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King of Hearts 22 July 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 22 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 22 July 2019 Zee World Update…

Today’s episode starts with Roshni serving kheer to Kritika. Kritika throws kheer on her and shouts how dare she is to serve her kheer. Simran comes and asks what happened. Kritika yells that she purposefully served kheer to make her feel Rajveer’s devoid. Biji says she is misunderstanding Roshni and Raj says she prepared kheer to cheer her up. Simran asks Roshni to stay away from Kritika.

She follows Kritika who yells that she will have to bear Roshni’s torture every day as she will not go from here, so she will adjust to it slowly. She thinks she will trouble Sid by torturing Roshni. Simran thinks till when Roshni’s menace will torture her children.

Roshni sadly goes to her room. She gets DD’s call and asks her about Sam. DD says she ate food with great difficulty and hopes she gets out of depression soon. Sid comes and asks how is Sam. Roshni tells she is in depression and should come out of it soon. Sid says he knows how to get her depression out.

Simran takes colorful dresses to Kritika’s room and asks her to remove the white dress and wear them. Kritika starts acting and says until Roshni is there, she will remind her that Rajveer is no more and was killed because of her, she will never divorce Sid and get out of this house.

Zee World: King of Hearts 22 July 2019 Update

Sid and Roshni reach DD’s house and see Sam panicking… DD says she does not know when Sam will come out of this depression. Sid says he has a plan and says one person can get Sam out of depression and it is Yash, they should get Sam and Yash married. DD with her usual arrogant accent tells he will never change his filthy mind and says she knew he would come up with this kind of nasty ideas, he just wants to clear his route and wants to be with Roshni as he knows if Roshni divorces him, she has an option of Yash. Sid says he and Roshni separating is their wish and not anyone’s and if they want to unite, nobody can stop them and he wants him to get out of her narrow thinking and think widely.

He feels the way Yash took care of Sam can take care of her whole life. DD is still adamant. He says it is waste telling ideas in front of buffalo and her and walks into Sam’s room with Roshni. Mona silently listens to their conversation and starts thinking. They both see Sam asleep.

Roshni tries to speak to DD, but DD says she should not come in Sid’s trap and get divorced with Sid and set her brighter future with Yash as Sid will never go against his family and his mom does not like her at all. She asks her to think about Sam’s future as she will settle down with Yash well and says she will never stop loving Sid her whole life. DD asks if she has gone out of her mind. Roshni says she will convince Yash to marry Sam.

Yash’s sister tells him he proposed Roshni more than 3 months ago, but she did not reply to him at all, so he should move head instead of waiting. Roshni comes and says his wait is over now. Yash gets happy seeing her, but is surprised to see Sid with her, asks what is he doing with her. Sid says they both want him to marry Sam. He asks are they out of their minds and asks Roshni if she brought this man with her to make this drama. Sister says Roshni his brother loves her, that does not mean she can make him dance on her tunes. Roshni says she came here to request him as a friend. Sid says he can kick him out of the house, but he wants him to take care of Sam. Yash says he does not have any answer for this. Sister asks them to leave.

The episode starts with Sid and Roshni’s discussion hoping Yash accepts Sam. Sid leaves. Roshni hops Sid accepts her back. She gets DD’s call that Yash has come and rushes to her house. Kritika hears that and cuts her hand with broken glass. Simran asks what did she do that. Kritika says her husband died just 2 days ago, but Sid and Roshni are busy getting Sam married to Roshni’s boyfriend Yash. King of Hearts 22 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sid and Roshni reach DD’s house and see Yash there. Yash proposes Sam and says he wants to marry her. DD asks him to not do anything in pressure. He says is not. He tells Sam that he loves Roshni, but it is one-sided and even if he had married her, Roshni would not have loved him. He kneels down, takes a ring and asks Sam if she will marry him. She smiles and accepts.

They both hug DD. DD says she is happy for them. Roshni and Sid smile. Mona asks Yash to take care of her daughter and gives him sweets. Roshni says congrats to Sam. Sid prays to their togetherness and blesses the new couple. Roshni smiles. Later Sid hugs Yash and says you are a great guy brother. I feel proud to have you as my friend. Yash says Roshni is my best friend always. He says Sam is a good girl, we will start loving each other. You are a great guy. You shall start your life with Roshni. Sid thanks him. Yash leaves in his car. Sid thinks about Yash’s words.

Sid comes to his room. Roshni says relations are build when the right time comes. Sid says Sam and Yash are a perfect couples. He praises Yash and says Yash is a very good guy and will keep Sam happy. He says everyone should get a second chance. She asks even if he thinks that. He says yes. She asks him to forgive her and give her one more chance, she cannot live without him and loves her. She holds her hand, but he frees himself and asks her to sleep. She keeps pillows between them. He says there is no need of it as they have moved way ahead of it/emotions. She sleeps next to him. He looks at her and turns. She also does the same.

Today: King of Hearts 22 July 2019 Update

He switches off bed light. Teri Udaasi si ye meri….zindagi plays in the background. Once she falls asleep, he goes near her and says she made him wait for such a long time, he just wanted to hear it from her mouth, now he will give her so much love that nobody can separate them, says I love you too Roshni. Roshni wakes up, thank god, and says she and Sid will leave together only for themselves and after 2 days in court, they will take back their divorce petition.

Sid in the morning brings flowers for Roshni and searches her. Simran comes and gives him divorce papers. He checks them and asks if she thinks he will do this. She says she is doing this for his betterment and now he has to make a decision. He angrily looks at paper and panics.

At night, Sid is in the TV room. TV switches on. He asks Roshni to switch it off. The TV switches off itself. He then sees spoons shaking and his evil side laughing. King of Hearts 22 July 2019

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