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King of Hearts 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 7 August 2019 Update: Roshni and Sid are sitting on the balcony, near the swimming pool. He tells her to pay up the money for the bet. She pays and asks how he can still collect Money when he’s one of the richest men in India? He says though he has crores in the bank, he loves prize money and he will keep it in his Piggybank.

She asks, if there is enough in his Piggybank to take her to dinner? He says he has enough and will take her.
He gets a call from Misha and they both start taunting and joking with each other. She tells him to come home as she has ordered his favourite dish. Sid says he’s on his way.

Roshni asks, why he never told her about Misha since She’s his best friend? Sid says they were friends but one day, she just disappeared and he was very angry at her. He says they fought once and she left London without informing him, but when she came suddenly in front of him, he forgave her. She says that is why Misha knows his favorite food, she was thinking he likes Chinese instead. He says he used to order Chinese as she likes it and leaves.
Shiv joins her on the balcony. He asks who Misha is?

Roshni says she’s Sid’s best friend. He says he knows Sid since 1 month and he loves only her, so she should stop feeling insecure and tells her not to worry because he can see nobody can take her place in Sid’s life. She says She’s not. Shiv asks why she looks so down then?

King of Hearts 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Roshni says she thought she knew what Sid’s best dish was but she doesn’t, and Misha knows.
Sid is home with Misha enjoying dinner with her. He teases her about how she’s eating her pizza and taunts her to stop eating so much, else she will swell up like a balloon. They both start joking. He tells her he’s happy she’s back.
She says she missed him too. He says he was angry when she just left without a word. She says it was her dad’s idea to keep it a secret.
She says she heard Roshni also left him for 6 months without telling him where she was going and he has even divorced her (Roshni), but even then, he still calls her his wife, and why is it so? Sid gets sad. She asks him to stop getting sad and cheers him up.

He’s about to leave the room, but Misha stops him and asks if what Roshni has done to him is such a big deal?
She starts teasing him when he doesn’t respond, making him smile. Krutika and Simran are spying on them and very happy with what they saw. Krutika tells Simran that Misha will soon change Sid’s mind and asks if she knows their tomorrow’s plan? Simran happily nods yes. DD is standing in front of her mirror, rehearsing her speech for the award ceremony. King of Hearts 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Roshni’s Grandmother comes and asks if she is practicing Shiv’s style? She says never and asks for her tea.
Roshni’s Grandmother brings her a cup of tea. Kesar receives the medicine he ordered online to help calm DD’s nerves and he thinks with these pills, she will give her speech fluently.
DD enters the living room and he hides the drug behind his back. DD says they will have breakfast at the Office and takes him along. She gives Shiv her cup of tea as she leaves the room.

At the Khuranas, Misha is about to take a bite of her meat at breakfast when Sid snatches it from her hand.
Misha starts to chase him around the room. Raj says they have grown up physically, but they are still kids mentally.
Roshni arrives and sees them. Misha chases Sid to his room. Simran sees Roshni and serves her dessert. She gives her 3 bowls of halwa for herself, Sid and Misha, and asks her to take Sid and Misha’s own to them in Sid’s room. She takes halwa bowls and sees Sid and Misha still playing. Misha wishes her hi and gets happy seeing halwa. Krutika comes to call Misha to take a Phone call. Misha goes out.

Misha takes her dessert along with her. Roshni asks Sid if Misha would have been his wife if she didn’t disappear?
Sid pretends to cough. Roshni tastes her own halwa but finds salt in it instead. He tries to eat his dessert, but Roshni hits the bowl out of his hand and it falls to the ground. He asks why she did that and she says the dessert is too salty.
Misha is standing outside the room and watching them. Krutika is watching Misha.

Misha tastes her own dessert and says it’s very tasty and she wonders why Roshni would lie? Krutika smiles because her plan is working. Simran who is behind them acts really hurt and walks away. Misha concludes Roshni must have hurt Simran’s feelings.

Sid tastes Roshni’s dessert and agrees it is salty and says Mom must have added it by mistake. He jokes to have it like an Upma (Savory Porridge made with Semolina and Veggies).
Shiv tells Sid’s Grandmother that Yash’s Sister and her husband died in an accident.
Grandmother is shocked. She feels sad for them and asks where is Mona? He says Mona is with Sam as she is upset. He tells her that Mona doesn’t want DD to know yet so it doesn’t affect her performance (speech) at the award ceremony. King of Hearts 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Grandmother promises not to tell DD now.
Kesar mixes the drug in a cup of tea and takes it to DD in her Office. She asks why is he doing the Peon’s work? He says he wanted to serve her. She drinks it and feels dizzy.
She calls the award Organizers to let them know that she would attend the Ceremony.

The Counsel Member informs Sid and he informs Roshni instead. Roshni requests him to take her there. He says he will and asks Misha to come along with them, but she says he had to take Aunty (Simran) to a Movie. Sid says he will take her next time and informs the Counsel Member of his presence.

DD and her Mother arrive at the Venue for the award Ceremony. She tells the Counsel Members to start the function, but She’s informed by one of the Organisers who says their next Chief guest, Siddharth Khurana is yet to come.
Sid arrives and the Counsel Member introduces him to DD as India’s most successful young businessman. Sid says DD is his Mother-in-law and he congratulates them both and he tells DD he’s glad to be honoring her.

DD and Sid go on stage. She signals to Kesar that she is thirsty.
He puts another pill inside her drink and takes it to her. DD is called to the podium but she staggers and acts weird like being inebriated. Sid helps her up and she falls as she starts giving her speech. Kesar panics.
DD tries again and almost falls but Sid holds her on time and with the help of Shiv carries her from the stage. Sid and Shiv take her out of the hall. Reporters surround them and ask to tell the reason for her condition. Sid pushes them aside and takes DD away from there.

Some reporters make some snide remark that success has reached DD’s head and Roshni hears that and scolds them. She tells them DD worked really hard to get to where she is today, so they have no right to talk trash! She joins Sid.
Roshni’s Grandmother, Sid, and Shiv are outside the hall. Grandmother asks if someone got her inebriated? Kesar agrees to his mistake.
One of the Organizers comes to meet them and tells that the Crowd has started spreading gossip about DD and he doesn’t know what to do, so it’s best DD comes back as they are waiting for her.
Sid suggests Shiv, her husband, gives the speech. Sid tells the event Organizer that DD’s husband, Shiv will give the speech on her behalf as only a husband can describe a Wife’s success well.

Grandmother tells Sid that what he’s suggesting is not right.
Sid says it’s the only way to save DD’s reputation and he considers DD as his Mother and will do anything to elevate her dignity. He asks Shiv if he will not help his Wife? Shiv goes on stage.

Krutika enters Misha’s room and sees her getting ready to go out.
She complains that Sid is still spending a lot of time with Roshni and her family, even as Misha is around and asks what she has been doing about it? Misha says she is going on a dinner date and asks her to stop interfering as she (Krutika) is interfering too much in her life!! Simran sees them and asks if everything is alright? Misha says she has to go.

Krutika tells Simran that she is now thinking they made a mistake with Misha!
Shiv gives the Speech. He praises DD on stage that she is a self-made Woman and worked hard to gain success. He talks glowingly about DD and talks about how he left his family with her and she took care of them all.
He says he’s lucky to have her as his Wife and he’s really proud of her. King of Hearts 7 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

DD comes back into the hall stumbling (after taking pills), and says she wants to go on stage, but Roshni tries to stop her from going on stage. Sid sends Shiv a text to carry her to the stage. Shiv reads it and goes to DD.
He lifts her off her feet and carries her to the podium. He tells everyone he’s honoured she’s his Wife.
The award is presented to DD who is still looking drunk. Shiv takes the award with her.

At home, Roshni tells her father that she wishes DD heard his Speech. She praises Shiv for handling the situation well. He says it’s all Sid’s plan and asks what does he eat? Sid jokes and Shiv asks Roshni to add those items into his dish. They continue joking. Shiv leaves them and Roshni offers to cook for Sid. Sid gets a call from Misha and rushes off.
Roshni asks herself what’s so special about Misha?

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