would be a good mom. Shreya says after handling samar i dont want to be a mom at all. He says what? Samar comes in, bhushan says chocolate on all your face. Bhushan says lets make him chocolate bar. Samar says good idea. Shreya says yes.

sanjana says ajay who would it be? She says i will open the door. He says no i will. Ajay opens the door, its an old man. Ajay says who are you? The mans says who are you? And you had any problem in my castle? sanjana says we lost the way. He laughs. The old man says in young age, many young college couples come here and get lost. Why it happens? I know and so do you. Ajay says she is not my gf she is my wife. He hugs her. Sanjana says yes he is my husband, we came to temple. And see we came to pray in temple. I am so lucky to have a husband like him. Ajay says i am lucky too. Baba laughs and says may God bless you too. You both dont look like husband and wife. Sanjana says i am wearing wedding locket. he says anyone can wear it. Who knows if its of his name. ajay says its of my name. We did the seven rounds as well. Baba says then congratulations where is the sweets? You can stay here but on a condition.

sanjana is cooking. Baba asks do you know how to cook? sanjana says yes but i cook on stove. Baba says we will bring that too. Elaichi is worried. Ayush says you get late in temple or maybe they stayed for meal. Elaichi says he could call. He is getting irresponsible day by day. Ayush gets a call and says its your son. Ayush says ajay everyone is worried for you, mammi didnt eat anything. Ajay says really? He says we lost our way in jungle, we are fine staying in a small house, we will come tomorrow. Tell mammi that we are fine. Ayush says where you exactly are? Ajay loses the network. Ayush says at least they are fine. Kirlok says let me inform agarwal as well.Agarwal says oh what did they say? where they exactly are? I was really worried for them.

Agarwal calls his men and says why is that guy still alive, if i dont see his corpse i will kill you. Find them and kill him before tomorrow morning. Sanjana’s sister overhears it.

Sanjana is working. Baba says when my wife was alive i used to help her in everything. Ajay says but i don’t know cooking. baba stands with an axe. sanjana says what are you doing baba? He says i was just giving him so he could bring woods.Baba says i thought you are so college couple but you are made for each other. God made a good couple, always love each other like this. I saw love for each other in your eyes. They eat. baba says i sleep outside you both can sleep in.

Samar says long live chachi. dadi says you worked really hard. Shreya says i was enjoying it. Samar comes and says chachi get me ready. Vinati says let her rest.samar says she made the dress she will make me wear. Vinati says she is busy. Samar says you cant dress me like her. Shreya says mummy said mummy will dress you.

Samar says chachi get me ready. Vinati says i will dress you, Samar says no she knows it better. Shreya says mummy said she will you get you ready. Everyone is dazed. Shreya says samar mummy is always right, if your mom allows me to dress you then i will. Vinati says he is too stubborn. Shreya says lets go samar i will get you ready.

Shreya’s mom calls her. Shreya says i am really tired, i haven’t even slept. Her mom says get that CD first, Shreya says i can’t i am really tired just stop it. Samar goes to change, shreya goes to sanjana’s room to look for CD, servant comes in.

Sanjana wakes up in the morning and sees ajay sleeping on the floor. She covers him with sheet and says i should take a bath and make something for ajay and baba. Sanjana goes out, Agarwal’s thugs are there. Snatched 4 March 2020 Update

Maid asks shreya you needed something? shreya says no room is messed up i came to clean it. Maid says no i will do it, shreya says i will help you. Elaichi says what are you doing here? Shreya says i thought sanjana and ajay would come up tired so i should clean this room. Elaichi says angoori will do it. Shreya says i am going to check samar then. Sanjana goes to temple. Ajay goes out, the thugs catch him and start hitting him.

Samar comes in her dress, Elaichi is quite. Dadi says what are you thinking? Elaichi says samar’s voice reminded me of ajay. Dadi says he will be fine. Vinati asks Shreya are you ready? Shreya says there is a lot of work in the house. Vinati says you worked so hard on him. Shreya says what samar wants? samar says lets go. Shreya says okay then lets go.

The thugs are hitting ajay and want to stab him. Ajay throws a pot on one’s face. Sanjana says i dont want anything for myself, Ajay and his family are so nice. I hope he never faces any problem. The thug stabs ajay. He falls down. Baba comes there to save ajay, he and ajay beat all the thugs down. One of them runs. Sanjana comes and says what is happeneing baba? Who were they? baba says take him from here, these thugs want to kill him. Take him from here. Sanjana is crying she picks ajay up.

Samar shows shreya another student who has same costume. Shreya says you will win summer. Shreya comes with a sheet and says we can make samar’s hat, they make wear it. The other boy’s mom does the same. Dadi says this is so wrong. Shreya says to the woman why are you copying us? The woman says i am not doing anything, i made the cap everyone can. Shreya says to ma’am you have to write his name in the list, our son prepared all night. Dadi says to vinati shreya is doing all this like elaichi.

Snatched 4 March 2020 Update ends when Sanjana says ajay please dont give up, She tries to take him down and stop a car but no one listens. Sanjana sees the same jeep with kids, they stop it and make them sit.Kirlok says shreya’s idea was amazing. Elaichi says samar is sweet like a chocolate. Ayush gets a call and says yes sanjana? What? He says hospital. Kirlok asks what happened? Ayush says ajay is injured and in hospital.

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