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Mehek 05 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Mehek 05 October 2019 Update - Zee World Series
Mehek 05 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Mehek says bad and good times come but we face them together not run away from them. We have to be strong ma. Anjali says we should go temple. Mehek says yes she is right after that we will go for Anjali’s shopping. Kanta comes home. Dolly tells her everything. She says Harsh left the house. Kanta is dazed. she says if I knew I would have kicked her out.

Dolly says I don’t know what to do. Kanta says you have to handle this situation. Mehek says to Shaurya we are going to temple. They come to temple and pray. Mehek sees the man who helped them outside. Mehek and Anjali come there. He looks worried. He is asking for donation from the temple management but they say no.

Shaurya asks what happened? he says they are old people they live in old home. their landlord is asking them for a lot of money. They are destroying the house. The goverment comes to destroy the old home. He says we will make a plaza here. Mehek and SHaurya come there. The old men are trying to stop them.

Mehek 05 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Mehek says we are surat’s friend adn we are here to help. He says they haven’t paid 5 lacs. Shaurya gives him the cheque. HE says don’t ever bother these people. Mehek says learn to respect elders. Surat says thank you so much. All old people thank them. Mehek and shaurya leave. Karuna says my son is such a nice man. Mehek 05 October 2019 Update

Mehek comes home. She meets Kanta. Mehek says thats anjali. Kanta says I want to talk to you. She takes Mehek to room. Dolly says I am goign to temple to pray for this house. Kanta says to Mehek people create these stories to get inside your house. Mehek says she has a proof. Kanta says has a locket. We don’t know who she is. This might be planted. Mehek says we brought her here. Kanta says there is something wrong with this anjali.

Mehek says dolly said all this to you. Please try to understand. Anjali is daughter of this house. We have to help her in fighting the world. She has suffered so much. Kanta says Karuna can’t understand but you have to. Mehek says please don’t get in this matter. Anjali overhears it. Mehek 05 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Karuna hears it too. Karuna says I respect you but dont say a word about my daughter. This is my house’s matter and we will solve it. And dolly should rather keep house matters in the house. Knata says we are outsiders for you. Karuna says if you speak against anjali i wont tolerate it. Karuna says I wont bother a word against my daughter. If anyone tries to distant her form me I will not tolerate. Mehek says don’t ever say those things.

Anjali says how many people will you shut down? She says you are my daughter. I dont’ care about people. Mehek says I am sorry on her behalf ma. Shaurya comes in and says chachi when did you come? She says I have to go home and leaves.

Shaurya comes to Mehek and says what happened? Why are you worried? She says don’t be angry. Dolly told Kanta about Anjali. sHe thinks we made a mistake. Don’t be angry.Shaurya says why is Masi doing this to Anjali. Next morning Mehek wakes anjali up and gives her breakfast. She says thank you bhabhi. Mehek says come downstairs. Karuna says why both of you are not happy? Karuna says happy birthday beta. Anjali says why didn’t Mehek wish me? Karuna says she might not know. Lets celebrate.

Anjali gets ready. Karuna says you look so pretty. Karuna says I am taking Anjali out today. Mehek says we are going to white chilies for work. Can you drop me there? Karuna says okay. Mehek says ma please come in. There is some work. Karuna is angry. She says we have to go. Mehek goes in. shaurya comes too.

Karuna says is it black out? Everyone turns on lights and says surpirse. They all say happy birthday to Anjali. Karuna says in heart I got Mehek so wrong. Karuna says I am sorry Mehek. Mehek says don’t say that. Everyone celebrates. Anjali says thank you bhabhi.

Mehek hugs her. Kanta says congratulations. She hugs Karuna. Everyone gathers to cut the cake. Anjali cuts the cake. Shaurya gives her a necklace. She says its very pretty. Karuna says your bhaiya bhabhi are the best. Everyone dances on gulaboo. Anjali also dances. She comes to her room. someone puts hand on her mouth and take her somewhere. They kidnap her. Mehek 05 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Mehek says where is anjali? Shaurya and Mehek look for her. Same thugs have kidnapped her. He says you thought you could run away? You are just like me. She hugs him and they both laugh..

Mehek 05 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

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