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Mehek October 1st 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek October 1st 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Tuesday update starts when Mehak and Shaurya see terrorist fixing bomb in garland and keeping it near wedding stage and silently walk towards it. Home minister comes and chats with them. On the other side, Laali chats with home minister’s wife over phone and says she felt really nice befriending her. Lady also says even she felt good. Laali excitedly asks is it and says she left her gold ring there and to send it via Mehek as she is attending Meera’s engagement. Lady agrees. Mehek’s relative fumes that Laali’s drama is continuing till now.

Laali excitedly thinks if Mehek and Vivan come, media will cover them and Vivan will meet Sharuya as his friend. Terrorists continue to threaten Mehek’s family and laugh that soon their mission will complete and bomb will explode at home minister’s daughter’s wedding.

Family discuss if they unite, god will help them. Security personnel announces final security check before wedding ceremony starts. Terrorist warns Mehek to execute his plan and not let security check garlands, else she won’t be able to meet her family. Back at Mehek’s house, uncle starts coughing and says he is having stomach ache. He tells family that they have to paralyze terrorists somehow and should use papaji’s medicines for that.

Mehek and Shaurya think how to stop security personnel checking bomb garland. Shaurya silently sends security on the other side. Mehek breaks oil can and spills oil around catering area and setting fire shouts.. Security’s attention diverts. Shaurya scolds his staff for being careless while terrorist removes garland from stage. Guests insists Shaurya for a dance and he walks with them.

Mehek October 1st 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Terrorists walk toward Shaurya, but Mehek stops them and asks to let him dance, else they will be doubted.. Terrorist’s Boss follows Shaurya and beats him… Abba says to his men be careful. Don’t do any mistake or I will kill you. Arman comes and says Shaurya ran. You stay here and handle the men. Shaurya must have gone to his in laws to save them. I will do something don’t worry. You handle here. Abba says we have to complete the mission today. Arman says yes I know. He leaves. He sits in the car and takes off his mask. Its Shaurya wearing Arman’s mask. He drives towards the house. Arman is in the car trunk. He says open it.

Mehek’s family wait for a chance to divert terrorists’ attention. Terrorists go to prepare tea. Uncle picks medicine box silently and tries to mix them in water. Terrorists return and catch them and trash them brutally. Shaurya wears boss’s mask and goes to rescue family. He knocks door and in boss’s voice asks to open door. Terrorist opens door. Shaurya walks in.

Shaurya disguised as terrorist’s boss walks to family and lifts uncle. He asks terrorists to take everyone safe house, he will tackle them all. At wedding venue, Mehek tries to take out bomb fixed garland when bride calls her. She walks to bride. Bride anxiously asks if she is looking fine, she is very afraid. Mehek says she is looking very beautiful, today is her day and everything will go well. Bride continues with photo shoot. Mehek prays matarani to help Shaurya fail terrorist attack.

At safe house, Shaurya acts as torturing his family and asks to bring blankets aas he does not want anyone notice them. He injects terrorists instead and they collapse. Another terrorist comes. Shaurya injects even him and removes his mask. Family gets happy seeing Shaurya. Shaurya frees them. Another terrorist comes.

At wedding venue, terrorists jam mobile signals. Mehek sees no network on her mobile. Shaurya tries her number, but it is out of reach. Mehek October 1st 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Abba sees Mahek in wedding venue and says she is here then who was on phone? Minister’s daughter comes in venue as bride. Mahek is trying to call and says I dont have network. Woman comes there and says give me garland, they are waiting, Mahek says I can hold it. Woman says you have done a lot of work, let us work too, she takes garland from here. Mahek is tensed.

Shaurya arrives at venue and sees Armaan limping, he runs to him. Armaan comes to wedding venue and instruct his goons. Shaurya comes there and shouts to stop it. He asks them to not exchange garlands. Security guards grab him, Shaurya says there is bomb in garland, all are stunned. Mahek asks groom and bride to throw garlands away. Armaan tries to go near bomb but Nehal throws wine at him. Armaan shouts Abba to blast.

Abba is about to press button on bomb but shaurya runs to him and clutches him, security tries to push Shaurya away. Mahek starts beating Armaan. She doesnt let him get up and keeps beating him. Abba tries to press bomb button but shaurya tries to keep his hand away. Mahek runs to groom and bride, she takes garland and throws it on Armaan. Abba presses button on garland and it blasts. Mahek runs to Shaurya who is injured, Mahek says I will take you to doctor. Shaurya says no we have to find Abba. They see Abba near parking lot. Shaurya runs to Abba in parking lot and starts beating him. Abba attacks him and holds him down.

Karona comes to Kanta and asks how she is? you people were kidnapped and we didnt know. Kanta says it was dangerous. Jeevan says Shaurya and Mahek saved everyone from bomb blast.

Abba is beating Shaurya. Mahek comes there and hits him with pot. Shaurya beats him and says you beat my son, you kept me from my family.. he beats him. Police catches abba. Mahek and Shaurya hugs each other.

Kanta and others watch news that Shaurya and Mahek stopped attack. Karona says we didnt know they were fighting this much. Dolly says they fought alone. Mehek October 1st 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Inspector is investigating with Shaurya, he asks Shaurya to be specific. Shaurya says sorry that I was kidnapped by them. Mahek says they are just investigating. Home minister and his daughter comes there and hugs Mahek. Home minister says to inspector that we are thankful to them, you have terrorist arrested so investigate from him, inspector nods and leaves.

Family comes there and hugs them. Shaurya says I am sorry Dolly, I had to shout at you, she says no issues. Shaurya says to Vicky that I saw how matured you have become, you did nice, thank you. Mahek thanks Nehal for helping. Home minister says tomorrow will my daughter’s wedding, I want to invite Mahek and Shaurya.

Shaurya and Mahek comes to Jeevan’s house. Balwant is crying and says these people took PD away. Mahek asks him to calm down, PD wanted us together, you have to take care of yourself, she gives him medicine, he takes it. Mansi hugs Mahek and cries, she says you are so strong and brave. Mahek says you all were my strength, God was with me. Mansi smiles. Mahek asks about Neev.

Mahek and Shaurya comes to Neev’s room, doctor checks Neev and says he is shocked, give him nice environment, he needs speech thrapy too, doctor leaves. Shaurya says to Neev that you are hero, you will be fine, Mahek cries and says I was worried. Shaurya and Mahek comes out of room, Shaurya says we should send Neev to nice place. Mahek says Neev’s grandma called and wanted him there for somedays, maybe this is right. Shaurya says yes and also we will get some alone time. Mahek says selfish.. take Shaurya to Hrishikesh tomorrow and comeback.

Mehek October 1st 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Karona does aarti in her house, she gives parsad to Mahek and Shaurya and everyone. Karona says dont do this kind of work Shaurya. Shaurya says I had your blessings. Mahek says you didnt worry about me? Karona says you are our strength, she prays that no ill comes to this house. Mahek says we are not leaving anywhere, dont worry, all smile.

At night, Mahek is packing Neev’s clothes, Shaurya makes face. Mahek sees Shaurya missing from room and looks around. She calls him but phone is in room too. Mahek goes to look out. She comes back in room aftersome and sees it decorated with roses and candles, she smiles. Shaurya comes there and pulls her closer, he caresses her face, tera chera jab nazar aye plays. Mahek hugs him tightly and kisses his neck, the slowly dance with each other. Shaurya leans in to kiss her, Mahek says you started again? what if someone comes? Shaurya says no one will come,its only you and me, he leans and kiss her.

In morning, Mahek tells family that Shaurya left with Neev, he will comeback in evening. Dolly says we should go on shopping for ceremony today. Later Shaurya comes back, they all get ready for function. Karona says I have headache, I cant come. Mahek says they want to praise us and you cant come? we are not going too. Karona says you both are dramaqueens, she drinks kada to go there. Mehek October 1st 2019 Update On Zee World Series

In function, home minister says that two common people saved whole city yesterday, we will be blessed to have people like Shaurya and Mahek. He calls them on stage and gives them shawls and certificates. Shaurya says they say woman is behind man’s success, my whole success goes to my wife, Mahek is always with me, she does everything to protect me and her family, we have had to bear a lot but my family always stayed with us, he calls his family on stage too. They all clap for them

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