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Snatched 3 March 2020 Update

Snatched 3 March 2020 Update begins when Sanjana helps Ajay get ready, they have a very close encounter with each other while Sanjana friends catches them and starts troubling them about closeness. The entire family is present for the wedding as Sanjana sits at the Amanda…Ajay is hesitant but Ayush takes him there, all look on…Bhushan as always and the other family member is upset …The wedding rituals start and as each time Sanjana and Ajay has to do a ritual their remembering their.moments with each other…

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They start to walk around the holy fire and each time they are remembering their moments of pain together…at last Ajay puts Sindoor on her forehead…the marriage is done and Sanjana leaves from their… Sanjana father collects a parcel from a man…he is looking very suspicious…Sanjana and her sister is talking about the wedding and Sanjana is telling her that it is not.right as this wedding was just for show…they both get shock to see Shreya smirking at the door…

Shreya says now i will tell you who is own and who is outsider. Sanjana says don’t you get tired of all this. shreya says bhushan is the owner of all this and i will do anything for my right. Sanjana says you don’t get it by snatching it. Look at mammi ji and vianti they have bound this house by love, learn something from them. shreya says don’t bore me. sanjaa holds her hand and says just a little more. The elders bind the house rather than breaking it.

Shreya says i dont have time for you stupid lectures. Really soon, one by one i will kick you all out. And i will live in he house like a ruler. Sanjana says unless i am here, i wont let it break. I should give you some almonds because you have forgotten about the Cd, i showed you the trailer. What you think 2 minutes video will be enough? I am really worried for you. Just imagine if bhushan gets to know it, what will he do. He will kick you out. The real owner according to you will be out of this house.

Agarwal reads a paper and says i am lucky i must have done something great in life. Kirlok says what happened? Agarwal says my pandit has sent it, they have asked ajay and sanjana to come and do the pooja, it will be great for their future. Dadi says this is great they should go. Agarwal shows it to sanjana, he says maharaj has called you for pooja. Sanjana says its not possible, ajay has to go for his work.

Snatched 3 March 2020 Update  continues as Agarwal says you can’t say no to God. Sanjana says if its so important then you and didi should go. We are both tired. Agarwal says i don’t want to leave any shortcomings in your wedding. I want you both to stay happy. Am I wrong kirlok? Kirlok says no you are right. Dadi says you both should go. Elaichi says they will go for sure. Agarwal says i am not worried now, thank you. Ajay says in heart what else is left.

Ayush is decorating bed with flowers. Avni and mishri says what is he doing? Mishri says we should help him. Ayush says you can come in and help me. Mishri says we were just walking by. Ayush says yeah right. Sanjana collides with mishri and avni. Ayush has made a boxing ring with petals. Sanjana comes in room, ayush says i am sending ajay in. sanjana sees the flowers and says ajay will be mad to see all this. She looks at herself in the mirror. Ayush says to ajay go in the room, why you look confused. Everyone like surprise, your boxing ring is ready.

Snatched 3 March 2020 Update

Aajay says what? Ayush says i did all the decorations for you wedding night. Ajay says please dont confuse me. Shreya says how can i clean this. she puts all the petals i a basket and cleans the bed. Ayush says to ajay how you and sanjana met? Ajay says oh look nani.. he goes to his room. ajay sees sanjana sleeping on her side. Ajay changes and sleeps on his side. sanjana says in heart should i talk to him? but he will be mad. Ajay looks at her. Suddenly ajay falls from bed and holds sanjana’s hand, she falls over him. They both stand up in awkwardness.

Whole family looks at the gifts in the house. Mishri says they are all sent by our brother in law for avni. They are all in red color. Avni smiles. Elaichi says God will keep you happy. vinati says amar you should get classes from rishab. Amar says i will ask him after 5 years. Vinati says do you know my fav color? Amar says i know but i wont tell you, i will surprise. Samar comes and says there is fancy dress competition in my school tomorrow, what should i wear.

Shreya is working in the kitchen, she says too much work. Sanjan says wow you have placed those cups very well in the tray. You are a born artist. Shreya says what is your problem? sanjana says samamr needs help for his fancy dress competition i think you can help him. Shreya says i dont have time for al this. Shreya says yes i know what works you even I have recorded them.

Sanjana says i wont take time to show that CD to everyone. Now tell me will you help Samar? Dadi says Shreya is the tea ready? shreya says yes. She goes out and serves everyone the tea. Vinati says samar become superman, you have that dress already. Amar says politician? Samar says no its boring. Shreya says Samar i have an amazing idea, i will dress you. Dadi says Sanjana why haven’t yo left? Sanjana says Ajay is getting ready, we will leave shortly.

Snatched 3 March 2020 Update

Ajay and Sanjana are on the way. Ajay says to sanjana where is your dad sending us? And he sent this car, it broke now. Sanjana says thank you for tolerating all this. he says i don’t need your thank you. Ajay tries to fix the car. Two men come ajay stops them. He wonders he has seen them somewhere, the men says the car will take an hour. You should take some lift. We will fix the car and bring it there. Sanjana says ajay we are getting late. Ajay sees a jeep coming, he takes lift from them. There are so many kids in the jeep.

Sanjana’s sister comes to agarwal and says why you look worried? Agarwal says they have not reached the temple? She says how you know? Did you call them? Agarwal says pandit ji called me. She says everything will be on time don’t worry. sanjana says bye to the kids they reach the temple. The kids say to ajay, we let you sit with us, we need something in return. Ajay syas what? They say ice cream. Ajay buys them all ice cream. Sanajan says i want ice cream too. Ajay says yes sanjana kid you can have one too. She says what one will you take? he says i dont want to eat. i dont need it. sanjana says ice cream is not a need. sanjana buys orange for him.

Sanjana calls Shreya and says hi bhabhi how are you? did i disturb you? I thought you must be busy with Samar. Shreya says i dont have time to entertain you. Shreya says i was just asking you are you helping samar? Shreya says i am not bound to answer you. samar comes and says everyone liked the pain. Sanjana says oh i got the answer thank you.

Sanjana and Ajay reach the temple. A man and woman welcome them. Man says wife and husband do this pooja in separate. It binds you together forever. Ajay says i don’t want to do this pooja. Sanjana says but why? What happened? He takes sanjana to a side and says i dont want to do this. What for should we do this? What will ajju think? Sanjana says you are right. the woman comes and says you can’t leave this pooja. Sanjana says if he wont do the pooja I wont do it either.

Snatched 3 March 2020 Update  ends when Sanjana says we will go to temple but wont do the pooja. Ajay says my family doesn’t believe in all this. The man says you can’t leave without pooja. Sanjana says where is that written? We are leaving. The woman asks man to call Agarwal for pooja. Agarwal says why did you let them go? he says i tried to stop them but they didn’t listen.Agarwal calls his men and says harm the guy only my daughter should be safe. Kill that guy

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