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Mehek 25 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 25 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mandhar and Mahek come home. Julie says you ate food? He says know. Her lover came there as well. I only got beaten. I was hurt when she didn’t even stop him. She isn’t happy with me, I should free her. Mahek says why are you saying that.

Mandhar says you never said you love me. I don’t have money like him. She says I am your wife. He says will you prove your love? She says yes.

Karuna says to Shaurya she is not Mahek. Dolly, she is someone’s wife. Shaurya says she is my Mahek. The DNA reports were changed. I will find out who did that. Archie says please don’t fight. Lets cancel this charity dinner. Shaurya says we will do this.

Mandhar shows them the wedding video. He says tomorrow is our anniversary. I was thinking we should marry each other again.

Mahek says why? He says what’s wrong in that? Will you do that? She says as you say.
Mandhar meets archie. SHe gives him money for wedding. He says in this much money I could marry another woman. She says once you win her your Vandana murder case would be close as well. Make her yours. Once you make her yours in bedroom she will be yours. You have to use Mahek. Convince her she is Vandana. Make her yours. She is typical indian girl. He says i will handle that all. She says keep your son away from all this. Make sure no mistake happens. She gives him mangalsutra.

Mehek 25 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

At night, Shaurya comes to the room. He screams Mahek’s name. She says Shaurya I am here.I am your agian. He caresses her face. Shaurya hugs her. She cries. Shaurya holds her hand. He kisses her face. Shaurya says you are back? I missed you so much. He was dreaming all this? He says Mahek where did you? He was dreaming all this. He says Mahek is in trouble. She needs me. He calls Kanta and says Mahek is in trouble. We have to do something. She says calm down. He says no we have to save Mahek.

Mahek dresses up Neev. He says where are we going? She says we are goin out. Mandhar says my son looks so good. Mandhar says nurse will stay with dad. You are elder you should be with us. Neev says lets go dadi. Mandhar says okay then we all wont go.

Shuarya gets everything ready for charity lunch. Mahek says don’t be angry. We will do as you say. Mandhar says lets go. He says julie ma please lets go. His mood is really good. Julie says in heart how do I tell you what you are getting yourself in to.
Mahek says in heart why I feel so weird.

Vicky comes with orphan kids to WC and Archie arrange some games for them. Shaurya sends a message to Kanta and asks her if she knows where Mahek is. Kanta waits in lane to keep an eye on Mahek’s house. Neev sees Kanta and comes to her. Neev says how I look? Kanta says where good. Where are you going? He says I don’t know we are all going. Kanta tells Shaurya that they are doing. Kanta sees Mahek and follows them. Mangalsutra falls from Mandhar’s pocket and KAanta sees it. She is dazed. Kanta calls Shaurya but Archie is keeping him busy. His phone keeps ringing but he doesn’t know. Archie turns his phone off.

Archie’s dad says for how long will you stop Shaurya? I don’t understand your plan. Mahek will recall everything. Archie says sometimes I feel like I can’t be your daughter. I am so smart. You are so dumb. Once Mandhar makes Mahek pregnant she will consider him her husband forever. Once she become mother of his child. Shaurya will never be able to accept her even if she recalls who she is.

Mahek comes in Mandap. She sees flash backs. Neev says you look so good mama. Come fast. Shaurya is worried. Kanta comes running to Shaureya. SHe says why is your phone? He says my battery died. He says I will not leave him. I am going. Archie says call police. He is a criminal type. Karuna says are you mad. You won’t go there. Shaurya says I will stop that wedding even if I have to burn that place. Mahek and Mandhar are getting married. Shaurya is on his way. Vicky traces Mandhar’s location. Kanta and Archie are with them as well. Kanta says why you look worried Archie? Mehek 25 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Neev wonders why are there no guests in the wedding? Let me call hero and ask him to bring some guests. Neev calls Shaurya. Archie picks his phone. She hears its Neev. she hang up and turns his phone off.
Vicky tells the location. Shaurya says where are we going? Archie says this neev will ruin my plan.

Mehek 25 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Shaurya and Vicky see the temple. Julie ties Mahek and Mandhar’s knot. Mandhar says hurry up. They come to a location but Mandhar isn’t therre. Shaurya says he left his phone here so we reach at the wroong place. No one is here. Archie says calm down. We can’t find them. Its impossible. Shaurya says I will find Mahek and I will kill that Mandhar. He hits his hand on the wall. Kanta says stop Shaurya. Archie says burn more Shaurya. I will fix you and you will be mine. A man comes and says why are you making noise here? Vicky says did someone come here for wedding? He says no.

Shaurya says can you give us CCTV footage? He says everyone has gone out of Dehli I can’t show you the video. Shaurya runs out. Vicky says listen. Kanta says in heart can’t let Shaurya break like this. I have to do something.

Mandhar says to pandit hurry up. Do it fast. Pandit says it can’t go with your speed. He says to Mahek my jaan can’t control anymore. After this we will do the real thing, our wedding night. Mahek is dazed.

Mandhr holds Mahek’s hand. She feels weird. She says in heart why do I feel so weird. Why I feel so suffocated? Maybe because I don’t remember anything.
Shaurya is distressed. Vicky says don’t worry lets look around in other temples.
Neev says let me send photo to hero. Julie asks him to sit down. Shaurya receives the photo. He is dazed. Vicky says what happened? He looks in the phone. He says Mandhar is marrying Mahek. I will kill him.

Shuarya sees the picture. He says chachi Mahek and Mandhar. Archie says in heart this Neev. I will kill him. She calls on his number. Vicky traces the number.
Archie punctures the tire of the car. Shaurya says I know this place. Lets go. Kanta feels there is something wrong. Archie is doing this. A man comes on bike and goes in the temple. Shaurya takes his bike. He goes towards the temple. Mandhar says I will make you mine forever. Archie keeps calling him.

Mehek 25 August 2019 Update

Mandhar is taking rounds around the fire with Mahek. Archie says I will kill this Mandhar. Kanta says why are you so worried? She says I hope shaurya finds Mahek. Kanta says don’t worry. Shaurya will fix everything. Suddenly a storm rages. The knot breaks. Julie says Mandhar don’t do this.

Shaurya comes in. He hits Mandhar’s goons. Shaurya takes Mahek’s hand pulls her. He shoves Mandhar and puts Mahek on his bike. He takes her him with. Mahek says let me go. Mandhar’s men couldn’t stop him. He goes. Mahek says let me go. Mandhar hits his men and says he took my wife. Neev is crying. Julie says she will come back. Maandhr says did you help him? She says why would I do this. Mahek gets off the bike and tries to run. Shaurya runs after her.
Neev says papa where is ma. Mandhar hits him. He says you are the one who did this. He beats Neev badly. Shaurya holds Mahek. Mahek says don’t come near me. I am mother of a child.

Mandhar is beating Neev. All the neighbors gather outside. Jeevan says who hits kids like these. Mandhar says I can even kill him and imagine what will I do with you all. He goes out.

Dolly says to Karuna eat something please. Karuna says I am really worried. Archie and Vikcy come home. Mandhar comes in and says i will burn this house. Vicky hits hit and asks security to take him out. Vicky says get out. Mandhar says I will go to police if you don’t return my wife. You kidnapped my wife. Where is Shaurya. Where is Vandana. Archie slaps Mandhar. She says enough and go from here. He says I will tell the whole city about how you people are.

Shaurya tries Mahek’s hand. She says let me go. My son is waiting for me. He says I have lost you once can’t lose you twice. Unless you don’t recall everything you will stay here in front of me. Mahek says I am Vandana. Let me go please. I want to go from here or I will gather the whole world here. He says you can change. Your old clothes are here. She says I want to go from herre right now. He locks her in the room and leaves. She says my name is not Mahek. She screams for help. He says I bought this building to surpirse you. But I won’t let our love be incomplete.

Mahek says no one else will come here? He says I thought I would surprise you. But its okay we will complete our story. Mahek saays open the door. Is there someone. He says the door wont open and there is no one here. Remember we got locked here before too? There are old photos of them on the wall. He tells her the story of past. He says I love you Mahek. Remember you are my Mahek. He hugs her. She shoves him and says stay away from me. He says relax. She says enough. Adhi is making tea. Mahek says you haave kidnapped. Will you keep me detained here forever? I am someone’s wife. He says you are my wife. You don’t remember anything.

She says you can’t keep me detained. He says I will unless you recall everything. Your clothes are here as well. She says please don’t do this. He says everything will be fine when you remember. When you recall everything we can adopt neev. He needs good parents.

Mandhar comes home. Julie tells him that Mahek’s family too Neev. They said they will call police if you hit him again. Mandhar says neev is the key to bring him back. The more he cries your mahek will cry to come back here. She will come back for neev only.
Shaurya gives Mahek tea. He says after you left I started cooking as well. This tea is the way you like it. she shoves the cup. He says you burned your hand. He goes to bring first aid. Mahek picks his phone. he says there is no network here. Mehek 25 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

You remember when we got stuck here last time? You tried calling and there was no network. Mahek says how do I tell you. I beg you for my son please let me go. I am not Mahek. He says change you will feel better. She says okay. He says let me show you your room. Shaurya sets her room while Mahek is outside. She tries to go out.

Neev is crying and sobbing. He has asthma attack. He says where is my mom? Kanta says don’t cry your dad can’t hit you anymore. Jeevan calls police but they say that its family matter. Mandhar comes in. Neev is scared. Kaanta says don’t worry. Mandahr says you want to change your parents now? Jeeva says don’t touch him. He shoves everyone. He says don’t mess with me. He throttles Kanta and picks neev. Neev says I dont’ wanna go. Kanta says go save neev.

Shaurya comes out to check Mahek she hits him with a dustbin. Shaurya’s head bleeds, Mahek runs downstairs. Shaurya says Mahek stop. Mahek is going downstairs/ She holds her head and says shaurya. She says what did I do. Shaurya is fainted. Mahek comes up and says please open your eyes sir. I am sorry. What did I do. She spills water on his face. His head is bleeding. Mahek takes him to room. She lays him on bed and cleans his wound. Mahek dresses Shaurya’s wound. He says if I knew my blood would melt you I would have done it way before. she looks for material to dress his wound. The song hamarri adhuri kahani plays in background. Shaurya holds her hand. Mahek says I didn’t want to do this. I am sorry. Mehek 25 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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