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Mehek 19 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 19 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 19 August 2019 Update – Archie is shocked to see Xray and says how Vandana can be Mahek?

Neev comes to Shaurya and says he lost his ball and its in room which is locked. Shaurya comes to that room and opens it but before Neev or Julie can see photos of Mahek and Shaurya in room, phone rings, they both goes to pick it up, its Mahek and she asks about Neev, they are busy talking to her on phone so Shaurya goes in room and takes Neev’s ball. Shaurya comes out of room with ball and gives it to Neev, Mahek and Shaurya’s picture falls out of room after he closes door, Shaurya doesnt see it. Neev thanks him, Shaurya smiles and leaves.

Mahek comes to her room, she winces in pain. Neev makes her put her foot on table and gives her medicine, he says dadu said you had to eat it even if its bitter, she takes it and says okay doctor. Julie comes there and says he was crying but owner of this house, that man kept consoling him, Neev says be brought my ball out of room too, what do you like most? she says Neev, he says I am not a thing. ,,

Mahek says it must be expanive, Julie nods and leaves with Neev asking Mahek to rest.
Archie is dirving rashly in anger, she recalls meeting Mahek now and how she got to know that its real Mahek, she thinks how could be alive? I hit her head and threw her in lake, whose deadbody was found near lake and if she is not Mahek then why she is not speaking up? I have to find out who is who and what she wants.

Mahek wakes up and says room is cleaned everyday but spiders make web everyday. She starts cleaning and brooming room. Mahek finds photo near locked door. She takes it and is shocked to see that its Mahek and Shaurya’s photo, she is shocked to see herself holding hands with Shaurya, she gets dizzry recalling blurry flashbacks. She tries to control herself and thinks how can I be in this photo? if Mandhar finds out then he will think I am wrong, God what is happening.

Mahek comes out of room and in garden. She finds Shaurya near car and on call. She looks at photo and then at him, she is suddenly pushed away from there. Shaurya feels something and looks around but doesnt find her. Shaurya thinks why I felt that Mahek called out to me? he gets my call and leaves.

Archie has pulled Mahek away from Shaurya and asks what happened? why she was running? Mahek shows her and Shaurya’s photo and says how can this happen? you must know everything, I never met that Mister before then how I have photo with him? how can I be with him? tell me the truth? Archie is tensed.

Mehek 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Jeevan shouts at Kanta and says I am talking to you, answer me, she ignores him. Jeevan says is this even madness or something else? they are at food truck. Ravi says we can talk at home. Shaurya arrives at his hotel and sees Jeevan and Kanta fighting, he thinks it must be something serious.

Archie cries and says to Mahek that you will be shocked, she asks what? Archie says fate has done joke on us, this is Mahek in photo, its Shaurya’s first wife and she died.
Nehal calls Shaurya. Shaurya asks why Jeevan and Kanta are fighting? Nehal says Mohit is transferring to Delhi from Dubai but Kanta want to shift there, she wants to leave Delhi with family, you stay away from this matter.

Mahek says to Archie that she looks like me. Archie says yes, I was shocked to see you that night at diwali, I wanted to tell you but I was shocked, I was shocked but think what will happen to Shaurya? he will be so shocked. Mahek says is exactly like me. Archie says only face wise, she was ambitious, she used to love cooking food, she won competition, she worked in business and wanted a person like Shaurya, she wanted to grow career, you are totally different from Mahek, you want to be Mandhar’s wife only, you have family and kid and you want to be with them.

Mahek was not like you, Mahek has left him, Shaurya cant see you, he will breakdown seeing your face, I am Shaurya’s doctor, Shaurya brokedown after Mahek’s death and he will breakdown again if he sees you. Mehek 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Shaurya comes to Kanta and says you have made life here, you have worked for years to build family here, you cant leave Delhi and go abroad. Kanta says you dont have any right to say anything, I want to leave this place because I cant see you forgetting Mahek and marrying someone else, I might have small heart but I cant see you building new life with your new wife forgetting Mahek, I cant see it.

Mahek says to Archie that dont worry I wont come infront of that mister(Shaurya), I dont remember much after I had accident one year back so I get jittery but I will be fine soon, I have family that will take care of me. Archie says Mahek left one year back and wounds of whole family will open up if they see your face, Mahek says dont worry, I promise I will never come infront of that mister(Shaurya). Archie smiles.

Shaurya says to Kanta that you wont leave anywhere, this is your city, you have lived here for life, you wont go anywhere so I will leave this city and wont ever comeback, I promise I will pack up my life here and leave in few days and will never comeback, he leaves. Kanta looks on.

Mahek says to Archie that dont worry and just focus on your wedding. Archie says Mahek and you had one thing in common, you both think about others’ happiness before yourself, your heart is very nice, Mahek nods and limps away to her room. Archie glares at her. Archie says for my love, I have act fast again, I have to marry Shaurya very soon and send these people to their village.

Priest says to Karona and family that Shaurya and Archie have to marry in 3 days as there is no good time after that until seven months. Dolly says but how can wedding happen in 3 days? Archie says there must be someway. She pinches Arvind, Arvind gets hint and says we can arrange wedding in 3 days when we have money. Karona says its so early and what about Shaurya? Shaurya comes there and says I am okay to marry in three days, Archie smirks and thinks this is what I wanted, Shaurya will be mine in three days. Mehek 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Shaurya says to family that start preparing for marriage and says we will move to Mumbai after marriage forever. Archie smiles. Karona and Harish are tensed and not happy with his decision. Shaurya leaves from there. Karona comes to Shaurya. Shaurya says to he that he doesnt want Kanta to leave this city. Karona says why you are not thinking about us? you want your business here but you are thinking about Mahek and her family only. Archie comes there and says she is ready to move to Mumbai, I am with Shaurya, she reaches out of hold his hand but Shaurya pulls away and says he is doing this marriage for his family and he will never be able to love her but he will try his best to be perfect life partner, Archie looks on.

Shaurya tells Mahek isn’t here but I feel her around and sometimes I see her also. Archie gets angry listening and breaks a vase. She calms down. Archie holds his hand tells he is with her and she doesn’t want anything else.

Archie thinks about Shaurya’s words and thinks that I will remove Mahek’s memories from his mind and make memories with him.
At night, Mandhar comes home drunk and goes to garden. Shaurya sees him from balcony.

Mehek 19th August 2019 Update on Zee World

Shaurya comes in kitchen. He finds Panjiri in fridge and recalls how Neev said it was his. He smiles and takes it out, he starts eating it and is shocked and recalls how Mahek used to make it, he thinks it has Mahek’s taste, he recalls how he saw Mahek few days ago, how Neev said that his motehr made that panjiri, he thinks Neev’s mother is Mahek? he runs out and comes in garden.

Mandhar is drunk in garden and forcing himself on a girl that looks like Mahek from behind, Mandhar is molesting her and says I will make love tonight. Shaurya sees him forcing himself on her, he runs to them and pushes Mahek/woman away from Mandhar. He looks at woman’s face and is shocked. Mandhar glares at him. Shaurya looks at woman and its not Mahek but someone else.

Goon comes in Archie’s car. Archie says if anyone saw you then you are fired, he says I have found all information, I found everything about Mandhar, Mandhar knows everyone as he has fight with everyone and people know Vandana as his wife, people know that Mandhar used to beat Vandana, he sent Vandana to hospital but she cameback after a day and all these fights happen because of a girl Bijli, she is clever and has affair with Mandhar, Vandana used to fight with him over Bijli. Spy says one strange thing was that the wardboy who attended Vandana when she was injured, he left his job after two days, Archie says find that wardboy, he is important.

Shaurya looks at Bijli and thinks he Mandhar’s wife, he says I am sorry, I was thinking something else. Mandhar says you can do anything and then say sorry in english? Shaurya says I thought you are with someone else, you are his wife, I am sorry.

Mandhar says you are friend of my son but dont try to befriend my wife. Shaurya shouts that I said sorry, dont say rubbish otherwise I will throw you out of house. Mahek is in her room and hears some noise. Mandhar shoos Shaurya away and leaves with Bijli. Shaurya starts leaving. Mahek looks through window. Shaurya thinks why I feel Mahek everywhere? he looks towards window but Mahek hides. Shaurya leaves.

Shaurya comes to his room and thinks how its possible? how Neev’s mother’s panjiri have same taste like Mahek’s panjiri? I cant talk about it to anyone as they will call me mental, I have to talk to Neeb’s mother. Mehek 19th August 2019 Update on Zee World

Bijli romances with Mandhar and says you have been playing with me, if you dont accept me then I will fly away. Mandhar says go away and sit in some brothel, if that Shaurya saw that you are not my wife then I would have lost things. Bijli says I love your anger, give me your love once and then I will show my craziness, he hugs her tightly and starts feeling her up. Mandhar’s mother Julie there, Mandhar pushes Bijli away. Julie jerks Bijli away from Mandhar and glares at him.

Julie says you had destroyed your life once because this cheap sl*t and want to get destroyed again? Bijli leaves. Julie says if I find you again with her then I wont spare you, Mandhar says dont blame me. Julie slaps him and says I did mistake once, leave this Bijli and take hand of that girl, respect her and give her good life and leave this Bijli, if you dont then you will be destroyed and I wont spare you this time, she leaves. Mandhar is angry.

In morning, Mahek is trying to take Neev to room but he wants to stay in garden. Shaurya comes there. Neev says hero save me, my mother is kidnapping me. Mahek recalls how Archie said she cant come infront of Shaurya ever. Mahek hides her face in veil. Shaurya says to Mahek that I want to say sorry about last night, I shouldnt have disturbed you and your husband, Mahek thinks what is he saying?

Shaurya says did you made that Panjiri? Neev says yes and gave it to bad woman, Shaurya says you are nice kid, dont talk like that, Shaurya asks her if she made Panjiri? she nods. Shaurya thinks how she can she make panjiri exactly like Mahek? there is something missing.

Shaurya says to Mahek if she made Panjiri? Mahek nods. Shaurya asks how did she learn to make it like that? Mahek looks on. Neev says she watched recipe on TV. Mandhar calls out to Vandana. Mahek starts leaving with Neev, Shaurya tries to go behind them but Archie comes there and says I have brought your sherwani. Mahek and Neev leaves.

Shaurya says to Archie that you might think I am going mad but I fell Mahek is everywhere, I tasted panjiri and I felt like Mahek made it. Archie is tensed but says that you love Mahek a lot thats why you imagine Mahek everywhere and about Panjiri, Mahek’s recipes were famous and people used to follow them so anyone can try her recipe. Shaurya nods and leaves. Archie is tensed and thinks i will deal with this Vandana once I am married to Shaurya.

Mehndi ceremony starts. Sharma family comes there without Kanta. Khanna family welcomes them. Archie arrives there too nicely dressed. Everyone praises her.
In kitchen, Mandhar is cooking sweets, he gets to know that one ingredient is less and asks worker to bring it.
Mahek is working in kitchen too and asks worker to bring more onions, worker goes to bring it. Mehek 19th August 2019 Update on Zee World

In mehndi, everyone is dancing and enjoying. Archie smiles at Shaurya. Shaurya looks on. Mahek is in kitchen area and is tensed. She goes in function.

All are enjoying and dancing in function but shaurya is sad. He recalls his functions with Mahek. Mahek comes there in veil. Archie shows her mehndi to Shaurya, Shaurya recalls Mahek’s mehndi, he gets tensed and says to Karona that I will come in a minute. He turns to leave and is lost in thoughts. Vicky comes to him and tries to talk to him but Shaurya is lost. Mahek is outside venue and looks around. She is closer to Shaurya but he has back to her, Mahek recalls blurring flashbacks while Shaurya recalls their moments. Shaurya gets angry and stops music. All turn to him. Shaurya says to Vicky that ask Banwari to start his performance. Mahek looks around and thinks why I keep seeing blurring images? and this mister?

Mahek comes in kitchen to Julie and says I keep feeling some images and blurry figures like I am trying to remember something, is there something that I know? can you tell me if something happends? Mandhar comes there and hears it. He shouts that now I will beat you, woman should not think or talk, you dont want to live? I will kill you today then your doubts and questions will end, she says you are thinking wrong.

Mandhar says seems likeyou like in Delhi and want to leave me? want to know who I am? you have kid with me of 7 years old that you gave birth to, Julie asks him to stop it, Mandhar says she wants to question things? she will say that she have relation here, that she knows people of here so you can leave your husband? Mahek says there is nothing like that.

Mandhar says you shameless woman, he tries to strangle her but Mahek pushes him away and says what kind of husband are you? he asks her to shut up, she says I wont shut up, I wont bear your beatings silently, you keep blaming me when I havent done anything wrong, you question my loyalty constantly, the people who do that are not faithful themselves, its not but you who is not faithful.

In function, Archie says to Shaurya that can I have dance with you? Shaurya nods. They all starts dancing, Karona asks Sharma family to join too, they reluctantly agree. Neev says Banwari that can I bring mom here too? I want her here to dance too. Banwari nods and they to go bring her.

In kitchen, Julie asks Mahek to calm down otherwise this Mandhar will make it an issue, Mahek says I wont stop today, I am not scared, there is something missing, you allare hiding something from me, what is it? Mandhar fumes in anger, Julie asks him to leave but he pushes her away and says today I will put sense in you, he attacks her with rope. He brings shovel and says today I will beat you so much that you will have no complain then, he tries to beat her but she holds shovel, Julie asks him to leave her, Mandhar throws away shovel and strangles her, he says I gave you house and you are holding my hand? Mehek 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World

I will break you today. He throws Mahek on ground and stands on her burned foot, he curshes it, Mahek screams in pain and yells to save her. Shaurya is in function but feels someone calling out to him. Mandhar strangles her too. Neev comes there and tries to push Mandhar away and says dont beat my mother.
In function, Shaurya turns to leave but Archie asks him to dance with her, he says sorry, I am not in mood.

Neev bites Mandhar’s hand, Mandhar moves away from Mahek. Mandhar says are you and your mother think I am an enemy? He grabs Neev to beat him but Neev shouts hero/Shaurya. Shaurya is in function and thinks something is wrong.

Shaurya comes in garden and calls out to Neeb, Neev tries to scream for him but Mandhar puts hand on his mouth. Julie comes to Shaurya. Mandhar silently takes Mahek and Neev from there. Julie asks Shaurya what happened? he asks where is Neev? Julie says he is with his mother, she is ill, Shaurya says we can take her to hospital, she says no its mild fever.

Mandhar brings Mahek and Neev to room, he throws them on ground and ties their hands and feet, he gags their mouths so they cant shout.

Mehek 19 August 2019 Update – Shaurya says to Julie that if there is problem then tell me. Mandhar comes there and says you have hired us for work, we can take care of our family. Shaurya says whats your problem? I am trying to help and still you are saying rubbish? Mandhar says I can break you hand easily, Julie asks him to stop it, Mandhar says why he is focusing on others wife? Shaurya says stop saying rubbish, I am bearing you. More Update…

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