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Lies of the Heart 20th March 2020 Update

Lies of the Heart 20th March 2020 Update

Lies of the Heart 20th March 2020 Update Ishaan clarifies that he is the friend, that urmi considers him as her own, and who he used as a shield, to escape last night. Samrat says so what, as he didnt want any unnexcessary arguement. ishaan asks for the final time, where was he last night. samrat angrily says that even his father doesnt talk to him like this, and being he friend, he should remain one, and not try to be a dad. He says that he wont sday, and asks ishaan what would he do now.

Ishaan stands shocked at this rudeness, and samrat provocates him to talk to urmi, as he isnt scared of anyone. ishaan says that he mayunt be scared but should have some shame, as he has got his wife on honeymoon, and he hasnt done anything pure, rather very shameless act, of leaving her stranded. samrat asks him to stop it, as he is a man, and isnt scared of doing what he wants. He asks what would he if he was with a girl last night.

  • Lies of the Heart 20th March 2020 Update

Ishaan is shockedv at his behaviour, while samrat says that its his life and he would live it like that. ishaan says that he’s a lowly person, as he has used masculinity to escape into his sins, and that he never even thought of urmi for once, and that he pities him, that he doesnt care for her. Samrat asks him not to cross his limits. ishaan says that today he would speak, and he shall lsiten. He evnts out his frustration, of samrat having ditched urmi on their honeymoon. he explains to samrat what his masculinity is. He says that he isnt a man, as he only loves himself.

Samrat says that he’s very concerned for urmi all the time, and asks why. Ishaan says because he doesnt care for her, but he wont understand, as he is heartless. samrat says that only he has the heart, and that tom orrow he doesnt do his husbandly duties, wouold he come and doe them for urmi, hinting at their physical intimcay. Ishaan is asked the reason for his concern for urmi, hinting at his illegitimate relationship with him. ishaan loses his temper and takes him by the collar.

Urmi sees them like that from the balcony, and wonders what are they upto. ishaan says that he would forget all limits, if he utters anything else. samrat asks what would he do, and asks him to hit him, just because he spoke the truth. ishaan says that it was all his fault, that he tried to rectify him, as its in vain, and he doesnt deserve his friendship. samrat asks him to get lost, as he wont die without him, and he is capable of being friends with women only. Lies of the Heart 20th March 2020 Update

Ishaan says that people like him, cant be friends with anyone else. Ishaan swears that he wont see his face ever again. All stand tensed, as samrat eyes his curtly. ishaan says that their relationship is over from this day. he leaves, while samrat gives an I dont care attitude, and its good for him, that he doesnt meet him. As ishaan comes down, urmi finds him and asks why were they fighting. Ishaan eyes her helplessly and remembers urmi confronting him with samrat’s behaviour at the marriage, and how he had lied. He apologises to urmi, while she starts to ask what happened to them, while he asks her to take care and forgive him for the wrong that he did to her. urmi asks what happened.

Ishaan says that everything is finished and he’s going forecer, never to return, and maybe this is their last meeting. urmi is shocked and demands to know what happened. ishaan asks her to take care of herself. He leaves, while she stands shocked. She runs to Samrat. Lies of the Heart 20th March 2020 Update

He says that he doesnt care at all, and asks her whats she doing heer, and why. She is conscious of the people around, while he asks them to disperse. samrat leaves for his room with urmi. in his room, urmi tries to talk and find out, but samrat angrily breaks things around and says that ishaan’s chapter is closed and thats what she needs to know. Samrat asks her to pack, while she says that they have a flight after two datys, but he asks her to shut up, and do what he is saaying.

Urmi shouts back saying that if he doesnt tell her, then he would go and ask him. As she begins to leave, he jerks her around, and tells her that he would hit her bad, if she even dares to step outside the house. samrat angrily tells urmi that ishaan is dead to him and for her too, and asks her to go from there. He asks her to do whatever he is saying, as he wont think for another instance, before hitting her, and raises his hand to indicate so. urmi stands shocked and distraught.

Scene 2: Lies of the Heart 20th March 2020 Update
Location: Samrat’s residence
As shashi enters with the swing and the child, her husband asks where is she coming from and who gave this gift. Shashi says that she doesnt know, as she just took her out, for an instant, and she found this outside, without anyone being there. He is suspicious, while the servant is instructed by her to take it upstairs. He understands that something is wrong and fishy here.

As kanchan and diwaker are confused to as to who gave this, and her husband come in asking if she’s speaking the turh, she again says that she doesnt know. He asks her that in their house, the swing is given by the child’s paternal aunt. diwaker goes to open and find out. He finds a letter. shashi tries to take it, but diwaker starst reading it. Diwaker finds that its from aditi only, who says that he may have forgotten, but she hasnt, and would do the rituals, even if they arehnt on talking terms, and names her as Mandira.

Her father is angry, that she caresd about relations and rituals now, then what happened when she ran away to marry on her own terms. He says that she alone cant dare to do this, and asks shashi if she met her. shashi denies, while she is tensed. He asks if aditi gave her this, and asks whats her problem. Diwaker asks him to calm down, as its good that she did this. he is asked by his father if he actually wants samrat to know, and then tension in the house.

Scene 3:
Location: Goa Hotel
As samrat and urmi sit ruefully in the car, each remembering their confrontration with ishaan, urmi, forgetting the torment that she is going through, makes the first move, as an ideal wife, remembering the nice times that they shared together, and he trying to get them closer all the time, places her hand on his, to get him in a good mood, with teary eyes, while he doesnt respond.

Location: Samrat’s residence
kanchan and diwaker agree to keep the swing, while samrat’s parents are tensed. Diwaker says that he would handle samrat when he comes back.

Scene 2: Lies of the Heart 20th March 2020 Update
Location: Anu’s residence
Anu insists that they should go to urmi’s place to see the newly born, and congratulate the family members too. saroj is tensed and thinks that they should go only when urmi and samrat are back from their honeymoon. When they start discussing about the gift that they should give, rashmi starts commenting on their miser nature, and decide to give a gold bangle only.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Later, diwaker asks about kanchan from shashi and says that they both are resting in their room. kanchan comes down with the child, saying that she got bored and hence came down. while they are playing with the child, they hear samrat’s voice, and are astounded that he is back. Samrat gives a curt reply, asking about everyone. Urmi gets excited at seeing the child, and starts to excitedly chat with kanchan and the child too. While they are having a good laugh, samrat again goes onto discuss business calls and dealings. She takes her to samrat and asks who has she gone on. She asks him to take her in her lap.

Samrat says that he wont take and he is okay like this only, and isnt comfortable holding such small children. Samrat asks what hospital she delivered in, and kanchan excitedly tells about her extraordinary story and also shows the newspaper story regarding it, and shashi gives all the details. Samrat is tensed hearing this, while they go gaga overn how much name and fame she has brought just by entering the world. As they excitedly talk about details, samrat is still unable to believe. urmi asks how did this trip happen. shashi tells them and her husband thanks saroj for her extreme help in delivering the child so efficiently.

The servant gives the newspapers to samrat. Samrat finds the newspaper story about the daughter being born in their family, and is very angry, and throws all the newspapers on the ground. all are shocked. He angrily reprimands them that this isn’t very good news, and she has brought insult instead of a good name, that needed publicizing.

Lies of the Heart 20th March 2020 Update Shashi goes onto He starts reprimanding Kanchan for having produced a girl in the temple, and ask why did she go to the temple in such a condition, while he also tells urmi, that her mother also didnt bother to get them insulted in the temple, in front of everyone, instead of taking her to the hospital, for delivery. As saroj comes with her family to their place, she is shocked to find his stance on the news of a daughter in the family.

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