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Lady Luck 7 February 2020 Zee World Update

Lady Luck 7 February 2020 Zee World Update

Lady Luck 7 February 2020 Zee World Update Divya runs with Muskan and tries to open her car, but realizes that she left key in Yuvraj’s house. Yuvraj comes laughing and shows key. She pushes him and runs again.

Varun and Ansh try to attack Angad, but Angad’s men catch them and beat. Angad says nobody dares to touch him and he gets what he likes. Ansh says he will never get Pavitra. Angad claps and his men bring Pavitra. Pavitra gets emotional seeing Ansh and Varun. Ansh shouts to leave his sister. Angad laughs.

Divya runs on road while Yuvraj and his men follow her. She hides under tree till yuvraj’s men leave ahead. She then gets into auto. Lady Luck 7th February 2020 Zee World Update

Angad confesses how he killed casting agent to trap Pavitra and says if Pavitra does not agree to sleep with him. Pavitra says he will never get her. He says if not by love, then by force and asks his men to take Pavitra to room. Inspector comes there with the constable. Angad changes tone and starts alleging Ansh and Varun. Surbhi enters and plays his confession clip. Inspector arrests him. He takes inspector’s gun and shoot at Surbhi. Varun pushes her and bears bullet on his shoulder. Inspector snatches gun and arrests Angad.

Divya gets out of auto and tells auto driver she will get money from home. He says he does not need money and removes his cap. Divya is shocked to see Yuvraj. Yuvraj snatches Muskan and leaves that he will not give baby until their marriage.

Divya comes home sadly. Ansh comes and she tries to tell him what happened, but he says everything is sorted out now, Pavitra is released and Angad is caught. Varun comes next with Surbhi and Pavitra. Divya sees Varun’s wound and asks what happened. Badi maa comes and hugs Pavitra. Pavitra gets emotional and hugs each family member. Ansh then asks Divya what she wants to say. Divya pleads Ansh to save her, else he will kill her. Badi maa asks who will kill who. Divya says Yuvraj will kill Muskan.

Divya pleads Ansh to save Muskan. Badi maa asks who is Muskan. Divya says Ansh and Bhoomi’s daughter. Badi asks who is she then. She says she is Divya. Badi maa slaps her and asks how can she betray her. Divya says she did not betray them. Each family member starts yelling at her.

Lady Luck 7 February 2020 Zee World Update

Badi maa gets heart attack and falls down. Ansh stops Divya and asks why did she lie him even after him warning not to hide anything. Badi maa shakes her and she realizes that it was her imagination. Badi maa asks her to get turmeric milk for Varun.

Divya goes to kitchen. Yuvraj sends her video with him and crying Muskan. She calls Yuvraj who says if she does not marry him, he will kill Muskan and tells her not to inform anyone, else she will repent. Badi maa comes and knocks door. Yuvraj says her old man came and laughs. Divya disconnects call and walks out.

Whole family discusses that everything is sorted ot now, so they will get Ansh and Bhoomi’s marriage tomorrow itself. Pavitra says she has to say something and after a bit of drama says she wants Varun and Surbhi’s marriage also tomorrow. Badi maa says she is proud of her. Divya gets emotional and cries. Inder says he will arrange everything.

Divya thinks of informing everything to Ansh, but Ansh is busy and does not listen to her. She thinks she has to inform him anyhow and save Muskan. Lady Luck 7th February 2020 Zee World Update

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