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Snatched 13 March 2020 Update – Zee World

Snatched 13 March 2020

Snatched 13 March 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode starts when Elaichi takes off all of her jewelry and sits in tears. Vinati comes to dadi and says please stop all this. Dadi says i tried everything no one is listening. Elaichi says bhhushan i think you should talk to papa ji. Mishri just came back home. Do you want mummy to take care of herself along with mishri.He says mummy will be okay in a few days. she says you know her better. she wont be okay.

Bhushan comes to kirlok and says please don’t test mummy . I beg you don’t do this. Everyone comes there. Bhushan says i am against this division. We both know that our relation has never been like you had with amar. This is why i am so close to mummy and i feel for her. Ajay says there is nothing more important than mammi for us. Amar says we dont need anythin. If she is happy this way then we will leave this house. Ajay says yes. I promise you i will never go against you. please listen to her.

Kirolok says if elaichi wants them we will divide. But not only the property the people as well. Elaichi will live with her kids and I will live with amaar ajay and avni. Same family under same roof will live as two. I will ask lawyer for paper work but hearts are divided from today. He leaves.Shreya comes to elaichi and says mummy you haven’t eaten anything please eat something. Ajay goes to talk to bhushan but amar withholds him. They go stand on the other side. Bhushan is standing in middle. Elaichi goes to her room. Dadi is in tears. Snatched 13 March 2020

Kirlok comes to his room. Elaichi is on the other bed, Avni takes her clothes from Mishri’s room. They shift in ajay’s room. Ajay hugs avni. She is cryin.Samar slips. Elaichi comes to him but stop. Vinati picks him up. Vinati cries in her room. Dadi comes to her and hugs her. She says i know what you are goin through.

Shreya comes to avni and says so many plates? You people eat first then we will eat. Bhushan comes and says shreya serve my food. Ajay says we can eat together. Bhushan says if you people sit here mummy wont eat. Power cuts. Bhushan says uppal take out the torch and see what happened. Mishri brings the candle.

Snatched 13 March 2020 Update continues when Some men enter the house with some luggage. Bhushan says bhaiya someone is here. Everyone comes there. Dadi says who is it? Ajay says who are you people? The man says don’t say a word. We answer our boss only. and our boss must be coming. Kirlok says who is your boss? Upaal says someone took out the fuse. The thug says our boss is here. A woman enters the house. Its sanjana. She is wearing a short dress. she does a vulgar dance on ‘bijli girany’. She shoves Shreya as well.

Ajay says sanjana what is all this? she says you didn’t even clap for me. I am goin to my room to rest. He says you dont have a room here. She says i have equal right in this house. You shoved me out of this house. You can’t deprive me off your rights. I am still your wife. And daughter in law here. No one can kick me out of here.

So I will live here from now and i am going to sleep. Ajay says after signing divorce papers you have no relation with us. she says bring those papers first. She says i wont sign anymore papers. He says i will take you to the court. She says i have court here with me. wait. she says come in. A woman enters the house with agarwal. she says surprise. I thought i wont need to call them. So yea.

Shreya says what is your problem? When you speak your dont listen to anyone. You cant blackmail us. You came here again when we kicked you out. Sanjana holds her hand and starts slapping her own face. She makes shreya throttle her.

Agarwal record and takes pictures. sanjana says is this enough papa? nice photography. She says to sanjana look you are beating me in these photos. Shreya says delete them. Sanjana says what will you do? Call police? I have some info to give you. According to law all this family will be in jail. Lawyer says yes three years of jail. Sanjana sings bijli girany main hun ai.

  • Snatched 13 March 2020

Bhushan says papa you did so much for her and look she is threatening us. He holdsher hand to shove her. Kirlok says stop it. Amar says ajay should leave this house. Kirlok says don’t provoke a fight here bhushan. Kirlok says agarwal we are dignified people if you want money we can talk about it. Your daughter cant live here. Agarwal says you can’t buy everything from moeny. I have enough money for her. You have hurt my daughter and that money can’t console her.

The pain is something that brought her here. She is here for her rights. No one in this house cares about what happened to her. Agarwal says sanjana come with me. Sanjana whispers dont overact. She says I wont leave that house. How can i forget the day i was kicked out. I will stay here until you file a divorce. So i am here for next one month and i will ruin your life and that is my right. Dadi says what right are you talking about? She says this house will be according to me. vinati says you have no right on us. Snatched 13 March 2020

Sanjana says just now i told you about the law. My shreya attacked me and none of you did anything. So that means you were all involved. so you will all go to jail. She says papa go home we just dont have these photos we have the neighbour’s call recording too. So this will be the headline sanjana being attacked. All of you will go to jail. Don’t dare arguing with me. Agarwal says take care of yourself. sanjana says papa you are the best thank you. Sanjana says whats in the meal today?

Sanjana comes to her room. Dadi is there.Dadi says to sanjana you were too good thank you so much. Sanjana says i can do this for the beautiful family at least. dadi says i hope everything gets back to how it was. Sanjana says we will do something. But i feel bad that because of one person i will have to be bad to all of them. Dadi says one rotten fish spoils the whole pool.Dadi says lets get ready for plan 2.

Sanjana comes to room and says are we all sleeping together here? Ayush stands up. Ajay says you dont have to go. She is unwanted here. Sanjana says no one can stop me from coming to my room. And these siblings can go back to their room. Or they can sleep on the roof. Avni and ayush go out.

Snatched 13 March 2020

Ajay says you are worst thing in my life. Sanjana says you involved me in your life not tolerate this. She starts throwing off stuff from closet. She says bring my stuff from downstairs. He stops her bu holding her hand. She says dont touch me, you called me characterless. Why you touch me now? i will sleep on bed you will sleep on floor. You have no right on me. See i will keep reminding you. Stay away from me. After today call me sanjana jee. He says you have no right on me either.

Sanajan makes shreya wash her legs. she says you didn’t even eat? Do it first. Do my pedicure. Sanjana says turn the AC on. Shreya says where is the remote? sanjana makes her do a lot of stuff. Shreya is tired. Sanjana says turn the fan on. Direct it towards me.

Sanjana orders shreya to changes TV’s volume. She says please pick my papers for me. Shreya ignores. sanjana says i have your photos. how can you even forget. You will be in jail for 3 years. Take my phone delete the photos but how will you do it from my papa’s phone.Sanjana says everyone come to the lounge. Dadi says this girl has ruined our life. she goes out with amar and vinati. bhushan goes downstairs as well. He asks dadi is sanjana doing this? Dadi says come downstairs. she has shreya’s photo. Lets see.

Sanjana says you people talk about rules? Well anyway. She shows a teddy and asks whose is this? Avni says this is mine bhushan gifted me on birthday. She takes a cup that says worlds smartest brother. Bhusahn says dont touch it amar gifted it to me. She takes out a book. Amar says i gave it to mishri put that back. Sanjana takes out a pen. Ayush says this is mine vinati gave it to me. ajay says what drama is this sanjana? sanjana says i am cleanin the house. you people dont care about relations so there is no point of these gifts. Angori please bring petrol and matchsticks.

Snatched 13 March 2020 Update on Zee World

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