Ultimate Love Reality TV Show

Meet Ultimate Love Reality TV Show Housemates (Video)

Meet Ultimate Love Reality TV Show Housemates (Video)

Meet Ultimate Love Reality TV Show Housemates (Video)
Nothing beats meeting the one person that matches your very existence, this is what Aunty terms as Ultimate Love. Adesuwa Onyenokwe is ready to help our Love Guests through the journey to finding their soulmates. Let’s call her the ultimate cupid!

Meet Ultimate Love Reality TV Show Housemates (Video)
Jenny Koko

Jenny Koko… cool, calm & kind – Ultimate Love
Easy going, kind and ready to give all her love, Jennifer almost walked down the aisle once before but after her father didn’t give his approval, she’s back on the search for her ultimate love! Will love find the River State native?

Meet Ultimate Love Reality TV Show Housemates

Meet Ultimate Love Reality TV Show Housemates (Video)

Chris, on her steely resolve – Ultimate Love
This is one woman who’s under no delusions about what she’s looking for as well as what she’s willing to sacrifice for a lifetime of happiness

Rosie, sweet like Sunday morning – Ultimate Love
Teacher Rosie can school you on a thing or two about love. The bubbly romantic from Ogun State hopes to find her fairytale ending on Ultimate Love. Will lady luck be on her side?

Kachi, knows what he’s after – Ultimate Love
It will take more than looks to woo serial entrepreneur Kachi. The self-proclaimed charismatic charmer from Imo State has a deep love for his cultural traditions and is out to find his perfect bride-to-be.

Obichukwu… Down-to-earth & driven – Ultimate Love
Get to know the handsome and ambitious young businessman who’s keen on finding a gentle lover to care and provide for.

  • Meet Ultimate Love Reality TV Show Housemates

Arnold is ready for someone who’ll complete him – Ultimate Love
Arnold is a hopeful romantic who is ready for the long haul. Will he find the one?

Ebiteinye the obedient – Ultimate Love
Ebiteinye isn’t mixing her words when it comes to a relationship. The bubbly 26 year old believes the man should lead and her role would be to support her man’s vision.

Bolanle… Bubbly, gifted & witty – Ultimate Love
A true BOSS, Bolanle dons many hats in her career but carries these responsibilities with charm and grace. Now she’s keen to make a genuine connection with a man who’s not afraid to bare his inner-most thoughts.

Michael is here to go big or go home – Ultimate Love
Michael talks us through what an airborne marriage proposal would mean for him as we get to know what makes him tick.

Flexible David Wilson – Ultimate Love
David regards himself as an open-minded guy who listens and trusts the whispers of the universe when looking for the right partner

Theresa the quintessential traditional city girl – Ultimate Love
There are many layers to this confident yet meek lady who explains what her role is in contemporary dating.

Nkechi… a lover at heart – Ultimate Love
Soaring up the corporate ladder and strong willed to match, Anambra State’s Nkechi is no stranger to love! Now the marketing exec is ready to meet her life-long partner to share her happily ever after with.

Cherry, the soft-spoken healer – Ultimate Love
Ever smiling and reserved, Cherry is ready to step out of the doctor’s office and find a lasting spark with a man who shares her passion for dancing, traditional food and culture

Louis believes in ‘love at first sight’ – Ultimate Love
An initial connection is how Louis will know if a relationship is for keeps or not.

A sensitive Jay – Ultimate Love
The 35 year old takes pride in the diversity and values that they share. He might be a sensitive soul and sometimes a little serious, but he’s firmly rooted in being himself.

The Charismatic Iyke – Ultimate Love
For Iyke, as he prefers to be called, Ultimate Love is about finding the never-dying love. The secret to his heart is words. ‘Say the right words at the right time’ and you’ll win with him.

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