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Lies of the Heart 22nd April 2020 Update Zee World

Lies of the Heart 22nd April 2020 Update

Lies of the Heart 22nd April 2020 Update Zee WorldTauji demands for something sweet from shashi, while she instigates tauji against urmi, that she is too carefree. Shashi’s husband asks her not to be against her bahus all the time. Tauji plays along and says that he shouldnt favour the bahus like that, as shashi too got out of control.

Shashi is silent, when tauji refers to her. while they are all bantering, Samrat comes is haste and rushing, asking if shaurya came home. samrat’s father asks how can he come home, as he was with him only. aditi asks what happened, as shaurya went with him only. tauji too asks if he lost him somewhere. all are shocked and tensed. tauji hints indirectly at his irresponsibility.

Samrat is highly tensed and says that he doesnt know. diwaker asks what does he mean. Samrat is engulfed by the idea if the maid kidnapped him. Shashi begins to lament, while samrat asks her to shut up and let him
concentrate. he asks about urmi, and is told that he went to her parent’s house.

Samrat talks on the phone, after he comes home, while all are apalled that shaurya is lost. He calkls the police and tells them how he hired a maid, to take care of his baby, but thinks that she has run away with his child. All are shocked as in his frustration, he blurts it out on the phone, in front of his family, who are shocked beyong wits as they come to know what samrat did. Kanchan expresses her shock at him having lost shaurya. they all reprimand him for this. they corner samrat from all ends.

Lies of the Heart 22nd April 2020 Update

Samrat asks them all to shut down. tauji is happy and just hints at him that he is filled with shame, as this means urmi was right in thinking, that samrat cant manage the child’s responsibility for two days and he proved that if urmi isnt around what would happen to the child. tauji says that believeing in him, he himself insulted urmi, and asks what would he answer and how would he face her now. samrat is shut in silence. He reminds him about the lectures that he keeps giving urmi, and how would he face urmi now, as with money, a man can be rich or poor, and cant be deemed to be a good father.

Shashi is irritated that samrat is being reprimanded. Tauji asks how could he even think of hiring a maid from his money and become a good father, as for that he had to become a child with his, and that to understand them, money isnt needed but a heart is. Samrat’s father asks to let this be gone, and find out about shaurya first and file a report in the police. all ask him to do something. kanchan says that urmi would go mad wondering where shaurya is.

He tells them all that noone would tell urmi anything, and says that he would go and search shaurya and leaves for the main exit. Lies of the Heart 22nd April 2020 Update Zee World

All comply. But he is shocked when he finds urmi standing alone, in the doorway, facing him with consternation. The family is tensed, while samrat is tensed that his callous behaviour shall be out in front of urmi now. Manwhile, tauji is happy that the plan worked out almost exactly like he had planned it all along.

All are relieved when they find shaurya with urmi, clutching at her hand. samrat however is filled with amazement as to how this happened. he hugs shaurya and asks him where had he gone and if he is alright. shaurya asks him where had he gone. Samrat is silenced looking at his innocent eyes and then at urmi’s hurt eyes. samrat asks urmi how did shaurya come to him, and where was she. Urmi looks away and says that he should have knows this, as shaurya was with him.

Samrat says that he too is asking this, and reprimands her instead for this, as he was driven nuts while thinking about his son, while she went around roaming with him. Shashi too plays along and begins to reprimand urmi. they both say that urmi just tries to prove her point and irritate him unnecessarily.

Urmi eyes tauji, and getting his consent, urmi says that she dopesnt have an ything to prove, and that the
god forbid, she got in time or else shaurya would have been in grave danger. tauji asks her to explain everything clearly, while samrat is tensed that his truth maybe exposed now. urmi is silent, but then finally says that she was going to her house, when she saw shaurya running away from the dog, being scared, and that he was running on the main road, amidst huge traffic of cars.

She says that had she not reached in time, shaurya would have had an accident,. shaurya too narrates his trauma. samrat is frustrated and disturbed. Kanchan tells urmi about the maid that samrat had hired for his son, and again asks samrat how could he have done this. Urmi too asks this question from him. Samrat is irritated at this question, which stumps him.

Aditit too tries to advise him. urmi says that shaurya;s mother may not have been there, but his father was. samrat asks what does she mean, and if she is trying to hint that he cant take care of his son.

Tauji too asks urmi what is she trying to say, and asks her to say clearly. samrat is told by urmi that she just wants to say that a mother is a mother after all, and she takes the risk of even her life for the well being of her child, and that a caretaker can just do the job, as a duty but cant replace the mother, as she doesnt bear the pain of carrying the child in the womb, as only a mother bears that, and hence the caretaker isnt to be blamed. shashi and samrat are slammed shut.

  • Lies of the Heart 22nd April 2020

Samrat’s father too reprimands him for that, while he still clarifies that he was in the cafeteria, and watching a match, and asked the maid to look over. kanchan too reprimands him, saying that a mother cant do this ever, to have fun when asked to take care of the kid. Samrat asks her to shut up and stop lecturing him. urmi says that what has been done is a bygone and she doesnt need anything more than that. She takes shaurya upstairs to change his clothes. But samrat, disturbed at his condition in front of the family, asks her to stop right there. urmi complies.

All are tensed. He goes over to her. He takes shaurya in his arms, and tells urmi that she doesnt need to be happy, and not assume that without her, shaurya cant be raised as even orphans are brought up, and he and his mother are here for his son, and hence asks her to stay in her limits as the house wont be affected if she isnt here, neither him nor his son too.
Urmi is hurt and apalled. tauji is tensed to find him like this. samrat’s father asks what nonsense is he talking. samrat says that he is right, as her stature isnt more than that maid, and atleast she still earns, while she stays here for free, and that she is even worse than servant.

All are horrified that samrat could talk like this, while shashi is happy at urmi being insulted. urmi stoically says that she understood what he is trying to say, but one thing he too has to understand that their shaurya isnt an orphan and that she is his mother. samrat is shocked, while all are tensed at samrat’s callous behaviour. she looks at tauji, who approves of her actions. tauji thinks that samrat has made a mistake and on top of that is reprimanding others. Lies of the Heart 22nd April 2020 Update Zee World

Tauji advises urmi that things are going exactly like he had thought, as now she understands why he told her not to come soon, as had she come instantly, samrat wouldnt have had a chance to let her win, and would have justified them all. tauji asks her to be positive and take change of the situation. urmi asks whats the use, as after all this, he continued all this and said so much and treated her like a servant. tauji says that it was venting of his frustration. Meanwhile, shashi progresses towards tauji’s room, to decide tomorrow’s breakfast menu. Tauji tells urmi that if ego is scratched, the person goes mad.

tauji advises urmi again, that the recent insult that samrat made on her, she shouldnt forget it, but should take it as a challenge to be overcome in the coming days. tauji asks her to celebrate and continue with this kind of charge of the situation.

Lies of the Heart 22nd April 2020 Update Urmi is surprised, but listens intently as tauji shows her the right tactic to go about it. Meanwhile, tauji finds shashi sneaking in from outside. He starts reprimanding urmi which boggles her, but then when he signals, she finds that shashi is on the door. He asks her to get lost, and urmi smiles and complies. From outside, shashi overhears this and is happy. Urmni leaves.

The next morning, tauji compliments urmi on her cooking, whuile shashi is irritated. samrat comes in attending a phone call, and then calling everyone around, he says that in the evening, some special friends are coming over for dinner, and if things go well, it would be a huge international boom to the business. Amrit identifies them, which tenses tauji. samrat explains more about his business clients. Shashi and kanchan are super excited about business going international.

Samrat asks her to stay shut in front of the guests. samrat says that they are coming back to India after a lonmg time, and they value indian tradition and culture, and want to spend some time with the family. He asks them all to be alert and be at the best in hosting them in the evening.

Amrit takes it on himself, but tauji curbs him down, saying that he shouldnt interfere in everything, and specially where he isnt concerned. samrat hears this all silently, as tauji insults amrit to the core. Aditi isnt very pleased.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
Gaurav says that the girl is good. Granny is super happy, in front of the family, saying that he cant wait to get gaurav remarried and get asha into their house. gaurav says that he cant marry her, surprising granny and others too. granny asks what does he meran. Devi too asks whats the problem. Gaurav is still confused as to why is asha settling for gaurav, a middle aged man, who’s divorcee, and that her mayying him would be injustice to him. Saroj says that they have no issues.

Gaurav again argues, and says that they cant compromise and that this isnt right. Asha asks him if he feels that this girl too shall leave him. He is tensed but says yes, he feels so. saroj and devi are tensed, as gaurav says that if this one too leaves after some years, and that he doesnt want any compusions. Granny again tries to suggest that they dhouldnt let the past affect the future. Gaurav says that he wont marry her, and leaves. Granny gets into an outburst saying that he would get married to asha. All are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Tauji tells urmi that the problem is with her. Urmi says that she doesnt htink its wrong, and that if szhe doesnt take care of her family, who will. tauji asks her to continue then, with the insults, and reminds her about the importance of her in the house, and that if she considers it true, then samrat wont even think twice about insulting her. Tauji says that one who cant respect herself, shouldnt expect it from others, and should think that insult is in her destiny, as her philosophy claims that she should keep doing, whether anyone likes it or not.

Tauji asks how would anyone care for her, when she doesnt care for herself. He leaves, while urmi is thinking still. He asks her to think deep about how she can make them care for her, and how would they realise her importance. Saying so, he leaves, while urmi is tensed. The screen freezes on her face. Lies of the Heart 22nd April 2020

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