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Snatched 21 March 2020 Zee World Update

Snatched 21 March 2020 Zee World Update

Snatched 21 March 2020 Zee World Update Doctor says to Sanjana your husband is fine, but the bruise might affect his memory a bit. And you can take him home by tomorrow. Sanjana says in heart what will i say at home.
Ajju says who is there? Shreya comes in. Ajju says shreya bhbahi you, she wasn’t telling me. Shreya says we are all in one boat.

Kirlok calls Sanjana and says she is not picking up and Ajay’s number is off. Elaichi says I am really worried, where they both are. sanjana picks up, Elaichi says where are both of you? We were so worried. Sanjana says Ajay’s phone’s battery died. We came out to walk. We are staying at papa’s place. We sat here and it got too late.

Snatched 20 March 2020 Zee World Update

Elaichi says are you concealing something? Sanjana says no we are fine. We will come home tomorrow. Sanjana says in heart i am sorry i had to lie but I couldn’t ruin mishri’s happiness. She says what is mammi ji calls papa?

Shreya says you were roaming on roads? Should we tell you that corpses don’t roam around on road. Ajju recalls shreya said sanjana has deceived you. We all have one mission. And Shaina ajay is yours after snajana goes to jail. Ajay said yes we will all do our part. You should have changed your attire. Ajju says ajay was drunk. Shreya says what if he wasn’t. And if he remembers our plan will be ruined. We will have to play dirties of our game then.

Scene 2: Snatched 21 March 2020 Zee World Update
Next morning ajay and sanjana come home. Elaichi says how did you get this bruise. Dadi says he will be fine don’t worry. ajay says i am fine, i slipped from stairs. Elaichi says why are you not careful. Ajay says i am fine i will rest in the room.

Vinati says to dadi we will get readymade haldi. Dadi says no we will get in ready in the house. Mishri will look so good after applying. Mishri comes in as well. Elaichi says did you drink milk? She says yes. Elaichi says now you will leave this house. It will look empty. Mishri hugs her. Dadi says you should be happy that she is so lucky. Elaichi says but she will go to London.

Dadi says we will be in her heart always. She will keep calling and stay in touch. Vinati says whom will talk to when you leave, she hugs her. Vinati says I am grateful I have in laws like you. The mother in law who loves me like a mom. Elaichi says i hope the same for Mishri. Vinati says mishri will be very happy.

Haldi ceremony starts. Sanjana says to Shreya come its your turn now. shreya says in heart you will remember this day forever. You have to pay for messing with me. Shreya applies haldi. Shaina comes and congratulates mishri as well. Vinati, sanjana and the ladies start dancing on chaap tilak. Ajay tries to recalls incidents of last night. He holds his head. shreya sees him and wonders what is he thinking. shreya says is he trying to recall?

Ajay holds his head, Shreya says in heart is he trying to recall last night. Sanjana says what happened? He says my head is heavy. She says come inside. Ajay says i dont know i am trying to recall last night. Sanjana says don’t pressure yourself. Why were you following that car? Ajay says i dont know.

Sanjana says leave it. We will think about it when the function ends. He says i just remember that there was someone in the car i wanted to catch. Shreya smiles and says to shaina ajay doesn’t remember anything. Shaina says just see what happens next. Shreya calls ajju and says be careful next time. Next three days are mehndi, sangeet and shadi. And we have to send ajay, sanjana and mishri jail in these days. Ajay says see how i ruin this wedding.
Ajay took my sanjana from me. I wont leave any of them. Snatched 21 March 2020 Zee World Update

Everyone is busy decorating for the mehndi. Elaichi, sanjana and vinati are working in the kitchen. Shreya comes there. She says it will not be mehndi’s colors, it will of blood. Elaichi says vinati bring the mehndi here. Dadi says be quick. Vinati places the mehndi there. Shreya pretends like she collides with Vinati, the mehndi is about to fall. Mishri says in heart is it because of my past.

Vinati takes shreya to her room. Elaichi is worried she prays for mishri. Sanjana says everything will be fine don’t worry. Sanjana says we are all with her. Elaichi says i am not worried when you are here.

Mehndi starts, women are singing. Dadi suggests them songs. Bhushan and amar welcome the guests. Kirlok says ajay order some more collars. Mishri comes downstairs. Sanjana says she looks so good. Sanjana says he will be so crazy after your mehndi that he wont ever leave your hand. Sanjana and vinati choose the mehndi designs. Mishri says i will put on whatever you like.

Sanjana says what if he doesn’t like it? We will says that it was your idea. uppal says mishri i will shift in your room after you leave. She says where will i live when i come back to india? I will lock my room. He says i will shift in your room, its easy to break in locks. Ajay says you will fight with anoj the same way? She says no he doesn’t tease me like this. Sanjana says stop teasing her both of you. Sanjana says love increase after wedding. Vinati says now go both of you. Mishri gets a text.

Sanjana says its from anoj i guess. Mishri is scared. Vinati says give me the phone i will check if for you and you put on the mehndi. Mishri says no. Anju calls mishri. He asks how are you? She says i will call you at night. He says okay. Mishri is worried. She says why should someone else pay for what i have done. Ajju clambers in the house.
Shaina says to sanjana you should put on mehndi too. Dadi says yes sanjana come here. Sanjana says there is too much work. Dadi says no come here and put it on. Shaina says write a letter, like a for ajay. Anyone can be ajay, i am not talk about your ajay sanjana.

Shaina says I have an idea to make this function interesting. This bowl has chits, mishri will pick them. The name on the chit will have to either sing or dance for mishri. First name is Vinati. Vinati says i don’t know how to dance. Amar says don’t lie. Dadi says she makes amar dance. Amar says you can dance for mishri at least. She says you will have to dance with me. Amar says no. Vinati dances on ‘chitti kalaiyan’,
she drags amar on floor as well.

Snatched 21 March 2020 Zee World Update

Sanjana says now my turn. I want to give mishri something. She plays a video its has mishri’s al photos from childhood. Everyone gets emotional after seeing it. Ajay sings ‘mehndi laga k’. Shaina joins ajay on floor. She falls on sanjana. Sanjana shoves her and says can’t you see. And who asked you to dance? We let you live in this house that doesn’t mean you will do whatever you want. Shaina says you dont need to be that mad. I was just dancing. Didn’t take your right from you. Sanjana says don’t say too much or i will slap you. Elaichi says sanjana guests are here we will talk later.

Ajju comes to sanjana’s room and says there had to be some changes in your room mishri. Elaichi sings ‘bano’ for Mishri. Dadi and vinati join her. Bhushan plays ‘maahi vey’ and dances with uppal. All the brothers and kirlok dance with mishri. Sanjana joins them as well. They all dance together. Bhushan dances on ‘nagara’.

Scene 2
At night, dadi says mishri you have mehndi on your hands you wont go out until you get married now. Mishri says now everyone will tell what their husband gave her first time. dadi says he gave me sindur. Elaichi says kirlok gave me sky blue saari. Vinati says he gave me bouquet. Sanjana says ajay, he gave me smartphone.. Shaina says ajay or ajju? Dadi says ajju didn’t get married to anyone in this house. Before you do something stupid joke like this keep your mouth shut. Don’t ruin our happiness and go from here.

Mishri says to sanjana will everything be okay? Sanjana says it will superb. Don’t worry now and go to sleep. sanjana leaves. Mishri calls anju. He asks are you alone? she says no you are with me. He says are you ready? She says yes. It all happened within blink of an eye. he says what gift you want on wedding night besides me?

Mishri sees a shadow in window. She gets scared. Anju says what you want tell me? why are you quite? He says are you okay? Mishri says i think i saw something. He says you get scared too? She says no. He says you don’t get scared of your husband as well? She says i will get scared if you chase me or steal my ID. Mishri says i will talk to you tomorrow.

Snatched 21 March 2020 Zee World Update The lamp in mishri’s room starts blinking and the door slams. Mishri gets scared. Horror music plays on her player. Ajju comes out of a bag. Mishri gets scared. She says ajju?

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