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Lies of the Heart 21 April 2020 Update – Zee World

Lies of the Heart 21 April 2020 Update - Zee World

Lies of the Heart 21 April 2020 Update – Samrat asks urmi if shaurya goes to the park daily and is frustrated when he gets to know that he does. tauji too asks samrat to go and take him to the park, as its good for the child. Tauji continues with his rant, of taunting urmi, and in its garb, he gets samrat to do all his work, including taking shaurya to the park, for playing. on tauji’s instructions, urmi instructs samrat about shaurya’s needs, for food, water and sports goods, while playing in the park, as samrat resignedly and silently listens. Samrat gets frustrated and leaves with shaurya dejectedly. Urmi is happy while tauji gives her an all knowing smile.

Lies of the Heart 21 April 2020 Update – Zee World

Location: In the park Shaurya plays with samrat and continues to irritate him. Samrat is driven nuts as shaurya drives him mad making him chase after himself. The water thats meant for shaurya, samrat gulps it himself. When shaurya asks him to play again, samrat asks him play alone and ride on the swing, so that he be alone for sometime. Shaurya complies. Samrat gets a call. While samrat is attending to the business call, he ignores shaurya, who screams out at him, to watch him slide down, from the sliding swing. As shaurya falls down, and lest out a scream, doe to other children asking , samrat is finally distracted, and screams as he sees shaurya. He is shocked.

Samrat runs towards shaurya as he safely lands in the hands of another lady, saving him from a disastrous accident. The lady, who had saved shaurya, starts reprimanding samrat for the callous behaviour, and praise urmi for being a wonderful parent and always attentive to shaurya and his needs. He asks her to shut up, as she is noone to lecture him.

She reprimands him for the ruthless and thankless behaviour. All taunt him for being such a wrong father, and
characterless man. he asks them to get lost,while they are shocked at such a behaviour. they all leave, while samrat calms him down. He tells shaurya that now they would play a top sercret game, asking him not to tell this to anyone, and lures him with the prospect of icecream.

Scene 2: Location: Samrat’s residence
While all are playing carrom board, and shashi is frustrated seeing this, tauji indirectly in the garb of playing carrom board, instructs urmi that she should continue playing like this only. shashi reprimands them for playing whiule she is working. urmi begins to go, but tauji asks her to stop and be patient, and play nicely. He tells shashi that she should continue working so as not to rust, much to the ladies’ amusement.

As tauji continues to advise urmi, Aditi thinks that they shall never be able to win. But kanhcan says that she has never been defeated by anyone in this game. tauji again indirectly tells urmi that those who have never lost, would be very difficult to be made to lose, as they are seasoned players in this, and directs her to go just like he tells her. aditi asks tauji not to cheat, while kanchan says that its a mutual team’s understanding.

  • Zee World: Lies of the Heart 21 April 2020 Update

Kanchan says that this was a great idea to play carrom board, as urmi is truly happy thse days. shashi is furious, while aditi too agrees. shashi frsutartedly tells that they have to prepare dinner. tauji tells urmi that he would tell her when queen has to be covered, referring to shashi in the game of life, and til then play normal, and when someone does a mistake, then hit strong. urmi takes his advise and then makes a final winning stroke.

Just then, samrat and shaurya come back, both distraught and dishevelled. urmi is tensed to see both of them, as
samrat comes in dazed. Shaurya wants to play too, but is instructed by tauji that he should take a bath first. urmi offers to take him up, but tauji, again plays his card and asks her not to try to put samrat down all the time, and not have an easy win. he asks her to let go, as samrat can give a much better bath to shaurya.

Samrat is super frustrated. tauji asks samrat about his wish, and he has no option but to say yes. tauji and urmi are pleased. shashi is in a dilemma whether to be happy for urmi’s scolding, or samrat’s frustration. Shaurya asks samrat to take him up, and he resignedly complie. Urmi eyes tauji happily.

Scene 3: Lies of the Heart 21 April 2020 Update
Location: Annu’s residence
Granny shows asha’s picture to them. All are happy looking at her photo, and gaurav is asked. He says that she is okay but a little young. Gaurav is concerned why does she want to marry her, when she is so eligible. Devi and saroj are tensed. granny rants about how they like gaurav anbd are poor and unable to meet dowry demands. devi too is influenced.

While granny discusses about the prospective bride for gaurav, with devi, gaurav and saroj, anu asks about
the bride’s education. granny flares up asking her not to interfere and since she doesnt have to work, hence education isnt a necessity. anu gets angry at granny’s unreasonable anger, and leaves. gaurav too gets angry at granny. But she is defiant and asks them to prepare to see the girl. Devi asks about gaurav’s wish to go and see a girl, and when he nods and leaves in a huff, all are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: samrat’s residence
As samrat gets ready, the next morning, shaurya comes in asking him to get him ready and dressed. Samrat is
frustrated with his recent work, and thinks that he would have to do somethind to get rid of this problem, or else he would be mad. He thinks that he would gaain have to transfer all of urmi’s work back to him. he gets an idea and gets shauray to him, and says that they shall play a game today. Samrat instigates shaurya to his side, saying that if he does all of shaurya’s work, then papa would win, but if shaurya gets his mother to do all the work, then he would win.
Shauray says that he has to win over his father. samrat says how would he wint, since his father does all the work for him. Shaurya says that he would order his mother and get her to do all the work. samrat smiles evilly at the success of his plan. Urmi comes asking if he hasnt taken a bath.

Samrat gets ready to give him a b ath. shaurya throws a tantrum that he would bathe only with urmi, not by samrat. Urmi tries to get him to understand and samrat too pretends to be get shaurya to bathe, but shaurya doesnt listen. urmi offers to give a bath. samrat pretends to be angry at urmi, that she would go down and gloat about it. Lies of the Heart 21 April 2020 Update – Zee World
Urmi says that she wont tell anyone, when shaurya continues with his rant and asks him to have faith on her. saamrat pretends to be okay with it, saying that he can do it too. Shaurya says that he won, while samrat silences him. He thinks that he is the real winner. Samrat is happy that his plan worked. He thinks that he would have to get rid of the other chores too like this.

In the evening, samrat comes in screaming for shaurya to come for park, while tauji asks whats the matter.

Shaurya says that he would go with his mother. samrat shushes him. Shaurya says that if he goes with his mother then he shall win. samrat is tensed that tauji might listen and understand, which tauji does but doesnt who it on face. samrat distracts shaurya and asks him to come along. urmi gets his bottle and other things. As samrat is about to take shaurya to the park, mandira too comes in saying that she too would go along with shaurya. samrat is shocked.

Lies of the Heart 21 April 2020 Update – Zee World

Location: Samrat’s residence
Despite samrat saying no, mandira insists on being taken to the park too along with shaurya. His family insists him too. samrat says that he wont be able to handle both kids, and says that her exams are approaching and that she needs to study, and that he would take her tomorrow. he happily leaves with shaurya, shocking all of them. kanchan and urmi are tensed with this kind of an unusual reaction. tauji thinks that when a person is unusually happy, it should be doubtful and doubts his behaviour.

Later, mandira is still upset thinking about samrat’s refusal. urmi asks her to study. but mandira says that she is tired and wont study anymore. Urmi gives her some sums to do. Mandira makes mistakes, and urmi asks her what happened.

Mandira says that she isnt able to study today, due to the fact that samrat didnt take her to the park. tauji comes and tells her that samrat would definitely take her to the park tomorrow on his orders. mandira is excited and leaves to tell her mother.

Urmi starts arranging her books, and tauji asks her why didnt samrat take mandira to the park. urmi is confused and baffled. she then says that she doesnt know. tauji tells her that in war, ost important is clarity and keen observation, and grasping the chance is winning and losing it is defeat and hence every bet is to be carefully played. He asks her to think how is he able to do something so easily that he hasnt done in three years ever. urmi says that samrat is actually doing everything.

Tauji asks if she knows and verified it for sure. tauji tells her that he isnt or not, but she definitely isnt doing her work properly. urmi asks why is he saying that as she is doing. Tauji says that a mother can judge if the child is right or wrong, and what a mother can do, a father cant and has never been able to, since ages. He tells her that this age old tradition has changed or not in samrat’s case, she has to find it out. She is asked not to blindly trust samrat, and verify his actual deeds. He gives her an indirect hint about something wrong at the park. urmi wonders why did tauji hint that, and wonders if there’s anything that she should know. she decides to go to the park. Lies of the Heart 21 April 2020 Update – Zee World

Scene 2:
Location: In the park – Samrat takes shaurya to the park, and hires a aldy to take care of him, reminding her that her salary would be cancelled if she messes up. She complies. He goes over to the cafe, thinking that samrat has a solution to everything, and shaurya can play to his heart’s content, in the care of the hired babysitter. Tauji reaches the park and sees this, and thinks that samrat is playing smart, and that he knew that samrat would misuse his advise, and thinks that he is his teacher and that he is oevrexerting his teaching too much and decides to teach samrat a lesson.

Scene 3:
Location: Asha’s residence
As all like the girl, granny is relieved that asha’s education didnt come up, and asks the priest to find a suitable date. Saroj asks granny’s permission so that gaurav and asha can talk in private. out of her fear of asha’s truth being out, she says that it isnt needed and asks gaurav if he wants to ask anything, and he denies. saroj asks maybe asha needs to ask anything, but her mother denies for her. But annu still insits that they should have a talk and get to know each other.

Granny doesnt like this but isnt able to say anything. gaurav, annu and asha leave for the next room. Annu gets a call, and excuses herself leaving Gaurav and asha alone. gaurav asks asha why she being such a desirable girl wants a man like him, who’s much aged than her, and divorcee too. Asha says that her mother says that he is a very nice man.

  • Lies of the Heart 21 April 2020 Update – Zee World

Gaurav asks if she knows that his wife has left her and she says that she does, and also adds he wasnt to be blamed in Scene 4:
Location: In the park – Shaurya is playing in the park, while the babysitter is busy on the phone. urmi finds him and is happy but then gets tensed, when shaurya asks for water from the lady, and she denies him harshly, and gets busy to chat again. Shaurya takes the water himself and gets back to playing. urmi wonders who is this strange lady, shaurya was wanting water from.

Urmi finds shaurya being treated harshly by that lady and wonders when he came with samrat, then where is
samrat now. she finds that the lady tries to get shaurya to come home, but he doesnt comply and defiantly says that he would play longer.

Finally she gives up, and thros his things at him, on the floor. urmi is shocked to see her son being treated like this by a strange lady, while samrat is nowhere to be seen. urmi thinks that tauji must have said all that, since he must have seen the way samrat is handling and bringing up shaurya, and thinks that samrat didnt do this right. She thinks that this lady isnt right but more importantly wonders where is samrat.

She follows the lady, and finds samrat watching cricket along with his male friends. the lady bugs him with what happened and how Shaurya isnt wanting to come, and that he should look himself. When the lady asks for her money, samrat gives it to her, and gets busy in watching cricket again. urmi is shocked that samrat could be so callous about his responsibility she remembers that shaurya is alone in the parek and when she returns, she doesnt find him anywhere.

Finally, she finds a huge dog approaching shaurya, and he being very scared of that person. urmi asks him to stand still, so that the dog leaves him alone. Meanwhile, urmi is shocked as she finds shaurya retreating on the main road, and a car approaching. She is scared for shaurya. She screams and rushes towards him. She saves him somehow as the car speeds by.

She tries to calm him down, caressing him profusely to get the scare out of his heart. she laments at the way
samrat was callous.

Later, samrat busy on the phone, comes and sits in his car. he asks the driver if he doesnt want to go today. The driver asks about shaurya. Samrat is shocked and rushes out to the park to find him. He starts talking frantically to people, asking if they have seen his son, but in vain. When he isnt able to find shaurya after much searching and hollering for his name, he is distraught and wonders what to say now and how to face his family. The screen freezes on his tensed face. Lies of the Heart 21 April 2020 Update – Zee World


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