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Snatched 27th March 2020 Update (Season Finale)

Snatched 27th March 2020

Snatched 27th March 2020 Update  Sanjana leaves. Shaina tries to throw her cooking pan with a stick.It
falls off the stoves. Sanjanja comes and catches it. Ajay says your hands are burnt. He makes her sit and brings burn heal. The song ‘kuch is tarha’ plays in background. Shaina is looking at them and is mad.
Shaina comes. Shreya tastes her biryani and says this is what you made? You are so stupid. This is almost burnt.

Ajay’s hand is burnt a bit too. She applies burn heal. He says I am fine. Sanjana says saty quite.
Sanjana comes to kitchen and says to Shaina is it burn? Oh I told you true love always wins. My husband will give me his true love back.

Shaian says this small triumph can’t change the truth that Ajay is mine. If he doesn’t marry me you will have to go back to jail. If he has to save you he has to marry me. Go serve your biryani.

Snatched 27th March 2020 Update

Dadi says Shaina couldn’t even make biryani. Sanjana will be back to jail on 30th how will you do all that afterwards. Shreya says is pregnant. Everyone is dazed. Dadi says Sanjana told me. How could I conceal it. Everyone congratulates Shreya. Dadi says shaina how can we trust that will you be able to do our work. Shaina says I will do all the work. Sanjana says Shaina you couldn’t even make biryani how will you handle the kitchen.

Kirlok receives a letter. They are divorce papers. he is shocked. Dadi asks what is it? He throws them away. Ajay picks it up and reads it. Kirlok says Mishri’s divorce papers.

Kirlok says come with me mishri. There is something. I need to clear it. Sanjana says mamma ji wait a minute. Mishri didn’t get married to Anuj, she got married to Ajju. Everyone is bewildered. Sanjana says yes this is the truth. She tells them everything. Everyone is in tears. Mishri hugs kirlok.

Kirlok is crying outside. Sanjana goes to him and says give me 24 hours. I will save Mishri‘s marriage too along with mine. Shreya says it will be fun now to Shaina. Kirlok nods at Sanjana. Sanjana gazes at Shreya and Shaina.
Everyone is doing the pooja. Shaina says in heart your daughter’s life is ruined as well. Pooja is not going to help anyway.

Scene 2
Dadi says very good sanjana. Sanjana says yes both families should sit and talk we might find a solution. Kirlok says very good. Elaichi says you are going through a lot and you still think about us so much. Sanjana says this is my family. Dadi says only you can bring them together. Sanjana syas anuj loves mishri. I will reunite them. Like I and ajay can never be parted.

Dadi says you are such a nice girl. Only you can handle this house. Dadi says appreciating her for nothing wont help. Let her do something first.
Dadi says come with me kirlok. I have to talk to you. Sanjana says please save our marriages God. Sanjana collides with Ajay. Snatched 27th March 2020 Update 

Shaina holds ajay’s hand and comes close to him. She asks him to tie knot of her sari. Ajay says go now. she says you made me wear the sari. She comes closer, sanjana sees them and comes in the room. Shaina says don’t you have manners that when husband and wife to be are alone you shouldn’t disturb them. Sanjana says I have manners and courage to knock people like you out. She throws water on her face. Shaina says how dare you. Sanjana says you better not talk about manners. Ajay is still my husband and now you tell me what were you doing in my room with my husband. Better stay in your limits. She takes ajay with her.

  • Snatched 27th March 2020 Update

Shaina says you have made a big mistake. You will pay for it. I will insult you in front of whole family.
Sanjana says to ajay why are you doing this? He says I am sorry. She says I was the most angry girl of college. If i see you near her..

He says but.. She says did she ask you to make her wear sari. He says did I do this with my will? She says do this then.. She is in tears.
Ajay brings her closers and kisses her.He says you are my passion. I did all this to save you. I love you.
Sanjana says no one can apart us. I will make everything okay. I love you.
Angoori tells Sanjana that Vinati has sent milk for her. Sanjana is in washroom, she asks her to place it on table. Shaina comes in and mixes something in the milk. She says after drinking it you will do much that you will be insulted in front of whole family. shaina comes
in and says you have brain and you know how to use it. Shaina says thank you. Sanjana comes out and takes a sip.

She smells it and drinks rest of it. Shaina and Shreya are looking in. Shaina says real mahabharat will start now. Sanjana’s head hurts.

Anuj’s family comes to house. Ajay says anuj you loved mishri then what happened? Anuj’s mom says he is our only son. He can’t go against our decision. Sanjana throws a glass and says hi, you people are here. What you wanna say? She is drunk. Sanjana says you
people have problem with mishri? You three? she laughs. Sanjana says Mishri has been deceived. Elaichi says what are you saying? Whats wrong with you. Sanjana says wrong is with them. Shreya says to shaina very good. Love teaches people so many things.

Sanjana slips ajay and elaichi pick her up. Ajay says what have you eaten? Mishri throws water on her face. Anuj’s mom says you can’t handle your own daughter in law and asking us. Kirlok says just tell us how is anything mishri’s fault. Mishri says who knows only the wedding was celebrated or the wedding night too. Ajay says shaina keep your mouth quite, Elaichi says dont say a single more word.

Anuj’s mom says who knows, she is right. Elaichi says people blaming my daughter belong outside the door. They are leaving, sanjana says wait a minutes anuj you must have read ramayan. Ram asked sita to give test. She was proved innocent but she left him after that. I hope that doesn’t happen to you. What if you lose your love forever. Shaina says but mishri was married to ajju. Sanjana says that was not anuj or mishri’s mistake. Relationships are made with love not force. a girl like you can never understand love and base of relations.

Sanjana says to Shaina a girl like you can never understand the power of wedding locket. You don’t know what love is. Love is the base of all relations. Anuj’s mom says anuj we dont need to listehn all this. Sanjana says wait. Didn’t you have any stains on your past?

Didn’t you have any relation with minister’s wife? Mishri always knew it. Dont forget that you came here for mishri proposing her. So much happened to her and you dont even want to take responsibility. How can you do this. Dont you think you should have protected her.

Anuj goes to mishri an says I dont wanna lose you. Please forgive me mishri. I did as my parents said. I had an affair still you accepted me.

Anuj says today I will take you from this house as my wife and fill your hairline with sindur in front of God. Do you accept it. Mishri nods. He swipes her tears and takes her to temple. Anuj fills Mishri’s hairline. Everyone is in tears. Mishri hugs Anuj. They touch anuj’s parents feet. Anuj’s mom says lets go from here. They leave. Anuj and Mishri take blessings from all the elders. Mishri hugs Kirlok. Ajay hugs anuj. Snatched 27th March 2020 Update  

Anuj says thanks to Sanjana. He says if you had not stopped me today I would have made such a big mistake. Because of you I have my mishri back today. Sanjana says I have done all this for my mishri. She is my sister. If you annoy her again, I will be so cruel. Mishri you promised me this and did it in 24 hours. Thank you. She hugs her.

Scene 2
Next morning, Doctor checks bhushan. He says i am getting this dengu test. Please this is for protection. Doctor takes her blood sample. He says rest her i will see off the doctor. He says in heart now i will know if you are pregnant or not. You can’t deceive me this time.
Bhushan talks on call and says are you sure these reports are negative? Doctor says yes. Bhushan says don’t tell anyone please. He is disappointed. He says you lied to me again. You are not pregnant. Why you did this to me. You deceived like every time. I will clear everything today. But if i ask you i will never know your real mission. I have to keep an eye on her. This time i have to use my brain instead of anger. Like Sanjana.

Sanjana is in her room. She sees that her neck is itching. She says where is my wedding locket. She looks everywhere but its nowhere.
She says has someone stolen it? She looks footsteps in her room. Sanjana someone came in my room and stole it. It can be shaina only.
Bhushan tells everything to dadi and sanjana. Dadi says she is doing this again. Bhushan says this is an honor for a woman and shreya made this a joke as well. I loved her so much and she did this to me every time. Dadi says God is testing you.

Bhushan says she ruined my family. she doesn’t know only lucky people have a family like this. he says dadi Sanjana, now your fight is my fight as well. Dadi
says my blessings are always with you. Sanjana says we have to bring peace of this house back. She says if ajay gets married tomorrow, i will lose my ajay forever. Dadi says if shreya is in this she must have ajju’s address. Bhushan says probably. I saw her texting someone. Sanjana says we have to keep an eye on her. She is the only way we can reach ajju. Bhushan says I will find ajju, this
is my promise.
Sanjana is doing the pooja. she says tomorrow is my first karwa chauth and ajay’s wedding with Shaina. Please help me to find my way. Snatched 27th March 2020 Update 
I chose ajay and then you gave me my ajay and now we can’t live without each other. I can’t let my love go. Don’t take my ajay from me. Shaina says don’t waste your time and tears Sanjanaa. Sanjana swipes her tears. Mishri says what is yours today was someone’s yesterday and will be someone’s tomorrow. Ajay is mine now, so you better used to living without him. or you can find someone else.

You were looking for someone did you find him? Neither ajju nor your wedding locket. Sanjana says time will change. I have 24 hours and that are enough. Shaina says keep hoping. Sanjana says my hope wont shatter you know why? Because I love ajay.

Sanjana says i will find both wedding locket and ajju very soon. And I will be wearing it before the pooja tomorrow. Shaina says for now you see this. she shows her the wedding card. Shaina says open and read it. So please come tomorrow to your husband’s wedding.

Sanjana is dazed. she tears the card apart. Sanjana sees ajay standing in balcony. She hugs him from back in tears. Sanjana says i really love you i can’t live without you. Please halt this wedding. Ajay says to keep you out of jail I have to pay this way. Sanjana says i am trying. Just dont let this wedding happen.

Ajay hugs her. He says my hands are tied, and I did this all to save you. Sanjana says its my first karwa chauth tomorrow. If you marry her my life will be worse than jail. Please dont do this. Shaina comes in and says leave him. He is mine now. Go from here. She hugs ajay.
Bhushan checks Shreya’s phone. He sees so many call from same number. he saves it. Shreya’s sari get stuck in the door.

Bhushan says in heart I have found a proof against you that will take me to ajju. Shaina hides sanjana’s wedding locket in a jar in kitchen. Dadi comes and says shaina.. Shaina says you here? Dadi says what are you doing here? SHe says i come to drink water. Shaina leaves.

Sanjana gets dressed for karwa chauth. Sanjana comes in shaina’s room to look for wedding locket. Shaina comes in and says its not here. Sanjana says i have ajay and thats enough for me.
Sanjana comes downstairs. Shaina is walking after sanjana. She has a rod in her hand. Shaina hits sanjana with the rod. Sanjana’s head starts bleeing and she falls off the stairs. Shaina says bye bye. Shaina drags sanjana to storeroom and ropes her there. She says good bye sanjana. you had to die. because since you are alive ajay will never love me. Shaina leves. Sanjana opens her eyes slightly.

Ajay is looking for sanjana. Shaina collides with him. She says sorry. He says why are you perspiring? She says because of makeup. She hugs him and says you look so handsome in this. Lets go. Ajay says where is sanjana? She says sanjana will come. I gave her the first card. She will come. Ajay stops. Shaina takes him downstairs. Shaina says do you want to see her in jail again? Snatched 27th March 2020 Update 

Mishri is talking to anuj on phone. Vinati teases her. Mishri says he said he will come today. Elaichi says he will. Where is sanjana?

Vinati says she must be getting dressed. Elaichi says let her get dressed. pandit ji comes in. Shaina says i have called him. Why are you all so shocked? Its karwa chauth and mine and ajay’s wedding. Vinati says dont you dare. Shaina says keep calm today. Its my special day today. Elaichi says shreya lets go prepare for arti. Let her do what she want.

Vinati gives phone to Shreya and says its ringing. Shreya snatches it. Vinati says why are you snatching it. Shreya says it must be mummy she gets worried. Vinati says talk now. She says mummy hung up. I will call her later.
Shaina says to Shreya after few minutes sanjana will be taking her last breaths. Shreya says are you out of your mind? Shreya says this is my choice. I am only concerned with her death. Didn’t I help you with ruining mishri’s life and sending Sanjana to jail.

Mishri comes and says you both are united. Shreya says keep me away from your dirty games shaina, you have harmed our family already. I have gained respect and trust here again with such difficulty. Keep me out of your plans. She leaves.

Mishri says I know they are both united. But before they harm us, I will throw them out of our house.
Shaina says to Ajay its karwa chauth and our wedding. Dadi says lets go break the fast. Let me bring sanjana. Shaina says I understand she must be really hurt. Maybe she wants to die in sorrow of losing her husband. Ajay says shut up and slaps her. He says don’t take her name with your tongue or I will halt this wedding.
Dadi says lets go break the fast. Let me look for Sanjana. Shaina says Ajay I am sorry. Ajay says why are there blood stains on your hands? Shaina says this is ketchup not blood. Lets go and see what pandit ji is doing.
Shreya calls Bhushan and asks where are you? He says so close to my destination. Shreya says what? He says nothing, I am coming.

The wedding starts. Shaina and ajay make each other wear the garlands. Dadi looks for sanjana everywhere. Dadi says where are you Sanjana? Shaina says pandit ji please start the wedding. Ajay says I want to meet Sanjana before wedding. Shaina says you can meet her after the wedding. We can’t let this moment go. Shaina says please start pandit ji. He start the wedding mantra. Pandit says stand up for the round. Shaina says hurry up Ajay. They start the circles. Ajay recalls his wedding with Sanjana.

Dadi comes and says Sanjana is not in her room. Mishri says I think she is in trouble. Vinati says did someone say something? Or did you see something? Mishri says Shaina is behind sanjana’s missing.
Ajay stops and says I want to see sanjana before I do rest of the rounds. He starts taking Sanjana’s name. Sanjana opens her eyes and she tries to make noise. they all run towards storeroom.

Snatched 27th March 2020 Update 
Shaina says dont worry ajay she is alive, You will lose her if you don’t marry me. So shall we complete?
They see sanjana and are shocked. Everyone brings sanjana to the room. Sanjana says I want to go to Ajay, dadi says we will but you have to feel better. Sanjana is crying. Dadi bring turmeric jar, sanjana finds her wedding locket in it. Sanjana comes downstairs, along with everyone else. Shaina is dazed. sanjana says i told you i will find my locket. Shaina says how does it even matter? You have lost.

Half of the marriage is done. She says ajay continue or I will call cops and get your sanjana jailed for my murder. Ajay says what?
Shaina says yes my murder. She picks a gun and says if you dont marry me i will kill myself. Shaina says lets do the last circle or I will shoot. Ajay nods. Bhushan comes in and says this wedding can’t happen. Everyone is dazed.
Bhsuhan has someone with him, with his face covered. Bhushan takes off the mask, its ajju. Everyone is bewildered.

Bhushan takes off mask form ajju’s face. Everyone is dazed. Sanjana takes the revolver from shaina’s hand. Bhushan says shaina dont even think. Whoever tries to break sanjana and ajay apart i will expose them. shaina says ajay you cant leave me, you can betray me.

Ajay says this was imposed on. you made a fool out of me. Ajay goes to bhushan and hugs. Bhushan says you wanted to sacrifice. Your brother was there to help you. We asked you why are you doing this? Ajay says people didn’t trust me before either. Bhushan says i understand its not your mistake. Some people lie so cleverly that it weakens the truth. Lies don’t have a very long life. Am i right Sanjana?

Ajju was mad about ajay and sanjana being together. You know what he did to avenge. He tried to rape Sanjana. Mishri hit him trying to save sanjana. They thought he has died. They tried to hide body. Mishri asked them not to tell anyone.

Raju was alive. He started conspiring. Sanjana decided that she will take mishri’s blame. This ajju went to mishri’s house and started
annoying her as well. He met shaina there as well. shaina helped him and pretended to be his sister. I and sajana vow to expose everyone. Shaina says okay this is all because of me and Raju. but you know the biggest player is your wife. Shreya slaps shaina and says dont blame me trying to save yourself. I love this family. And I am carrying their grandson in my womb. Snatched 27th March 2020 Update 

A mom would never.. Bhushan says would never do this shreya. Then why you did this? Shreya says what? Bhushan slaps her hard. kirlok says bhushan you cant slap her. Dadi says bhushan.. Bhushan says see they even respect your lies. You could have been truthful and see how much they would love. Elaichi says she is pregnant and we all know that. Bhushan shows the reports and says this is the truth.
Vinati says such a lie? Shreya sees it. Bhushan says what you thought only you can pay mind games? Shreya says this is not true.

Bhushan says we all know how you pretended that suicide and being blind. Lets expose the entire truth. This shaina and ajju did all this on my wife’s orders. It was all shreya’s game. Shreya says what are you saying? Bhushan says you can’t even come close to sanjana.

Today i wont shove you out of this house but instead some people will come in to take you. Cops come in. Shreya says this is a conspiracy against me. Dadi says shame on you. Elacihi says we never thought one of us would do this. We gave you all the love and respect. Shreya says please mummy trust me. inspector says arrest her. Bhushan says wait a minute. I wont come to jail to meet you but the divorce papers will. Shreya says bhushan i really love. He says sir please take her from here.

Ajju says sanjana i am sorry. Shaina says ajay i wont forget. They all go with cops. Elaichi says to sanjana you have done so much for us. I wish you were my real daughter. Kirlok says we should have trusted you. bhushan says from now on we shouldn’t hide anything from each other. Dadi says you are right. They all vow to stay united.

Bhushan calls sanjana. She says did you bail shreya out? He says yes we are coming out. Dont you get tired of doing so good? Sanjana says forget all that. Bring her home. i will tell everyone. Shreya apologizes sanjana.

Snatched 27th March 2020 Update   Mishri and anuj get married. dadi says let get ajay and snajana married as well. They get married as well. They all stand together and dance together on ‘tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi’. Shreya watches them from upstairs. They all take a selfie

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