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Osvan Services Set to Unveil Revolutionary FinTech E-commerce Platform with Advanced TaxTech Capabilities*

*Osvan Services Set to Unveil Revolutionary FinTech E-commerce Platform with Advanced TaxTech Capabilities*

Osvan Services Limited is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its innovative platform, Osvan, designed to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape with built-in TaxTech capabilities. This groundbreaking platform not only simplifies e-commerce transactions but also enables governments to enhance tax collection and reduce leakages through advanced technology.

The company’s recent release highlighted that the Osvan platform democratizes e-commerce by eliminating entry barriers and provides a secure environment that protects users from online shopping scams with its secure transaction mechanism. This mechanism serves as a trusted intermediary, securing transactions for both buyers and sellers.

“Our mission at Osvan Fintech is to unlock the potential of e-commerce without the constraints of traditional finance,” the company declared. “We are dedicated to:
– *Go Virtual, Go Global:* Access virtual cards and receiving accounts, allowing you to spend and receive like a local across 20 African countries, Europe, and the United States.
– *Unlock Global Payments:* Send and receive international payments seamlessly and securely, expanding your network of global partners.
– *Enhance Revenue Collection through TaxTech:* Employ cutting-edge technology to accurately assess, collect, and manage taxes, significantly reducing leakages and enhancing the effectiveness of government revenue systems.

– *Partner with the Best:* Benefit from the security and reliability of our partnerships with major banks, ensuring peace of mind for every transaction.”

The official launch is scheduled for May 31st in Abuja, where Osvan Services will demonstrate how these innovative features, particularly the TaxTech system, will revolutionize both e-commerce and tax collection, benefiting businesses and governments alike.



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