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Ring of Fire 11 March 2020 Update – Zee World

Ring of Fire 11 March 2020

Ring of Fire 11 March 2020 Update on Zee World

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Ring of Fire 11 March 2020 Anurag walks behind Ragini and asks why she is angry on him, what is his mistake if goons attacked them. They both enter house and see Vikral scolding Parag and saying lawyer sent a legal notice against him. Ragini says not to worry, she will tackle lawyer. Vikral says he was expecting this from her. Vani sees dirt on Anruag and Ragini’s clothes and asks what happened to their clothes. Ragini says a few goons at attacked them in temple.

Vikral fumes who dare to attack his beta damad, orders Narad to find out and scolds Parag to punish them. Anurag says there is no need for that as goons mistakenly attacked them instead of someone else. Ragini says she is very hungry and asks Vani to serve food. Vani asks them to change their dress while she serves food. Ragini says she is very hungry and does not want to change. Vani says she is married but still has not grown up.

Shekhar drives Shiristi Vishu home and fumes seeing them engrasped in each other’s eyes. Vishu’s home comes and Shristi asks him to go in. Vishu asks her to promise that she will speak to him at least for 2 mintues daily over phone. She agrees. Revati comes out with Dulari and yells at Shristi. She sees Vishu’s clothes dirty and asks what happened. Dulari checks Shristi and says even her clothes are dirty. Vishu narrates whole story. Revati yells wherever Shristi goes, problems follow her. Shekhar tells Shristi let us go home.

Ragini munches food and thinks in hunger even daal chawal are very tasty. Anurag comes and tries to bite. She yells at him. Vikral comes and gives him a letter. Anurag reads it and happily says he got work contract and can start work now. He excitedly tries to hug Ragini, but she pushes him. Anurag tells Vikral that he wants to stay with him and learn work from him. Vikral says he is mpressed that he wants his experience than wealth and asks him to teach even Parag and scolds Parag. Anurag says not to worry, everything will be alright. He asks Narad to come with him and takes him to a room.

Shekhar looks at Shristi and Vishu’s pic and shouts he loves Ragini and hates Vishu a lot, if he kills Vishu, Raginni will not forget him whole life, so he has to create difference between them and make Shristi hate Vishu.

Anurag explains his plan to Narad. Narad asks him not to worry, his work will be done. Ragini enters. Narad walks out anxiously. Ragini scolds Anurag to stop his drama. He starts dancing with her on Beinteha…song.. and tries to kiss her. She pushes him and says until he leaves Shrisit, she will not come near him. He says there is nothing between him and Shristi, she is just his brother Vishu’s wife. He says he wants to become like her father. She says he cannot. He says he will and she will respect him like she does to her father. In the morning, he walks out wearing Vikral’s clothes. Parag says he is looking like babuji. Vikral and Vani are also surprised. Ragini fumes.

Ring of Fire 11 March 2020 Update on Zee World

Anurag comes out wearing clothes similar to Vikral, the family is surprised. Parag says he is looking like his father and Vani says he is looking very handsome. Vikral hugs him and says he feels he has 2 sons now. Anurag says he felt when he wants to become like babuji, he should dress up like him. Narad says he forced tailors to work overnight and stitched dresses for Anurag. Vikral and others leave. Anurag asks Ragini if he is looking like babuji. Ring of Fire 11 March 2020 Update. She says he will not become like babuji if he dresses like him. His lungi opens and he panics. She laughs. He says he will become like babuji by tomorrow. He will become Anurag Singh Bahubali and she will love him then. Ragini thinks she respects her babuji, but wanted an English speaking MBA graduate as husband, so she married him, but he wants to become

Bahubali. Vikral passes by and Anruag tells that Ragini taunts him that he cannot become like Babuji as does not know to shoot, asks babuji if he can teach him shooting. Ragini comments that his brain is faster than computer, he does not need guns. Vikral says he will teach damad babu as he may need it anytime.

At Vidhvan’s house, daadi prepares handmade rakhi. Vishu asks why she is preparing them. Daadi says she will send them to her brothers. Dulari says she can buy them and send. Daadi says it is love for her brothers. Vishu says even he will help her in the evening, he is going to meet Shristi now as he heard babuji telling he is going to Harinagar. Revati yells.

Vidhvan hears that and says he will be busy in his own work and may not find time to meet Sristi. Revati says his papa is right and he should stop his obsession for Shristi. Dulari comments that Shristi knows black magic and traps all men earlier Vishu and Anurag and now Shekhar. Vikral yells at both to shut their mouth up and leaves. Daadi also scolds Revati and leaves. Revati continues yelling.

Shristi tells Shekhar that she felt goons attacked them purposefully in temple on someone’s order. Shekhar says he does not think so, it must be Vikral’s enemies. He goes out to get something. Ragini walks in yelling at Shekar. Shristi confronts. Ragini counterattacks verbally. Their argument continues.

Ragini warns her to inform Shekhar to take back case, else he will not find lawyer to fight his case. She walks away. Shekhar hears their conversation and thinks he was unnecessarily getting tensed, he can use these 2 women to take his revenge. He enters and tells Shristi that she has to bear nonsense because of him, he is keeping quiet as they are her relatives. She says he should not bother about relationships and go ahead with case, she has broken all relationships.

  • Ring of Fire 11 March 2020

Vikral teaches shooting and Anurag hits bottles perfectly. Vikral tells Ragini that damad babu is like her in shooting. Ragini fumes that his drama is continuing. Vikral with Parag leaves for a meeting. Anurag walks behind Ragini and says he is becoming like her babuji. She asks him to stop irritating her, he can do whatever he wants, his people are a nuisance for her. He says he is confused what she is talking about. She continues yelling. Vani hears their conversation standing near door.

Ragini yells at Anurag and asks him to do whatever he wants but spare her. Anurag says he really does not understand what she is talking about. Vani hears their conversation and thinks what happened between Ragini and damadji that Ragini is not convinced even after damadji trying so hard. She drinks water and chokes. She coughs loudly. Anurag comes out and rushes to her seeing her choking. He calls Ragini, but she listening to music thinks she will not go out. Vikral, Parag and Narad join them. Ragini hears their sound and rushes out. Vikral asks Narad to call doc. Doc comes and checks Vani and says she is fine now, Anurag saved her on time, she got water into her lungs mistakenly. Vikral says sometimes when we thinking of something and drink water, it happens Vani says Anurag helped her like a god. Vikral thanks Anurag. Anruag says he did his duty. Vikral asks Ragini to be with her mother and leaves.

Shekhar tells Shristi that he will make sure Vikral is punished. Sumer comes. Shristi yells at him why he comes here often even after breaking relationship with them. Sumer says he came to meet Shekhar and says babuji is ill and he wants Shekhar to take care of babuji’s work. Shekhar says he will and asks why did not he inform before. Brother says babuji is a simple man and does not want to take anyone’s help. Shekhar says he will meet sir and suggests Shristi to accompany him. She agrees and walks with him.

Ragini tells Anurag that he has proven his parents that he is ideal damad, but if they will know about their relationship, they will lose faith on truth and humanity, so he should go from here. He says he will go today itself with his wife. She says okay and then realizes what he said. He says he will not go without his wife. She says she will never come with him and angrily shuts his laptop. He fumes that all his hard work is lost.

Shekhar goes to meet Purshottam and sees him resting. Surekha says he does not take medicines and food on time and fell ill, earlier Shristi used to take care of him. Shristi enters. Surekha happily hugs her. Shristi reminisces time spent with her father and cries that she cannot see him so calm, why he is not taking care of himself. He wakes and gets happy seeing her. She takes care of him whole night. Shekhar leaves asking her take care of himself.

Ring of Fire 11 March 2020 Update ends as Ragini also takes care of Vani and says she will sleep with her today. Vani says she is fine and asks her to go and rest in her room. Vikral comes and sends her. Next morning, Ragini serves breakfast and tells she gave breakfast amma and she is fine. Narad informs that lawyer has come. Vikral says lawyers and judges often come here. Narad says he is different. Vikral asks who is he now. Shekhar enters and says he is Shekhar. Ragini fumes why did he come here, anyways she will throw him in godown.

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