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Ring of Fire 27th March 2020 Update – Zee World

Ring of Fire 27th March 2020 Update - Zee World

Ring of Fire 27th March 2020 Update – Zee World Revathi with Divya and Dulari eagerly waits for Ragini to bring dosa. Ragini serves dosa.  Revathi bites and makes weird faces, but praises her. Dulari and Divya also taste and feel yuck. Anurag comes. Revathi asks Divya to serve her paranthas and sabji.

Ragini forcefully gives dosa to Anurag. Anurag tastes it and yells she added all spices in flour and made weird thing. Shristi brings dosa and says he can have it and go to work. Anurag tries dosa and praises Shristi. Shristi serves dosa to even to Divya. Revathi yells Shristi is brainwashing whole family. Anurag yells not to blame Shristi.

Ring of Fire 27th March 2020 Update – Zee World

Ragini walks speaking to Narad that she will come out in lieu of dropping pooja items into water and then they will go and meet Shekhar’s parents. Shristi hears that and thinks why Ragini is behind Shekhar now. Revathi goes out and sadhu comes. Dulari tells her problem.

Sadhu is Shekhar’s puppet and records their video silently. Anurag comes out to go to work. His contractor comes injured and says he cannot work for him anymore as his enemy beat him to pulp and warned not to work for Anurag. Brij hears that and fumes who dared to stop Anurag’s work, he will find culprit and kill punish him.

Ring of Fire 26th March 2020 Update

Ragini comes and asks Anurag now he realized she and her family are not involved in this. Anurag as usual yells it must be her enemy then. Revathi comes and blames Shhristi. Shristi counterattacks problem are due to family member’s sins. Anurag yells at Revathi not to blame Shristi always. Shekhar’s puppet silently records everything. Drama continues.

Revati tells Dulari how to tell Ragini that her dosa was horrible. Ragini tries to leave house telling she is going to drop pooja item in water. Shristi also comes down. Revati yells at her. Vishu warns she cannot come back if she goes out. Shristi blames Revathi that she poisoned innocent Vishu’s mind and walks out. Revathi stops Ragini and does not let her go. Ring of Fire 27th March 2020 Update

Purshotam gets ready to meet Revathi regarding Vishu and Shristi’s divorce. Surekha asks if he cannot drop fighting their daughter’s divorce. Purshotam says Shristi is not his daughter now and he is doing right thing.

Shekhar’s puppet shows him recorded video. Shekhar praises him and laughs. Shristi enters. Shekhar changes tone and treats puppet as his client. Shristi asks why he was laughing so loudly. Shekhar lies that client is from his village, so they were sharing jokes. Shristi informs him that Ragini is going to meet his parents and he should be careful. Shekhar thanks her for her concern.

Purshotam reaches Vidhvan’s house and showing divorce documents asks Revathi to get 4 family members’ signatures on them. Revathi asks Brij, Vishu and Ragini to sign. Drama continues.

Revathi looking at Shristi tells Purshotam that she already won half case when he agreed to fight the case. Shristi asks what kind of case, she is this family’s official lawyer. Purshotam says he is family lawyer of Vidhvan’s family and is filing a defamation, forceful occupancy, and mental harassment case against her.

Revathi asks Vishu and Brij to sign and then asks Ragini to sign next. Ragini hesitates and says she will take her husband’s opinion first. Revathi forces her. Vishu insists Ragini that she promised to help him, now should help him get rid of Shristi. Ragini signs hesitantly thinking once Shristi is proved innocent, they all will reaccept her wholeheartedly.

  • Ring of Fire 27th March 2020 Update – Zee World

Purshotam tells he will file case then and tries to leave. Shristi stops him and says he may be senior lawyer, she learnt law since childhood from her papa like holy scriptures and sacrificed her life for her papa’s sake and will not let his teachings down. Purshotam leaves. Revathi boasts about her self intelligence and asks Dulari how was her move.

Shristi walks to her room and remiscing Purshotam’s words sadly thinks she has to go against her papa to prove her innocence. Ragini enters and says she does not consider her wrong and knows she is being framed, she wants to prove her innocent and needs her help, showing her hand. Shristi holds her hand and pushes it and asks her to go out, she does not need her explanation. Ragini tries to speak, but Shristi repeats she may go. Ragini thinks kanoon ki devi dumbly cannot understand her words, once she will realize truth, she will believe her.

Shristi informs Shekhar everything over phone. Shekhar says he is always with her. He sings and dances that things are happening according to his plan, he will help his student now. He shows his villainous expression and fumes why Ragini is digging his past. Ragini in her room thinks Shristi is not ready to use her brain at all and is blaming her whatever she tries to help her.

Anurag sees Shristi sitting sadly and asks what happened. She says she is feeling defeat today. He says defeat is okay, but she should not give up. She says she needs answers for a few questions and asks if he also thinks she is wrong and stooped so low. He says never, he is sad that his family members are forcing her to think this, he knows she is right and is with her.

Ragini makes a partition on the bed for her and Anurag and thinks educated people don’t understand heart’s feelings at all, thinks if things get well she will remove the partition.

Ring of Fire 27th March 2020 Shristi informs Anurag about her father fighting case against her. He says he feels sorry for her and asks who signed the petition. She says Revathi, Vishu, Brij, and Ragini. Anurag fumes hearing that and walk to Ragini and yell what the hell she is doing. She says he is sleeping on the sofa, so she made a bed partition for him. He yells why she is planning against Shristi, what wrong did she do to her.

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